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  1. This might sound as blasphemy, but i've never played a Guitar Hero before, due to the lack of a PS2 or Xbox. I've got a Wii....Should i bother?
  2. If Balloon fight get's playable characters, then there only remains one question. Why's Little Mac just a Assist Trophy? Why Balloon Fight and not Punch-Out?
  3. I've tried watching them in the evil IE. Damn you Sephfire... I watched the first couple, but i could not find myself laughing out loud like you guys. Maybe once or twice. Or maybe i just lost my sense of humor.
  4. I can't watch the video's. Do you need to register first? Sounds like i'm missing out here....
  5. The SD cards are similar to memory sticks, but made as an extension of memory to existing machines, such as cell phones, camera's, and your Wii.
  6. That is the one... Please stop it...D: And sure, i'd like to share my pain with you. If i'd know how to upload a torrent...If anybody cares to explain i'll do it first thing tomorrow.
  7. Alright, i was in our local music store yesterday, and i was going through some bargain bins. The fact that every cd in it was priced at €1, i thought i would check it out. What did i find? An old Sonic soundtrack cd from 1996. What the hell? Such a cd, for only €1? I checked the back, and the songs were called "Sonic Metropolis Trance Zone", or "Entering Death Egg Zone". Though i am not a big Sonic fan, i understood that the songs were likely to be remixes of the original songs. I picked it up, and immediatly bought it. "Wow, what a cool find", i thought to myself. Holy shit, what was i in the wrong. It did not take me more then the first couple of seconds of the first song to get sick. And the rest of the songs were equally bad! It hardly has anything to do with the original music, and if it does, it has been replaced by crappy, NO, horrible 90's dance/trance, of which even the AVERAGE remixer here should be ashamed of. I understood completely why that cd had been lying there for all those years, and why i can't find an image on google of it. It cost me €1, but damn, i regret buying it.
  8. The return of Ryu and Ken. They most likely will be joined by Chun-Li, and Akuma. My bet is that Alex and maybe Hugo (Zangief would be to damn old, and he wasn't in SF3) from SF3 will join them. Maybe one or two from SF2 and SFA? Don't think many of the SFA characters will be joining Street Fighter again. Most of them are dead, or were imported from Final Fight.
  9. Yeah, by the sound of it, they left some of the old music in there. I do have my doubts about this game. Don't get me wrong, if it's turns out great, i'll be the first to buy it. I guess i was just hoping for something more...similar to the original.
  11. Ohsnap, you're right. Excuse me, it's rather early.
  12. I saw that movie a dozen times when i was a kid, but i never realized how damn violent it was until i saw some screenshots on the net. It's been over 15 years since i've seen the movie. Maybe i'll watch it again sometime to actually figure out what the movie was about, because when i was a kid, i only watched it because there were bunnies in it...
  13. The japanese site has an extra screenshot. It shows Meowth shooting coins from the coin on his forehead by sliding his hand across it.
  14. Seeing as that was the case in SSBM, it would've been a step back if it was any different. No reason to do that, now is there?
  15. Feels like i'm wearing nothing at all ....nothing at all.... ....nothing at all....
  16. Not sure if this was posted already...I thought it was funny, considering everybody looking at Snake's ass lately.
  17. Again just one? :S Golden Sun: HELL yeah Being the first RPG i've ever played (go figure), it has made an impression on me that i will never forget. The characters were cool, the story was a bit been there done that, but it worked well. You never had the idea the main story stopped in favor of some other character's development (Final Fantasy, Twilight Princess). The music was simply gorgeous (among the earliest and BEST on the GBA), and the graphics were impressive. The battles were simply amazing, and due to the lack of an ATB system, you could really take the time to make a strategy by telling each of the characters what to do. All in all, a quite standard RPG, but one dripping with quality.
  18. That's.....That's just awesome.... Oh, and congratulations, Doulifee!
  19. 1.) What is your favorite game series? Castlevania/Street Fighter. 2.) What is the game series you are best at? Street Fighter. 3.) What game from your favorite game series is your favorite? I'll have to go for Lament of Innocence/Third Strike 4.) What games in your favorite series do you OWN (Rentals and Past Ownership don't count, though you can include Past Ownership if you note those). Castlevania 1 Castlevania 2 Castlevania 4 Castlevania Vampire's Kiss Castlevania 64 Castlevania Symphony of the Night Castlevania Circle of the Moon Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance Castlevania Aria of Sorrow Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow Castlevania Lament of Innocence Castlevania Curse of Darkness Street Fighter 2 (GB) Street Fighter 2 Turbo Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Dreamcast) Street Fighter Alpha 3 (GBA) Street Fighter Third Strike 5.) WHY is your favorite game series your favorite, and why would you suggest others to look into it? Castlevania because of it's storytelling. It's rich fantasy world, it's array of european mythological monsters, and an atmosphere to die for thanks to the visuals and score. Street Fighter because of it's appeal; characters, enviroments, gameplay, and signature words, moves, etc. Let's not forget it's endless replay value. (It's still a game).
  20. So many games, and i can only comment on one? Boy, do i feel like a wannabe. Guilty Gear: Borderline no Let's see, great characters, rockin' tunes, and some sweet graphics. I just think the game misses that little piece of flair to be called "must-have". It just missed a certain aspect that would elevate this game above any ordinary fighting game on the PS1. It felt just a bit too mediocre...No matter how cool the characters are....
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