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    Project Justice (2.5D fighter) Tech Romancer (3D Giant mecha battle) Bangai-O (unique 2D shooter) Puyo Puyo 4 (best version of a great puzzle game series) There are tons of others, especially if you like fighters or shooters. Dreamcast also emulates NES and other older systems quite well.
  2. Sounds like he just moved on. Honestly this site has a lot of drama and bullshit (as most large sites do, especially those related to a creative field) and I could see as a judge/heavily involved person in this site it can wear you out, especially when you are as nice and thoughtful as he was. Plus the sheer amount of time required to be an active judge seems like it would cut into his work IRL and it sounds like he's pretty busy at the studio. We should be happy he's doing something related to music that keeps him occupied and supports his livelihood. The reason for his absolute dissapearance could be because of a few things. First I've noticed that people who make a big deal over their "farewell" always come back at some point. ALWAYS. They still have an attachment somewhere that they are forcing themselves to give up for some reason or another. Think of all the posters on this forum who actually are gone, who NEVER come back, and think about how many of those people made good-bye threads. Almost none in my recollection. They just stop posting, because they've already moved on. Another reason he didn't say good-bye to everyone might be because he knew that there would be a huge amount of people begging him to stay. I mean, look at this thread! He really is a nice and talented guy, so having to tell people, "No, I really need to move on" would probably be pretty hard for him. Obviously he's doing something else now, so give up the searches and let him be. If he wants to come by some time and say hi, he will do so on his own terms. Otherwise, just be happy that you got to know one of the cooler contributers to this site and hope he's doing well!
  3. Yes, Nethack is good, although I prefer Dungeon Crawl for my randomly generated Rogue-likes. And I'm a heretic who uses to tileset rather than the ASCII version. Surprised this game isn't on this list yet, as it's one of the best. Gotten many MANY hours of gameplay out of DC. http://crawlj.sourceforge.jp/down_e.html http://enne.walker.googlepages.com/stonesouptiles
  4. Just bumping this, as this thread should never die! I'm stuck using an old Windows 98 machine at work so I've been looking for some old or simple games.
  5. Add that to the fact that a lot of the stuff that gets left out of the film version of books is stuff that works better in written format then a visual one. Yeah, sometimes little side stories/characters get cut way down, but if you want to read a book, read a book; if you want to see a movie, see a movie. I'd be curious to see the new version, but I don't see how adding a few scenes or whatever could really improve the core story that much. It's already all there.
  6. Exactly. The Damned has a meager collection of DS games at best, and ethics aside, even carrying around several of the extremely slim DS games is a pain in the ass. I love having a flashcart because I can have, at any moment, a selection of up to 40 or 50 DS games a soft reset away. No fiddling with carts or cases. It's especially nice in the wamer months when I don't have a jacket pocket to slip my DS with case in. I can just put the nude system in my pants pocket and be on my way. With a flashcart you can backup saves easily, get imports right away, etc. Yeah, buy the games you really know you'll want to have, but the whole point of a flashcart is so you can have a huge library of games at your fingertips. Getting a flashcart to set up one of the worlds biggest and clunkiest MP3 players doesn't seems to make a lot of sense... I'd get a PSP or iTouch and be done with it.
  7. Wrong forum, but it could just be that your machine is busted. Old cart-based systems have few moving parts, which is why your old Atari will last forever, but as soon as you put moving parts in there the chances of the thing breaking increase dramatically. If the disc isn't spinning at all that's a bad sign, especially if you are sure you have the right system card in there. Try cleaning the contacts between all of the components and hooking everything up again, as they might have gotten corroded over time, but you might be holding a dead system.
  8. Ugh. Why ruin a movie that was done perfectly to begin with? I'll take models/puppets to cheesy CGI any day of the week, and even if they make it the most beautiful movie ever made (they won't), there's no way they can recapture the charm of the original. It's one of those classic 80's movies that really stands the test of time. Some movies I loved as a kid don't hold up well when I watch them these days, but if you haven't watched in a while do yourself a favor and rent/buy the Neverending Story on DVD and get ready for a nostalgia bomb that will leave you completely satisfied. Screw remaking a movie that's barely 20 years old and was perfect to begin with.
  9. Using a DS as an MP3 player? Yech... Don't see why you don't just carry a smaller MP3 player (iPod nano or the clones, for instance). Much better interface/battery life, etc. Plus you can play games WHILE you listen to your MP3s, which is what I do most of the time. Also, you can watch videos on your DS using a flash cart, just get ready for horrible resolution and bad playback features. Sounds like you'd be in the market for a PSP, really. It can do everything you want to do right out of the box, and much better than the DS can, especially in terms of video playback. And if you rip your games to big memory sticks you can carry quite a lot with you without any hassle.
  10. Check out Chrono Trigger, but you might have to buy a new hard drive first.
  11. Oh, that's lame. RF looks so terrible, I can't believe they didn't update it to RCA at least. The new Famicoms look so crisp and bright.
  12. I have one of the top loader Famicom systems and it works great. Looks pretty much like the NES 2 so I'm assuming the electronics are similar: The main difference between this and the old Famicom I have, aside from the extremely comfortable dogbone style controllers, is the video quality. While it doesn't have s-video capabilities like the new version of the SNES, the standard RCA cable hook-up blows away the old video hookup. Everything looks so crisp and clean compared to the old system. Do a side by side comparison and you'll never look back. As for the third party systems, there are few I often see in Japan because they are so extremely small. They are barely bigger then the Famicom carts themselves, but I can't vouch for their performance or compatibility. Get a NES2.
  13. Nice collection of games there...
  14. My list: Sports: Hot Shots Golf Portable 1&2 Puzzle: Lumines 1&2, Puzzle Quest Action RPG: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Fighter: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max, Tekken: DR Platformer: Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles (worth it for SotN alone!), Loco Roco SRPG: Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness Racing: Any Wipeout game Action: Afterburner Hot Shots Golf has gotten the most play by far on my PSP. A great games series that was perfectly ported to the PSP. I liked Crisis Core a lot for some reason. Yes, the dungeons were repetitive but I think it sports the best battle system of any FF game. Wish they spiced up the missions a bit more, but other than that it's worth your time. Hated Patapon for some reason. Just thought the core gamepay was annoying as hell and was a huge dissapointment after the gem that was Loco Roco. Had a lot of fun with the Afterburner game too, which seemed to be largely ignored. I loved the old arcade game is while it retained it's simple gameplay it was still fun as hell! You could probably find it really cheap these days.
  15. Yeah, it's a long drive for you, but Gameland is pretty damn awesome. Lots of imports, and lots of games for any old system for decent prices. They have everything. Last time I was there I picked up a few old Sega CD games I had been wanting to play. Gameland is the closest thing I've seen in the States that compares to the blinding glory of the used game shop in Japan.
  16. I don't know if it's what you are looking for, but two of my favorite Chinese rock bands are Hang on the Box and the Anarchy Boys. Hang on the Box is an experimental girls punk band, and the Anarchy Boys are straight up Oi punk. If you're not into punk at all, at least try to check out Hang on the Box... They are pretty fantastic.
  17. Well with all the extra modes I think this game offers a lot of gameplay... Try beating it on lvl 1 hard?
  18. Oh crap, I thought their aircraft was called thwe Kitty Hawk. Considered googling it before I posted but that would require opening a new tab and all.
  19. Evilhead

