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  1. Hey guys, This is my first time using OC Remix to create a project, so just let me know if I'm doing something wrong or making mistakes or anything like that. Bear with me for just a little background info, thanks. My name's Jesiah and I'm a Hip Hop Artist who has been playing video games since 1994. I own my own recording studio and love writing to/rapping over songs from video games that have been turned into Hip Hop beats/instrumentals. I've rapped over lots of different beats, not just video game beats, but some of the best music period I've ever heard comes from video games, for me specifically usually games from the PS1/PS2 era, although I'm open to whatever. So I just kinda launched a Youtube channel/series called Jesiah's Journal, and a lot of the entries are songs rapped over video game beats. Jesiah's Journal is a project I plan to update once a week with a new song/video. In the meantime however, I've been getting ready to start working on my first Mixtape, which is gonna be more traditional Hip Hop. But then I remembered OC Remix, and I had the idea of, before my first traditional Hip Hop Mixtape, what if I made something really awesome for/with OC Remix. Because once I put out a Mixtape in the rap game, I probably won't have any time to do a project like this. At least not for a long time. So basically I guess I'm looking for someone or multiple people who would be interested in creating this with me? I at least figured I'd ask. If no one wants to, I'll be on my merry way lol. But If I could get a passionate person or again a group of people might even be better, to collaborate with and be committed enough to see the project through till the end, I definitely feel we can create something really awesome, unique, powerful, and beautiful...All while honoring the beauty that is video game music. I guess the main thing I would need is someone to make the beats, but I'm also open to creative input. For example, I'm not fully up to date with modern gaming, so let's say we decided to go in a direction where we want to make something that has a large impact and reaches a lot of people/gamers in idk what you'd call it, "modern gaming culture" I guess, I wouldn't fully know creatively where to start. Or maybe we end up deciding to do like a PS2 tribute album, or anything like that. I'm at least open to any and all ideas. Also, I'm still working on finding/perfecting my sound as an artist, and compared to my writing and rapping skills, my production could def still use some work. So maybe by collabing with someone on an official/professional project, by the end of it I will have learned a good amount of knowledge and overall improved my production skills or just musical skills in general. So if anyone is interested, just let me know in this thread and I guess we can go from there. Below are links to songs from my Youtube Journal series where I use video game beats, to give you an idea of my work/style/where I'm at musically as an artist. Just a disclaimer, I'm NOT posting these to advertise my channel lol...But how would you know if you want to work with me or what's possible if we collab'd without hearing my work obviously. Sanctuary - A piano rendition of a song from Avatar the Last Airbender...Not technically a video game song, but it kinda counts lol. Wind Scene - A song from Chrono Trigger, an SNES game, called Wind Scene...So I wrote a literal visual scene of wind. Waterworks - Dire Dire Docks from Mario 64. Blue's Promise - Hard to explain but I play Pokemon games as Blue, the original protagonist technically from Pokemon Blue...So I wrote a song from this persona but from my real life perspective. Simple and Clean - From Kingdom Hearts The Angel in my Storm - The song Enclosure from Metal Gear Solid...Just the song though, no drums added The Boy with Stars in His Eyes - The song Reminiscence from Chrono Cross This series is more of a personal, at times softer look at me as a person/artist...If anyone wants to hear me in a more traditional/modern Hip Hop form for whatever reason, I can send stuff through email once we get in contact. It's obviously not as necessary to hear as the links I posted above, but I do consider myself overall way more impressive in a lot of my other work and also more aggressive, which could be a style we use for the project. I truly believe we can create something amazing, and I'd love to be able to say I contributed to OC Remix. So yeah, thanks for taking the time to read all of this, and if anyone's interested I'll be here checking this thread. -Jesiah
