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  1. Listening to this takes me way back, and I wasn't even familiar with the source when I first heard it. Good stuff!
  2. I like the guitar mutes... but seriously. Am I the only one that's bothered by stuff being out of tune? EDIT: I also didn't feel like there was anything in this arrangement that I haven't heard before.
  3. You're going to make your entry using FamiTracker? AWESOME!!!!111!!1!
  4. I'm gonna go in full inverse from last time and be a star ONLY if there is a shortage of stars, and I'm NOT interested in participating as a novice this round. By the way, I can't speak for anyone else, but as previously mentioned
  5. I like it so far, but it needs to be developed further. Any updates?
  6. Ah. Well, no, it might be original to OCReMix, but I've heard other. similar versions elsewhere.
  7. If it doesn't sound odd to you, don't let our opinions kill your creativity. I'm assuming though, that since you got the melody down perfectly, you're basing this off a MIDI? You don't really need to understand what I or BardicKnowledge said (I went to music school for 9 years, and reading his post gives even me a headache, even though I understand it ) - just compare your bassline to the one in the original. They don't play the same notes, that's all.
  8. The bassline is consistently playing the fifth or third above the original bassline, which ****s with my mind. I like the general soundscape and attitude of the mix. Where did you get those drum samples, anyway? They really do fit the mix perfectly.
  9. This is awfully quiet. I hear you punching on a keyboard at about the same volume as the song itself. Are you playing all of it live, simultaneously? It's also awfully hypnotic and weird. It's like elevator music on a scratched and skipping CD, at least until the harmonica kicks in, at which point it gets less elevator-ish, but no less weird.
  10. Welcome to OCReMix! This was pretty nice, but I've several similar sounding versions of this before, except the piano section, which was the best part, I think. Those drums sound awfully familiar. Is it a soundfont? PS. Your written English is better than that of many native speakers
  11. Don't be so sure you'll have more time just because you graduate... people with jobs don't really seem to be swimming in it either Replacing the original NES instruments with something else would probably sound cool.
  12. The very first seconds of the intro are very promising, but then the snare that comes in is terrible - too loud and too deep in pitch. From 0:43 it's too loud, or the compression too intense - the punchiness of the drums drowns in everything else. The dubstep wub from 1:09 is badly out of tune at times. The flute from 1:40 is very dull and unnatural. The arrangement and combination of the two themes is very nice, I think, aside from a few note clashes here and there, especially between the flute and the rest
  13. Damn this sounds like "stalker". No coincidence, but still... My guess is this is too similar to the original to make it past the panel. It sounds really good, though! Could easily have been part of the Shogun 2 TW OST, at least until the 2:30 mark. The drums that come in after that sound really generic/MIDI and flat. If dubstep is what you were aiming for, something punchier would have been nice, and would have fit much better with that mean sync lead thing you got going there (which is also very nice). The drum sequencing itself is ok, but the samples and processing aren't. tl;dr: orchestral parts are excellent, drums need more beef. Arrangement likely too conservative.
  14. Heh, that lead sounds awfully familiar Not much to say, I think it sounds good, aside from the noise/glitch that doesn't really add much imo. What's that dinosaur burp sound at the end? I mean, what's it supposed to sound like?
  15. You really seem to have thought this thing through Kudos on a so far working concept!
  16. Well this is awkward. Maybe I should have been a star instead, but I truly am not confident about my production at all, and when I compare my own work to that of posted mixers, I often find it seriously lacking (hence the title for my entry), and I did actually learn a lot while making the song. I didn't intend or expect to steal the show like this, however... I'll make up for it by signing up as a star for the next round! We cool? Thanks, everyone! EDIT: Oh, and good work!
  17. Visiting a website like ocremix and downloading mp3s from it and/or its mirror sites wouldn't be any more safe than using the torrent files, afaik. The internet is a dangerous place.
  18. Like I said, we only get to suggest a few, and even those aren't guaranteed to make it. I think that's enough for now. I'm gonna be an ass and ask all of you who suggested mascots to edit your posts and list next to each mascot the number of games they're in that have remixes on the site, as well as the total number of remixes (neither number needs to be exact), just to give me an idea of why it should be a mascot. Thanks! It's impossible to pronounce that way, though, now that I really try, haha...
  19. Got some news, but for some reason, I've lost permission to change the thread title... Anyway, we are going to have some new mascots added soon, and we have been tasked with suggesting "a few". Can you think of any particularly deserving character (especially from games that have a lot of ReMixes on the site) that aren't belong to Square-Enix?
  20. I totally agree that how well the mixer adapts the source to the theme at hand should be in focus, but your definition of "interpretation" isn't at all what I had expected. Then again, I might be so brainwashed by OCR's definition of the word that I don't even know what it means any longer.
  21. Could anyone clarify this? What does "use of source" mean, really?
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