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  1. happy birthed day to the classiest class act in the whole class
  2. even if this isn't successful in the end, it's such a BIG idea that I'm paying the fee to jump on it. because if this becomes widely used and successful, I can see it being VERY beneficial to the people who support it early. like bandcamp! thanks for the thread; good find
  3. if all goes well I will be watching this! good luck!
  4. this remix is perfection; I love it now every bit as much as I did when it was first released. A time-tested example of how ocremixes can get me up and out of my chair, dancing like a fool. dunno why I hadn't reviewed it already but... happy birthday DJP, and may your funkiness live long and prosper
  5. happy f'n birthday you crazy funk machine
  6. even if the most horribly speculated worst-case-scenario comes about, we can just donate to the site anyway..
  7. vocals are mixed too quietly overall, and lyrics are often obscured completely by other instruments lots of rhythmic issues in the vocal performance that could have easily been re-recorded or even quantized with a small amount of sample editing heavily-religious lyrics left me with no memorable impression album artwork is a 30-second MSPaint job $10 ...really? and you wonder why there's been no response? quite frankly, the product doesn't measure up to the promise (or the price), and the whole presentation looks like a soulless, egotistical cash-grab. I recommend showing your audience some humility and respect by trusting them to name their own price. Edit: my intention is not to tear down your album needlessly or hurt your feelings. All complaints aside, I appreciated the catchy beats and overall musicality, and I was bobbing my head along for most of the album. my point is: if you're truly concerned about generating buzz or growing your fanbase, don't put a big ugly price-tag on your music.
  8. I really really love this remix. stands the test of time quite well, I'd say!
  9. the soundtrack for "Magi-Nation" on Game Boy isn't working for me this is so addictive
  10. all I have to say about this movie is oh my god anne hathaway is so hot
  11. http://groupees.com/bab2 hey everyone, myself and a couple of the GameChops.com guys (halc, Pixel8r) have lent our music as a free reward for a charity fundraiser called Build-A-Bundle 2, where you pick a bunch of games, pay what you want (with a minimum I believe), and our music is included as a free prize for reaching the $12,500 goal so, check it out, if you see some games you want or need, hopefully it's a good deal for you!
  12. Game Boy Advance support should be added sooner rather than later, in my opinion not a very "obscure" system also, ooh my god yes oh my god yes oh my god yes oh my yes god my oh god yes god
  13. this is fantastic! is this functional outside of your website, like if I click on a .gbs file will it automatically play? if not, that feature would be divine thanks to your "random game" button I've already discovered an awesome soundtrack I've never heard before, and it's super convenient not having to download or install anything but an automatic app everything seems to work fine so far, love it
  14. Oh My God What Part Of Don't Post Reviews In Votes Does No One Understand I'm not really that outraged about it, but come on someone had to say something. that's why we have a thread and it's a pain in the ass to figure out who you voted for.
  15. wow, it took a LOT of searching but I found a place for licensing game arrangements!! http://joypadrecords.com/ surely they're not the only ones, but it's nice to finally see something obviously set up to help with this
  16. I use the term "midi-rip" loosely to mean "very conservative arrangement" an actual midi rip with replaced instruments is going to sound like garbage anyway and nobody would buy it
  17. I feel like this topic has been brought up 3 or 4 times in the last couple of weeks I know there was just recently a thread that ended up turning to this sort of discussion... http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=19331 I had plenty to say there, and it's still "where I stand" sampling, remixing, arranging, midi-ripping, mash-upping... all of it in my opinion is fair game. if someone puts effort into something and someone else wants to buy it, I don't see any moral issue there at all. like I said, developers and composers set the climate for music piracy, and it really doesn't seem like they see remixing for profit as a form of piracy. I don't see it that way either; there are only 12 notes to choose from in music after all ;D now if someone is literally selling/re-selling the exact same songs with no alterations whatsoever, I can agree that it's morally, uh, bad. edit: by the way, I bought Zelda Step
  18. I am very very very excited to hear these entries
  19. I don't remember posting that mostly because it was FIVE YEARS AGO
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