  2. Well holy shit balls, Batman. It's that time once again! Time to start thinking about Christmas as the temps climb to 100ºF+ around the country and people wax nostalgic about when it was cold, while forgetting all the bitching they did regarding how cold it was. The snow, the ice, the wishing it was warm again... you know, the usual mid-January stuff. And it's in that spirit... sort of... that we take our first step in getting this year's project underway. SO! This project is open to any and all OCR members, regardless of whether you're a posted remixer or not. And now, the details... When's The Project Deadline?- December 20th, 2019 at 11:59 P.M. EST. This is now a REALLY hard, non-negotiable deadline, since it's very close to Christmas. We've had lots of last-minute entries and updates over the years and, to be perfectly honest, it shouldn't be that way. With months of time, having to hold off as long as possible for people made things pretty hectic for myself and Dyne in the past. Treating this project like a college paper that doesn't get worked on until the last minute got annoying rather quickly when it kept adding up to lots of hurrying year after year, with last second updates to artwork and retagging/reuploading things. As such, you have until one minute before midnight EST on December 20th to get me the final WAV or MP3 of your song. After that, you're shit outta luck until next year. I need time to do everything, including possibly making a little website to host this project if Dyne isn't online for one reason or another. So this deadline's set in stone... PERIOD. What Information Does The Coop Need?- When you send me your final versions, I'll need what name you want to use (real or remixer handle) and the name of your remix. Please, come up with something when you send me links to the file, rather than just giving me a file called "ff6-owa-v3f.mp3" and nothing else. You don't have to tell me what song you're remixing, but I do need a name. Plus, if you have a website you'd like to pimp, supply that as well and I can add it to the MP3 tags. What Can Be Remixed?- Any song, really. Traditional Christmas carols, video game music, published music by a signed artist, music from TV/cartoons/anime... whatever gets your heart racing and into that Christmas spirit. This isn't an official OCR album, so you can draw from more sources than just VGM. Plus, you can take a non-Christmas tune, like the Main Theme from Space Harrier, Stage 6 Mission 2 from Metal Head, or I Defend STM from Truxton II, and turn it into a Christmasy one. So know that it's not limited only to songs that are Christmas-like to begin with. All that said, do keep in mind that if you want to submit your song to OCR later, you'll need to keep this site's guidelines in the back of your mind. But for this album, you can take it in just about any direction you want and get as crazy as you'd like (but please, no "Silver Bells" done in farts or something). How Long Can My Song Be?- As long as you want it to be. There are no restrictions on this, so whether it's 1:30, or 9:51 with a five minute guitar solo ala Metallica, it's all good. But again, if you want to submit your song to OCR later, keep their guidelines in mind. What Genres Can I Remix In?- Again, the door's wide open here. Rap, Metal, Pop, Piano-solo, Orchestral, Jazz, 8/16-bit, Barber Shop Quartet, A capella, Death Polka... it's up to you where you want to take it. What Format Should I Submit My Song In?- WAV or an MP3 of at least 192KB/s quality. I'll be tagging the MP3s and making MP3s from any submitted wavs, so you don't have to worry about that. But, if you'd like your website to be in the MP3 comments section, be sure to give it to me when you submit your song. How About A Little Music To Get Us In The Mood?- To help everyone along, here's a YouTube list of Christmasy tunes made by Ocre a number of years ago... What's The Website's Address Again?- It's got a new home at... This album will still be downloaded there as well, as Dyne will continue to host the albums on his site. How Do We Contact This The Coop Person?- If you've got questions, comments, concerns, want feedback, or your track is done and ready to be sent to me, you can PM me here on OCR, or send me an E-mail at Just be sure you remember to include a link to your remix. So yeah, there you go. You've got over five months to get something done for the lovely people of OverClocked Remix and the billions of listeners around the world who've become followers of our project. Good luck, have fun and make everyone some Nice Work™! Artists involved thus far... The Coop (director, cover artist and remixer) Lampje4life (remixer) TheChargingRhino (remixer) PlanarianHugger (remixer)
