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  1. Oh Wingless, you continuously keep me checking the forums to see your witty antics. I ... I love you.
  2. I'm not sure I could say that this was my absolute favorite track on the project (because there were a bunch of really chill ones I enjoyed) but this was easily the one that said "SUPER DODGEBALL" the most. Man, if there is one song from the project that should just be slapped right into a remake of the game, this is the one. Nice work, big guy.
  3. I really wish you wouldn't incorrectly quote me ... and consequently, you're going down. WAY DOWN. moar liek blandiator, mirite?
  4. I really don't know anything about dancing or style. ...but I can kick LAOS ass 100 times out of 100.
  5. smh @ people that don't hear the shells playing notes
  6. I agree with Dhsu. By about 4 minutes in, I sorta stopped caring about the actual gameplay and just listened to it. Fantastic work by this guy.
  7. Holy crap analoq. That was fantastic. You continue to be my one and only. <3
  8. I showed these articles to my gf. She assured me that I would be turned down if I proposed in this kind of way.
  9. 2-7 days from now I'll be in my new hoodie. Aaaaaand it's soon to be summer in Texas. I'm an idiot.
  10. Never has there been a better time to buy an OCR hoodie. Imma gonna get on that soon.
  11. Bum: The Musical The comedic tragedy of a young man's fall from wealth to the streets of NY and his rise from the ashes through the death of his hobo friend. ...I've already got four songs written for this one. I just couldn't make the story go anywhere.
  12. This topic totally delivers. Thanks guys!
  13. LOL. You know, I've noticed that...
  14. Your music is so hawt!! It ownz. http://www.ocremix.org/remixer/bladiator/ And I love you. So so so so much. You also don't seem 28. Cause that's old. And you don't seem old.
  15. LOL, thanks, just saw that after I typed that. I'll do my best.
  16. Aw man, I gotta get in on this next time. EDIT: OK, gotta wipe the tears from my eyes. Norg, seriously, that was awesome.
  17. Man, this is the kind of thing that turns a morning around. That was enjoyable. I really enjoyed the part in GVM where you did the big octaves, and then the clutch to the chest and the sigh of relief, lol.
  18. Harmony's b-day will always pull bladiator out of the woodwork. Happy b-day bud.
  19. I'm enjoying this immensely. Work is slow.
  20. This made me ROFL more than it should have. I <3 you buddy.
  21. I don't know this bluefox guy, but Flik is cool so I'm siding with him.
  22. I'll lock in. I haven't heard the song, but that's what it's about. Hemo, can't you work with chord progressions? (I didn't listen to your song choices, but there has to be SOMETHING to work with)
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