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  1. This is very strong work. Dare I say all it needs is a solo or more interpretive section and your arrangement is golden. I love the low-fi drums combined with the smooth synths, but you might consider throwing in some more textured synths, either layering with the lead or playing counterpoint. It might not work out with the mellow groove, but it's definitely worth playing with if it doesn't spoil the mood. Looking forward to the finished product. I have a hard time thinking this won't pass after you bring it home
  2. Thanks for the comments, guys! No, that's not the full arrangement, as I plan to add another full section to close things out. Yes, the bass is a slapbass soundfont, not the greatest quality. I'll search around for something better, but I agree that the cheesiness might end up fitting in with the synth work after all. I'll also toy around with a finger bass in some parts as hakstock suggests. I also agree that the drum, mostly the snare, could use some oomph. I'll try some other samples and better layering and see what I get. The next version will probably be pretty close to the final, hopefully I won't slack and take too long
  3. I really like the way you manipulate the bass in this, very nice sound and control there methinks. Production wise it sounds pretty good overall. My main gripe is probably the length. It may be that I'm highly desensitized to Guile's theme, but I'm not sure you've justified the nearly six minutes with the amount of interpretation you've taken. The intro could probably be cut in half. It serves to set up the drop just fine, but you're not really building anything very dramatic for that full minute. The intro is really the only place you'd want to cut length since you've set up your whole 3 rounds motif and I think that works well as it is. I also think you can make the lead a lot more interesting as the song goes on with some layering, or switching up the voice all together at some point. Should not the final round be much more than the first? Your soundscape isn't bad, but it seems like there is plenty of room for interesting background bits and pieces to decorate the main melody. That's my 2 cents - give it some thought while you listen to some of your other favorite "electronic garbage" and then see what you can do
  4. Gotcha. You should label it "Album/Other" to prevent confusion.
  5. Well if it's a "cover" than it shouldn't be for OCR in the first place. Especially since the source is so minimal - a cover doesn't add anything new by design and that won't fly at all for OCR. Aside from that, your chords still seem in different keys. I have a hard time giving advice in that department since I do things by ear, but it's still evident.
  6. Going for a dirty south take on this, eh? This really just sounds like you layered some drums plus a synth or two over the source, and that doesn't fly on OCR. It doesn't help that there is no melody in the source either, so there's not much there to remix. Not that a non-melodic source hasn't been remixed before (a certain Children of the Monkey Machine Chrono remix comes to mind), but if your going hip hop, you'll at least need original drums to even begin with. My advice if you want to really do this would be to start completely from scratch and try to emulate the original feel with your own samples. Also, if you want to use those vocal samples form the beginning, you need to bring that idea out the rest of the mix as well (they also sound a bit artificial to me). But honestly, I don't think it's a good source to work with IMO. Not for OCR, at least - it may be fine for your own project but you'll have a hard time getting something passable for OCR with it.
  7. The bass is quite delish, definitely the most prominent thing in your mix. I would definitely suggest bringing the lead up to meet it though. Either a slight touch of volume, or layer another voice over it to give it more punch or character. On that note, I think the second pass of your main melody could use something to differentiate it from the first, perhaps another voice playing counter melody, or another supporting element. As it stands, you don't really build much, it just kind of goes A-B-A-B. If you build the soundscape more over the course of your mix, it would also help you with the ending, because you can easily dial things back down and end of a soft and thoughtful note, maybe just the high bell synth closing things out, etc. Over all your idea works well and could be a very strong submission.
  8. Are you going to have an actual live brass quintet cover this? Aside from your sig, I think it's important to mention that. Do you plan on adding anything else, like percussion, strings, etc?
  9. A stellar start. I feel like you have the low strings panned slightly to the right, which works fine for the second section but kind of stood out to me in the first section since you have it pedaling. Other than that, not much to say until you get more, looking forward to the rest.
  10. Hey, I'm feelin' it. The unfinished end made me laugh. A good start, but not much to say yet until there is more.
  11. Edit: Labeled Finished but feedback still welcome! Edit: updated the link (this thread only) for the most recent version that I tweaked. It should get to the panel in Feb (hoping). --> Funky Side Up <--
  12. Yo Mono: In my infinite abandonment of the project and subsequent disappearance, I did manage to slap together a few other ideas for Underworld. Checking the thread, I'm appalled to see no one's actually claimed it... I'm back making music, so PM me if you wanna take a hear, otherwise I'll slink back off in my pathetic glory now.
  13. Yo man, awesome to meet you at Nerdapalooza ;)

  14. For God's sake, this. It's exactly the reason why Liontamer Yes'd despite his nitpicks. Some of y'all need to relax about this apparent "bar." Great justice was done here, thank you, halc.
  15. Man, Armored Armadillo and Gravity Beetle are two of my all time favorites, so I'm stoked to all hell to see them paired up in the first round xD.
  16. :lol: I'd have to agree the djp in that a remix of this style, for this theme, was long overdue. Very funny club banguh indeed. Holy shit at the static near the end
  17. Morse can do no evil. This needs to be played at the next bboy jam for the poppers to get down to.
  18. FYI, Has to do with the fact that the source plays after you open the special sealed doors in CT. Man, I miss CT...with all the retro madness going on these days, they should bring it back for a proper 2d sequel. DS where you at? Anyone played the DS remake, BTW? Off topic much. Still love this remix
  19. We need a beautiful, beautiful piano rendition of this. We just do. Someone.
  20. I'd have to agree with Bahamut on a technical level. Yet, I can still throw this on, bob my head, and enjoy Proto's theme. For an older song, I think that's quite enough.
  21. I should have something for ya pretty soon, babycakes. Took a bit of a different direction, should be more along the lines of what you imagined.
  22. Which, amazingly, no one's mentioned. Did that really just happen? Yes, yes it did.
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