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  1. Awesome, my custom gets an official plug (and I knew keeping videos of old versions of customs would come back to bite me someday). The poor audio quality on Youtube is partly my fault (I compressed the hell out of it accidentally using the wrong settings, haha) and part Youtube's general dickishness about audio. KC did an awesome job on this track and he's pretty cool people overall. Good stuff!
  2. Notch has said the Halloween update will be fully compatible with old maps. Beyond that, who knows!
  3. Two of my favorite handheld franchises. Awesome!
  4. Typo on Norfair Deathmarch: (PSNES. Oldskool Demon doesn't seem to want to play. Site looks awesome though, nice work. I dig the compare to original feature, too.
  5. Day 3 And no one ever saw Halcyon again.
  6. Infdev is actually an old version of Alpha. Copy paste from the wiki because I'm lazy: "Indev was an older test version of Minecraft's Survival mode, it contained features that were not yet implemented in the then public version of Survival. Indev was phased out in favor of Infdev, another test version of Survival mode with infinite maps, which was in turn phased out by Alpha." So basically right now it's just Classic mode (the free version) and Alpha (the current build of Survival mode).
  7. I'm not really big into 3D, but the idea of playing SotC in HD and 3D is enough to make me... Well I guess go out and find a friend with a 3D TV and a PS3.
  8. Not even Mazedude could take on the prince of darkness! Pretty great tracks all around, guys. Awesome work.
  9. Oh so now we're too good for spoiler tags, huh
  10. Check out a thread I made here, it might help you out a bit. As for Prancing Dad... Well, that might happen eventually (no doubt that song is amazing; SnappleMan got pwned), but I don't think anytime in the near future. That epic of a song requires a time investment I don't have right now.
  11. That is what I use too, good stuff. Whenever I get a text it's just a good ol' OBJECTION!
  12. Inimitable - 640 I won't be playing online til I finish the campaign, but I look forward to getting ruined and abused by some of you soon enough.
  13. The 10th class finally reveals itself!
  14. Sorry it took so long; I rarely check this thread as it's so rarely posted in. I updated those videos! Go the Distance (Guitar/Rhythm) Go the Distance (Drums) I'm currently working with Prince of Darkness on an original track. I'm still more than happy to hear from anyone else!
  15. I think Nekofrog wins this round. Not to say this isn't a great track though... It's Sixto and Wily, what could possibly go wrong? Good stuff!
  16. This one did me quite well for a couple years in high school:
  17. I do my part for this cause by setting the Portal radio song as my ringtone and "OBJECTION!" as the text message tone.
  18. I worked with Level 99 a while back to create a Rock Band custom for this track... It was fun, and I thought I'd post it here too if anyone else wanted to check it out. If you've got a softmodded Wii, a 360 with Audition Mode, or Frets on Fire installed on your PC, you can play it yourself as well. Again, awesome job on the track Level 99.
  19. Well "not endorsing any sort of fake guitar" doesn't hold as much weight anymore. The idea of Pro Mode is if you're playing Expert Pro you're really playing the song.
  20. Well thank god all these websites didn't bother to fact check before reporting
  21. If this is a movie trailer I'm excited! If it's for another horrible game I am not.
  22. Inimitable

    E3 2010

    The Last Guardian confirmed. Yessss I don't have a PS3 but there is absolutely no way I will not play this game.
  23. You switch back between "we" and "I" a lot. Personally, I loved the recent Richard and Jacob/MIB-centric episodes. I thought they were both very well done. Same can be said for a lot of the other episodes that didn't move the overall story forward in any way as well. A lot of people are just now coming to the realization that Lost's focus was always the characters, but for some of us it's always been that way.
  24. It's not the giggle that does it for me, it's the EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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