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  1. For some reason, this arrangement feels very flat emotionally, which is weird coming from such an emotionally-charged song. I believe this is due to the piano not being performed properly, things like cadence and humanization are very spotty. Some left hand choices I don't feel like they are going along with the current expression or theme, i.e. hard chords at 1:39, which segues directly into some playful sequence giving you a bit of whiplash. This adaptation makes a lot of sense in paper, as I think a piano is perfect for carrying everything the original song wants to say, but the e
  2. Uh, not sure what's going on with those drum hits, but they sound... super compressed/distorted in an unintentional way? some even seem to lack proper drum transients due to what I think sounds like overcompression. I think your arrangement idea is fine here, changing the electronic nature of the original into more of an epic cinematic track. Honestly I think this tracks shines when it's not doing the whole distorted taikos thing. The constant drumming feels robotic at times and gets tiresome after a while, in contrast to the quiet parts which are actually super nice to listen to and sound
  3. Synthwave and journey to silius? Do you read my diary? I dig it. It's not super expansive but imo the original is so good you don't really need to do a lot with it. This remix relies a lot on arpeggios and filter automation to keep things moving and varied. My main issue with this one is that it feels pretty static throughout. I was hoping for a break but I don't feel like I ever got one, and that caused the buildup around 3:10 to have less impact for me. I feel like the vocaloid is not meshing that well with the rest of the mix, feels like it's on top of everything else yet out
  4. Oh, this is a nice change of pace, most of Rebecca's tunes have a style which is often soothing/mysterious, and this track does have a lot of that, but it is also veering towards that cinematic flair of a movie soundtrack. I feel like the source here is expanded in several interesting ways, from the cinematic intro that just hints at the source, to the longer piano performance towards the end which really develops the main theme and expands on it. This is a great example of what an OCR track is in my mind. There's not much to say regarding production here in my opinion, it sounds good.
  5. Yep this pretty much satisfies my complains from last time, compression levels are a bit more relaxed and made the arrangement deeper. Mix seems clean and stuff like synth leads aren't really getting buried as in the previous version. Overall a great remix of a great soundtrack, not much else to say. EDIT: and you also kept the YYZ reference which gets you a cookie each with me. YES
  6. I'm definitely interested but I'm not committing to a track yet, I'm going to go through the OSTs this weekend.
  7. Well first off, too much headroom. It's not as bad as in other submissions from Rebecca but still I wish this was closer to "normal" volume. This is less symphonic or folksy than Rebeca's usual entries and I love it, lush evolving pads and droning ambient sounds complement the track well. I honestly enjoyed this hybrid track a lot more due to the unique sound you're going for here. I think the mix is sufficiently clean and I can hear the elements of the song well enough. The arrangement is nothing too transformative but there are some cool ideas with some of the melodies changing inst
  8. I feel like I don't have much to add to the conversation here, the other Js have explained the pros and the cons I'm hearing very well. The tipping point here is the arrangement, as the source is pretty nebulous and it's very hard to make the connection. Even if the sources are technically there I'm having a very hard time relating it to the originals. I am enjoying the simple instrumentation, it does sound more like an old electro song than the modern synthwave we're used to hear, reminds me of a band I used to listen to called System. The mix is clean. IMO this is a good arrangement
  9. Hey, I missed voting on this on the panel, just wanted to add that this is super cool and I like it a lot!
  10. This is super fun to listen to. Bubbly and sugary synths. The disco beat is kinda constant but there are fills and changes throughout, I didn't feel it was on autopilot. Production is clean and pleasant, but the leads have a tendency to being forced to the background by the harmonies and drums. The groove is funky and makes me bob my head to it for sure. The adaptation to the disco/funky style works but then again, the original was very much like that. My only gripe with this is that there isn't much of a remix in there. It takes the original and repeats it twice (3 times if you cou
  11. Not a bad sub, but I think it falls a bit short. Production-wise things are clean, helped by the arrangement not being overly deep, but that lack of depth hinders it quite a bit. The drums are basic in the sense that there aren't that many percussive elements there however there are many sections where you change things up, sometimes you go half-time, sometimes you try interesting rolls and fills, so overall I think you did a lot with what you had but adding more depth there wouldn't hurt. The textures aren't overly interesting, sometimes they do their job (I think the sidechained supersaws
  12. I'm not super familiar with the CC soundtrack, so this is mostly new for me. I don't think I can add much to this since the others have explained very well the strengths of this remix and I mostly concur with the other Js, I'll just mention that this could've used a bump in volume as usual. It's a well-organized track, with each part having its time in the spotlight, with some performance issues with the voice library used, I felt the sequencing there was a bit too stiff. The arrangement was solid but it really didn't blow me away, however there's enough arrangement here to make it. The pr
  13. Agree on this, it's a very safe remix. I really, really would've liked to hear some kind of expansion over the original or an original section... but even tho it's very close, it's not really a carbon copy although most of the originality is due to the soloing. The mastering is so-so, yes the elements can mostly be heard (I do hear some mud in there) but I don't think the mixdown is as clear as it could be. Like Larry I found some sections overly cramped specially with all the guitars and synth harmonies. The performances are pretty good in here, and overall this is pretty solid outs
  14. @Emunator I think there might be something wrong with your setup, I'm not seeing any clipping on my end, and the RMS value is much lower It's true that the track is too compressed, although even when it's this compressed I can distinguish most elements, however it did give me listening fatigue after a couple of minutes for sure. The arrangement is super good here, with some sections following the original pretty close while others (i.e. the whole last section) divert quite a bit and bring more interpretation to the table. It feels like there's not a moment where things are left on
  15. Very original and fun take. Eino's stuff used to be a bit rough around the edges production-wise but this sounds pretty clean to me, although the mix balance could have used another pass imo, as some leads don't pop up as much as I would like. I feel some more harmonic content in the mids could've helped fill the mix a bit more but there's nothing wrong perse with what we have here. That said, the ending didn't work for me, it's too abrupt and lacks resolution. It's the worst part of the whole thing by far imo, and takes quite a few points off of what would be a solid entry. The arrang
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