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  1. I can't get this out of my head. I've been playing cards with some mates and kept singing out loud. They ended up kicking me out. This guitar is just awesome. I don' t know of any others, but regardless of who can play better this one fits perfectly. I forgot to give it a rating before. But I give it 8/10, only because it didn't stray from the original at all, and the percussion didn't jump to where I expect. Still in my top 10.
  2. Love the guitar. Better than the original in my opinion. Nothing special about the rest of the song though. The filtering on the drums was good but then there was nothing more. I was expecting it to get a little heavier in the drum section. Still, that guitar makes this piece an instant favourite for me. What's more, you mananged to get a piece in that has nothing but the instruments changed from the original. way to go.
  3. The original tune for this piece was Alice in Chains 'Them Bones', if you want to look it up on a kazaa engine. I'm nice enough that I've supplied a little clip of the original song here: Right click & Save as. Enjoy. (btw: this song still kicks the llama's ass.)
  4. I remember this! I love this so much! It's so good. This version is perfect, very well done. And to make things better, I remember this being in the WIP stage only a month or three back, gives us all hope at the speed of submissions. I love it, that's all I can say.
  5. Thankyou very much! My biggest problem turned out to be yet again so simple. haha how embarrassed I feel. Thanks again.
  6. Hey I have a quick question. I read through the first 15 pages, but grew impatient because I couldn't find it answered. If it's been answered already sorry for wasting time. But I've been recording with a generator (Filter) and I made a mistake that I only just picked up on. But I accidently recorded over the original track rather than a separate track for the generator. So now I can't simply delete the track. How do you undo Generator recordings that you've made (on any track, separate or not) and how do you specifically get rid of it on the same track as the score without deleting it all and starting over? I tried recording over it, but it still went back to the original recording.
  7. It needs ambience and much better drums. The instruments sound too simple. The tune is good and it sounds like it was programmed well. It's a pity I don't have any headphones, Cause I want to see if it actually does sound better over headphones. That main instrument sounds so good, and yet the drums are so poor.
  8. I don't think I've ever heard a song thats spread so far up and down the quality scale. In some parts this is absolutely brilliant. The beginning is absolutely outstanding, it's what I dream of making. But then about 2:30 in, it takes an instant nose dive. I don't know whether this was intentional or not. I just think it could have been better. Also I like this tune, but what's with the monotonous strings in the background? What gave this piece it's emotional kick was the way it jumped around the scales. Right at around 1:30 this is the point that it needs this. Like I said, this is a really good piece, and the effort in it must have been extraordinary. After all, all good things have errors in them. One of the top remixes of the site. All four of you need to be congratulated.
  9. Damn, this is the stuff that should have been in the Final Fantasy Movie. Brilliant remix of 'Bombing Mission.' They don't come much better than this. You can just feel the emotion dripping off this one. It builds up so well. Just to add, that ending was so fitting.
  10. It's actually Vincent Valentine's Theme as far as I can tell. The music that played in the ShinRa mansion was an alternative to Sephiroth's Theme, with the Bells & heartbeat sound.
  11. mmm not my style. I like the tune it's based on, but it's not really a song in my books. It's more like background ambience or something along those lines. Still nicely done.
  12. I downloaded this a while ago but didn't really get a chance to listen to it properly. It's now one of my most listened to remixes off this site. It's just very nicely put together. The guitar is outstanding. I find it hard to falter it for any reason. The only thing I dislike is the fade out in the middle. Otherwise well done.
  13. It's the song when you're running around the ice fields trying to find your way to that old mans cabin. Also the music in the ice town, cant remember its name.
  14. Ahthankyou God. I love this piece in the game. But I absolutely hated the way it was played in the game. This is excellent. If not a great stand out, it gets 9/10 from me just for using an excellent tune and making it sound good.
  15. My vote goes to ozma from FF9. That's the only boss in any game I haven't beaten yet.
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