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  1. I bought Ocarina of Time 2 years after it was released, so i guess it's safe to say that i completely neglected the hype that surrounded it. It is everything it was cracked up to be. Looking back, i'd have to say that i liked Majora's Mask more, but OoT was far more epic, and better as a game/whole. And i agree with Dhsu, though the graphics in Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time look wretched now, i still find them enjoyable, because though simple, they are still convincing, and look good (for their time).
  2. I'd submit these, but I'm not sure if these are up to par with anything I've seen on the last few pages. In my own defense, these are quite old. And don't get me started on how much effort i had to put in that Teknoman image...
  3. Too many good games, this one will have to wait...
  4. That can only mean one thing..... Liquid Snake/MGS4 Solid Snake confirmed! But seriously. I wouldn't be surprised if Liquid was in too, seeing as he's an extra bad guy, and more of them are always welcome.
  5. Goddamnit, i would point out the fact that i was the first that incorperated the NWG in the boxart, but hell, that would mean more people would look at the horribly crafted boxes i made on the last page. Oh, still though.
  6. This shit is going to get me banned. And killed. NO, first killed, then banned. Anyway, it's times like these that i'd wish that i was a better artist, because they look like a child has drawn them. Ah well, i'll console myself with the idea that i could've done a better job if i had more time. Don't kill me, i was only hoping to get some lulz.
  7. Stuff like this always inspires you to go find some other crazy shit in all kinds of games.
  8. The minimal driving age in the Netherlands is 18. Still, numerous people from the age of 18-23 get killed in traffic, mostly due to alcohol. I'm not saying i'm the best driver ever, oh no. Trust me, in the time that i've obtained my driver's license, i did some pretty bad things. It's just that you can't give a person a license simply because he can drive correctly. They should also be capable of riding responsibly. And that is not something you can tell by sitting next to a person for an hour. I try to drive as responsible as i can, even more so when there are other people in the car i am driving. But no matter how hard you try, you can never be certain that you'll come home safely. Not with all of the crazy things happening on the road.
  9. Maybe a different flavour for every other member/judge? For instance, Protricity's could taste like shit? Nah, nothing agaist Prot, even though he could be an asshole at times.
  10. Cool collection, and i would buy it if i had the money. But not my taste of a "bedroom". Women need to be included for the ultimate bedroom
  11. Lame. Well, it's interesting for sure, but.... Lame.
  12. I've never really found his previous reviews funny, but the latter ones, Super Paper Mario, Zelda, and Medal of Honour made me laugh out loud. Srsly.
  13. Bought the game two weeks ago, but haven't played much of it due to WoW, but i have to say i am impressed with certain aspects. I just got passed the Ice Beam upgrade (hard fight there, untill i said fuck it, and spammed him to death with Hyper mode). The controls...take some getting used to. I'm a lot better then when i started, but i still make an awful lot of mistakes. The music...i dunno. Though they sound good, the music style just seems overdone, killing it. Graphicswise it's ok, but enviroments are top notch. Some of the best i've seen since the original Soul Reaver.
  14. No way, Castlevania 64 is a pretty neat game. You just gotta give it a chance. And wasn't IGA planning on a new 2-d Castlevania game for DS after he finished Dracula X on PSP?
  15. Gee, i wonder where you got these from.
  16. Ah yes, the infamous Fils-Aime speech.
  17. Wasn't this game pushed back to, you know? Olypics 2008?
  18. Then i guess that leaves only one. Liquid Snake.
  19. Well, seems like everybody was wrong by calling the stopwatch as next update. There's always tomorrow though....
  20. Melee's version was just some sort of latin song. This version "inspires the players to be brave", due to the lyrics in the song. Therefore, this song has meaning, and isn't expendable like the Melee's version.
  21. Nice song. Nice vid. Nice work.
  22. Cool, i'll just hop on a plane to the nearest Blockbuster. It should be around 3000 miles, methinks. Sure, if i'll ever see a copy lying in a gamestore, i'll pick it up.
  23. Metroid Prime 3 landed last week. Next to WoW, i have no time for other games. But seriously, the screenshots i've seen, make it seem....quite kiddy? Or are the looks deceiving in this case?
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