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  1. Sunday morning was where it was at. Ren & Stimpy, Pinky and the Brain, Spider-Man, X-men, and many more!
  2. Raziellink


    Because the studio was busy making an anime of Devil May Cry, and the director wants to do another Vampire Hunter D movie, instead of Castlevania. Besides, we don't need a Castlevania anime, because Paul Anderson is already blessing us with a movie! ....oh wait. Oh, and Teknoman is good.
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    Fatal Fury. Oh, and the new Hellsing anime. The old one is crap.
  4. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/29306.html For those who can't view it, it appears to be a CGI Resident Evil movie, featuring Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy (with his RE4 look), which takes place 7 years after the outbreak in Raccoon City. Claire is on an airport where all hell seems to have broken loose. Leon seems to be running and fighting somewhere dark. The movie seems to be produced by Sony and Capcom. I checked IMDB, nothing to be found there. A look on google gave me nothing else but links to this trailer.
  5. I had Ouzo the night before that. Two glasses and i didn't feel a thing. Last night i drank an entire bottle of wine in less then 2 minutes, and after that i started with the bottle of Amaretto we still had. Yeah, the room was spinning, and i got a bit more cheerfull.
  6. My new years eve? Got myself drunk while playing WoW.
  7. Not sure if this was mentioned before, but... You damn fool...
  8. I refuse to give advice to a person who is willing to sell their copy of the original NES Shadow Warriors. But i'd just give it to your mate.
  9. Incarnation? What is that? I call it respawning. Is it like respawning?
  10. In before obligatory "Life doesn't have a reset button" remark.
  11. I always liked the style of Tae Kwon Do, but i've always been hesitant to actually go to a school. I guess i'm just afraid of sucking, is all.
  12. Remember how the first X-box did against the PS2 in Japan? Anybody surprised about this news? Didn't think so.
  13. The game could look like millions of games before it, just as long as it got some killer gameplay, i'd pick it up. Dead simple. Big trunk or not.....
  14. Yeah that could've worked too. I did it with the Master Sword too. Oh, and anybody ever tried to beat Majora's Mask only using the first sword in the game? I did, accidentally.
  15. Either 2/3rd weren't deemed good enough, or you missed a couple, Maco.
  16. Man, I got KoF 11 for months now, but i haven't play it thoroughly. I used to play it on my girlfriend's PS2, but shortly after that, we broke up. So i can't really play it anymore. I need a PS3....
  17. Yes, i make big sigs....live with it.
  18. Same. But that's probably because I've never heard the original in my entire life, so i have no what to listen to. It sounded like a lot of mumbo-jumbo, so i really can't appreciate it.
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