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  1. Harpy barfday! Don't go overboard with the League :3
  2. I ran a Gold II 3s team just to give my friends Gold for season 3's rewards if 3v3 is a thing.
  3. It's your birthday! I hope it's more of a novice birthday than an XPRT one!
  4. Happy birthday man! Hope it's a great one.
  5. By the way, I cannot recommend enough bLiNd/Jordan Steven's soundtrack for The Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane. A lot of people know him for his trance but this is just top notch music period. Get it. At the very least give it a listen on the Soundcloud.
  6. Go buy ALL THE MUSIC guys! It's worth it, I've listened to most of it.
  7. True. Though, I do think he eats through people pretty quickly in the hands of a skilled player.
  8. Why would he need a shield if he dodges every auto attack for 2 seconds?
  9. OK, I'm sorely in need of changing up my routine. I've stopped exercising regularly due to a relapse of depression as well as boredom with my old routine. I need to start back up again. I'm still looking at maximizing time indoors with some free weights or cables. Is there a specific brand or something I should be looking at? I'm on a budget so I'm looking at stuff on the cheap but without sacrificing too much quality (I don't want cables snapping and waylaying my face).
  10. This is a pretty groovy song! Recommended!
  11. I would not classify that as "high sustain." Maybe if you let him hit minions all day that would qualify but Andy is talking about trading, not sitting in lane.
  12. Hehe well it's not a very pretty card, but I hope the message was well received.
  13. The thing about going down the "ranged-only" item build without going even more specific like "marksmen only" is that concepts like "bruiser Nidalee" or "tank Mordekaiser" will get their last nail in the coffin (and these aren't even that strange). Riot is losing players to Dota 2 partly because Dota lets you do silly strats and/or has more interesting heroes. League needs to keep strange choices available to keep the game alive. Completely agree with Bardic. Although ADCs can also leave a fight and come back with 100% health after hitting a few monsters in the jungle with their own lifesteal items.
  14. I know I'm not going to MAGFest this year but I wanted to emphasize this point for those that may not "get it." Some people are in professions (e.g. military, teaching) where drug use or sometimes even suspected drug use will lead to immediate and irrevocable termination from our jobs. Things like smoking marijuana can lead to false positives or raise suspicions because of the smell. So be courteous!
  15. Jandalf, did you ever get my card?
  16. ADCs will need more tweaking than just itemization to achieve what you want, Andy. The problem with just reverting nerfs to BC and Blade is that many bruisers pick up those items as well.
  17. I don't run but I do like working out to http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01948/ and http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02368/ and pretty much any of Fishy's (http://ocremix.org/artist/4754/fishy) stuff.
  18. Edit: what I wrote earlier was assholeish. I apologize. I also do not mean to counter what you said, which is what I wanted to say in a less antagonizing way. ANYWAY, I'm a little confused on what you said, as your first and last statements seem to contradict each other.
  19. I added Amphibious, Val, and Soul Splint among others.
  20. Grievous Wounds, considering the limited options to apply it like Executioner's Calling and Morellonomicon, isn't an acceptable answer to lifesteal. EC would be great, but the stats on it blow donkey nuts. I find it somewhat ironic that you call Riven broken because part of the underlying problem is that building lifesteal on her is extremely effective while getting a massive shield. She heals herself while not taking damage off her life bar. If you think Grievous Wounds solves everything then play Renekton with an EC and win every time. I will concede that, yes, lifesteal by itself is not the problem. (see Riven example above). You (Seven) are correct in saying that building CC is the answer...when you apply it in a specific scenario in your head ala "just CC the ADC and kill them." The problem with the current meta, and this I believe is hardly arguable, is that bruisers are really strong right now because of the new defense masteries. Most bruisers will build one lifesteal item, mostly a Ravenous Hydra. The thing about that though is that teams in general are all becoming tankier. In addition, Leona, Taric, and Thresh all became top tier support picks overnight. My point here is that ADCs, while weaker in a 1v1 matchup with bruisers, are enjoying much much more CC and peel in team fights with a team that knows what they're doing. This also means it's much harder to apply Grievous Wounds to them because it's harder to get to them and stick to them.
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