    Windows 7

    Well I have a 5 year old Compaq laptop and as far as I know it can only take a 512 meg stick in it's expansion slot (or maybe another gig, I'm not sure). I got a 512 meg stick of the correct RAM, stuck it in there, but when I start up the computer with it there it won't even load up my BIOS. It just hangs. I just said fuck it and yanked it out of there and tossed the RAM in a box somewhere, but if you guys have any bright ideas I'd be glad to hear them. As far as I know it's the correct RAM. Might have gotten a bad stick but it was sent over from the states as a gift so it was too much of a hassle to try and exchange.
  20. Evilhead

    Windows 7

    Unless you have 512 megs of RAM like me.
  21. I suggest gathering paper from the books and wooden rods to construct a crude version of the Kitty Hawk and explore those regions. Or perhaps a hot air balloon of sorts would be more effective.
  22. Is that the game where you are some kind of dude/robot that can transform into a fighter jet? That was an awesome game...
  23. More items, two extra dungeons, a streamlined menu (the play screen remains uncluttered), etc.
  24. I love biwa music, especially music of the Satsuma biwa. It's usually played accomanied by the chanting of old tales, usually war stories from the Tale of the Heike but there are many topics. Until fairly recently there were very few examples of good biwa playing on YouTube, but a wonderful young player uploaded a few of her performances abroad. Here she is playing Dan no Ura, the climatic sea battle that results in the complete annhilation of the Heike clan. The full song is too long to put on YouTube unfortunately, and after the cut the sound is a bit off, but the first seven minutes are so are amazing.
  25. Has there EVER been a movie based on a game that was actually true to the game? It seems it's successful for the comic book movies which generally keep the same story and characters, so why do the writers for video game movies always just take the title and go on their own tangent? Why even bother making a movie based on something you don't even come close to representing?
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