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  1. The only ones i got are Mortal Kombat II The soundtrack is so much better then the movie. Then again, what isn't better then the movie? Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Some great thrilling music. Awesome movie.
  2. N64 Rogue Squadron (Forgot i still had this one). PC Diablo 2 (How could i forget THIS one?!) GTA3 Painkiller
  3. Got your back, Seph. Nintendo 64 Mario 64 Ocarina of Time Majora's Mask Killer Instinct Gold Castlevania 64 Gameboy Advance Golden Sun MegaMan Battle Network MegaMan Battle Network 2 Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Street Fighter Alpha 3 Metroid Fusion Double Dragon Advance Sony Playstation Final Fantasy 8 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver PC Doom 1 Duke Nukem Populous: the Beginning Dungeon Keeper Dungeon Keeper 2 Unreal Tournament All i can think of now.
  4. I think i'll send my resume this instant.
  5. Because looking back, every commercial seems like a comedy.
  6. Hehe, the second worst game commercial ever. "it'll leave skitmarks on your soul".
  7. Yeah, they are a bunch of scary fuckers alright. Thank god! The Trophy's are back. Let's just hope most of them are old trophy's with a new look, or completely new and not exactly the same from SSBM, but only better looking.
  8. Michael Jackson's grab: picking somebody up, and dangle him on the edge from a platform.
  9. Yeah, but does it have to be a mascot? It could be anybody. Besides, didn't the Japanese vote for who they would want to see?
  10. Not that yours is exactly impressive.
  11. I hope that was sarcasm. HATE the little bastard.
  12. Damnit, not those again. Well yeah, they are fun, but i always disliked them!
  13. This guy needs to get a life.
  14. I never really was a Sega fan. That was untill, i bought a used Dreamcast to check out what the fuss was about. The fuss about it was good.....very good....
  15. Uhm, to the people saying that this Mario is another, you might wanna double-check that. FLUDD pops out when you press Down+B. That tornado attack got replaced, and has bene turned into a regular attack.
  16. Page three, and nobody mentioned 300 yet? Shame on you!
  17. Exactly what i was thinking about when i saw this thread.
  18. I call it bitch. But it still won't listen to me.
  19. So, when it's obvious how to kill a boss, it's too easy, but if you have to put in some effort, it's tedious? I really don't think this is to be taken seriously by us gamers. This is clearly written by/for an audience that is a far-cry from ours. Since i'm European, i don't have the game yet, but i really doubt it's a bad game, and everything the reviewer said was just seeing the Metroid formula negatively, instead of thinking positively about it. Us:"Yay, freedom!" Reviewer:"Lack of direction." Us:"Cool boss battles!" Reviewer:"Battles where you have to put in effort? Screw this!" This guy has his head up his ass.
  20. Halo and Metroid should not be compared. They deliver two completely different experiences, even though it might seem similar. They are trying to accomplish different things, so saying that something from Metroid is bad because Halo has it and vica versa, is unreasonable. You can't rip on Metroid because it doesn't support online multi-player, or on Halo because the single-player isn't as good as Metroid's. They should be graded on what it does offer, and how well it does it. An 8.5 might seem low, but Metroid Prime 2 got a higher score, but i didn't like it at all. So, who knows...
  21. Lol, is not! Wait, there is?
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