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  1. Fritz the Cat

    Halo 3

    Yeah, he kills Aeris and then falls off a cliff. Damn you, gravity! DAMN YOU TO HELL!
  2. I blame society. Bad society. No supper for you.
  3. Fritz the Cat

    Halo 3

    You guys only play Halo so you can teabag each other. Admit it. Perverts.
  4. It's almost like the bitch doesn't want to be rescued.
  5. Hey did you guys hear about that ship that sank? 'Really Fucking Huge' I think it was called. Or 'Enormous'. Something like that.
  6. Musicals are for the lowest denominator of humankind; people who are too stupid to follow wrestling.
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  8. Dude. He's Australian. Everyone knows they're criminals.
  9. "A high-powered rifle in the world How Shakespeare Became- Shakespeare By Stephen Greenblatt"
  10. MMORPGs are self-defeating. Once you allow strangers in, the first thing they're going to do is find a way to cheat. The second thing they're going to do is make playing absolute hell for anyone else. Simply because they can.
  11. It's nice once it gets going, but I thought the intro was a bit long; it's more than a quarter of the song.
  12. 'Fuckable game systems' Systems nowadays are so costly, it would be nice if you could screw them back.
  13. There was one in 2004: http://www.filmspot.com/movie/290271/the-punisher/index.html?q=punisher And an earlier version in 1989 that really sucked: http://www.filmspot.com/movie/314013/the-punisher/index.html?q=punisher
  14. Possibly for the same reason someone hasn't caved your skull in with a lead pipe.
  15. ...and I see none of you so much as bought me a card. That's it, you're off my Christams card list. If I had one. If I had one, you would so be off it. Remember that. If I sent out Christmas cards, none of you would be getting one. So there. *SOB*
  16. Has anyone ever managed to actually download anything from it, ever?
  17. That must have taken him, what, 30 seconds or so?
  18. Wow. It's just like a comedy except without the humor.
  19. Oh come on; you don't find disaster movies inherently comedic? Everyone running around like crazed ants until they get mashed/exploded/insert method of death here. It's funny.
  20. Personally I found the movie trailer incredibly fucking annoying. Too damn loud. I started laughing partway through it because I enjoy watching people die.
  21. I'm not quite sure what the fuck they were thinking there: 'Hey, let's take this thing the bad guys are looking for right to a place where there are thousands and thousands of people who can get hurt and/or killed'.
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