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  1. One i'd most rather see, is Terry Bogard. Or i could keep on dreaming.
  2. Time to jump on the bandwagon and have a Smash banner of my own. At least mine has Captain Falcon in it...
  3. Since no date has been released for Europe, it doesn't matter to me one way or the other.
  4. Who says they'll stick to just 20 franchises?
  5. Ok, i'll bite. Where did you get this list? Where can you see the icons?
  6. Amen to that. And Captain Falcon.
  7. Dungeon Keeper: No Though it is one of my favorite games, it does get surpassed by it's sequel in some important area's, like gameplay. Certain aspects (you can't break through the walls of enemy territory) make the game impossible, the monsters have too much of a will of their own, make the game very hard to play. Still, it's good to be bad. But not bad enough to must-have. Metroid Fusion: Yes Sweet controls, awesome presentation, quality gameplay, great music. Different when compared to other 2-d Metroid games, but not (much) less good. Populous: The Beginning: No Ugh, hate to do it, but no. The chief gives you some great new gameplay aspects (multiple spells are fun to use, and fun to experiment with), but the AI is lacking, the game can be quite unforgiving (difficult). And worst of all, my copy won't play on Windows XP.... However, if you see a copy, buy it. The game has that distinct Bullfrog look, some great music and graphics (for their time), and it's just plain FUN.
  8. I know, it's cool to have Sonic in. I like Sonic. I just think ANY other character would've been, more interesting? Solid Snake? HOLY SHIT! Sonic?...meh.... I guess it's just because this wasn't as big a surprise as Snake. Now if this game would've come out 15 years ago....
  9. *sigh* We all knew this was coming. Still sucks though. Much rather would've seen a third party character that IS interesting. Does this mean other Sonic characters are a possibility aswell? EDIT: Hoshit, that music had better be in the game itself. Other then that: boo Sonic.
  10. Does everyone here live in Japan or something? /ENVY!!
  11. I've been out of anime for so damn long, who knows what i've missed.
  12. Did anybody else think of The Mask when they heard the Ashley music?
  13. Final Fantasy VII: No C'mon. The only reason why this game has become as popular as it is, was because this was the first big RPG that the new crowd who had just bought a Playstation could enjoy. The game has it's highlights for sure, but other FF games blow it out of the water. Must-have? No way.
  14. Killer Instinct Gold: Yes Ugh, i agree with everything that The Coop already posted, yet i have to give it the benefit of doubt. For starters, the game handles good, the graphics are "nice", and the music quality is pretty good. Like i said, The Coop already said it all; the animations are not what they should be, the characters look unimpressive, but i really think the good outweighs the bad. Not only that, howmany quality fighting games actually were there on the N64? Doom: Yes Ah man, a dead surt here. How could anybody not like this game, or find groundbreaking? Must i really tell why this game is a must-have? Painkiller: Yes While low on brains, this game is excellent. It's premise is just to keep shooting with bad-ass guns, at random monsters. What's not to like? It offers nothing more, and you get exactly what you want. Although it's possible to get lost easily, it only gives you more time to look at the pretty enviroments. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow: Yes The final entry of the Castlevania series on the GBA, and one that got everything right. Great music, graphics and gameplay. The soul collecting seems dull, but really adds to the gameplay instead of being a useless gimmick. What more is there to say? It's a quality game that we've have come to expect from the Castlevania series.
  15. Conker’s Bad Fur Day: No Man, how i loved this game. Untill i figured out the game doesn't help you out by not giving you any direction, a lousy framerate, and bizarre bosses. I loved the humor, but you never know what to do unless you try everything (i.e. the gameplay was horrible). Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: No I was so glad i only spend €7 on this game (Game of the Year edition, including the two add-ons). No sense of direction (from the first second of the game!). I know that this is supposed to be like this, but a little guidance would've been nice. The fighting is terrible, and the skills can be confusing. Maybe it was just me, and should give this game another chance. But i really, REALLY hated the game for what it was trying to accomplish.
  16. I've been wanting to buy this game for weeks, but the shops can't seem to get a hold of it. Nintendo fanboys apparently made a major move towards this game.
  17. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron: Yes. Tough call. It should be picked up by ANY Star Wars fan out there, but must-have? The missions are cool, diverse and exciting (chase that, protect this, disable another). The graphics are pretty nice (the expansion pack takes care of A LOT of problems; framerate, draw distance, textures). And the story that was told was interesting. However, the missions aren't always clear, and they are quite mindless most of the time. (Shoot shoot shoot). However, all in all, it makes for a great game. Dare i say it? The force is strong with....ah, never mind. Advance Wars: YEAH Oh man, how addictive was THIS game? Simply put together, but o so deep when played. Some missions suffer too much from trial and error mistakes, but the game is satisfying to the very end.
  18. ********** Round 1 *********** Mario Kart Super Circuit: No A fun game, with some awesome graphics for it's time. The songs are pretty good, real MK style, but the quality could have certainly been better. Especially when it's compared to a game like Golden Sun. Sadly, it felt unbalanced, the driving felt more like gliding, and compared to what other iterations in the MK franchise came up with, this one just falls short. Just one? You sure how to pick the lists! XD
  19. Is it pure coincedence that my music player just started the Metal Gear Solid theme? I think not.
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