  3. please note: you do not have to use the genres or styles I put in the examples. Story of Kings Project Proposal GAME NAME(S): Final Fantasy XV ALBUM CONCEPT:Different musical styles tell of the reigns Different Kings. How it works: pick a track, pick a monarch(2 tracks per monarch), pick a style.(some ideas: ancient, biblical, early, Medieval,Renaissance, Baroque, classical, Romantic, or modern example links below) Up to three different versions of each source is allowed PERSONNEL: GSO (Project Director), (Assistant Director), (Album Art / Website) TIMELINE: TBD TRACKLIST: Episode Ardyn: Ardyn Main Theme (Prayer of the Oracle) Angelgard battle Memories Besithia’s Lab Besithia’s Lab(Battle) My Calling Declaration Niflheim rises Founders Festival Insomnia Guardian Boss King Regis Somnus - The final battle Brother Resist your fate Ardyn’s Madness Ardyn's rest Final Fantasy XV: Disc 1 1 Somnus (Instrumental Version) 2 Departure 3 Broken Down 4 Hammerhead 5 Wanderlust 6 Encroaching Fear 7 Stand Your Ground 8 Relax and Reflect 9 Day’s End Fanfare 10 Horizon 11 Safe Haven 12 Lurking Danger 13 Hunt or Be Hunted 14 Cindy 15 Urban Chrome 16 A Quick Pit Stop 17 Love Lost 18 Galdin Quay 19 Ardyn 20 The Aggressors 21 Nox Aeterna 22 The Hunters 23 What Lies Within 24 Daemons 25 Bros on the Road 26 Fantastica! Disc 2 1 The Niflheim Empire 2 Veiled in Black 3 Valse Di Fantastica 4 Crystalline Chill 5 What a Hoot 6 Blues De Chocobo 7 Reel Rumble 8 The Fight Is On! 9 Lestallum 10 Welcome to the Leville 11 Unsettling Aura 12 Don’t Panic! 13 Apocalypsis Noctis 14 Cosmogony 15 Melancholia 16 A Premonition 17 Nox Divina 18 Labyrinthine 19 Flying R 20 Imperial Infiltration 21 Veiled in Black (Arrangement) 22 Invidia 23 Sorrow Without Solace Disc 3 1 Sunset Waltz 2 Disquiet 3 Omnis Lacrima 4 Rodeo De Chocobo 5 Listen Up 6 Creeping Shadows 7 Impending Peril 8 Up for the Challenge 9 Cape Caem 10 Cape Caem – Our New Home 11 Cape Caem – Hidden Harbor 12 Bros on the Road II 13 Noctis 14 Over the Waves 15 Altissia 16 Altissia – Gondola Ride 17 Welcome to the Royal Suite 18 Starlit Waltz 19 Prayer De Luna 20 No Time Left 21 Song of the Stars 22 The Hydraean’s Wrath 23 Ardyn II 24 Luna 25 Apocalypsis Aquarius Disc 4 1 Broken Bonds 2 Dining Car 3 Cartanica 4 Relax and Reflect – Pensive 5 Careening into Danger 6 Tenebrae 7 Horrors of the Night 8 End of the Road 9 An Empire in Ruins 10 Ravus Aeterna 11 In the Light of the Crystal 12 A World Unwaking 13 Neverending Nightmare 14 Homecoming 15 Hammerhead – The Last Bastion 16 Somnus 17 Hellfire 18 Magna Insomnia 19 Dawn 20 Somnus Ultima 21 Dewdrops at Dawn 22 Main Theme from Final Fantasy Final Fantasy XV Volume 2: Tracklisting 1. Shield of the King – Theme of EPISODE GLADIOLUS 2. Steeling My Resolve 3. Taelpar Crag 4. The Spirits Converge 5. The Trials of the Shield 6. Battle on the Big Bridge (EPISODE GLADIOLUS Version) 7. Of Muscle and Mettle 8. Scar on My Pride 9. A Frozen Soul 10. Prompto’s Solitude 11. Beckoned by Darkness 12. Orbital Instability (Extended Mix) 13. Trigger 14. Coffee and Contemplation 15. Where None Dare Tread 16. Helix of Insanity 17. Lost in the Snow 18. The Fire Within 19. Identity 20. Moving Forward 21. Sound of My Heart 22. Face the Music 23. In a Trance 24. Crazy Motorsleigh 25. Orbital Instability 26. Aberrant Experiment 27. Sins of the Father 28. My Life to Live 29. Home Sweet Home – Theme of EPISODE PROMPTO 30. Descent into Darkness 31. Choosing Hope – City of Light 32. Hunters’ Haven 33. Hunting for a Thrill 34. On the Defensive 35. Urgent Mission 36. The Clock Is Ticking 37. A Daunting Challenge 38. COMRADES Fanfare 39. Cheers! 40. Let There Be Light 41. Lodes of Fun 42. Rise and Shine 43. A Clash of Swords 44. The Wrath of Swords 45. Choosing Hope 46. NOCTIS – Those Who Follow 47. EPISODE IGNIS – The Main Theme 48. Stress in Solitude 49. Spelldaggers 50. Altissia Under Siege 51. Rest Up, Ignis 52. The Bladed Tactician 53. Clash on the Waves 54. A United Front 55. To Each Their Calling 56. A Tear-Stained Sword 57. Theme of RAVUS 58. Forbidden Flames 59. The Blazing Tactician 60. Badge of Honor 61. A Lightless Journey 62. Ardyn III 63. As Friend and Brother 64. Become the Fire 65. Captive in Cobalt 66. Ashes to Ashes 67. Wicked Laughter 68. My Humblest Desire 69. Apocalypsis Magnatus 70. Over the Waves – At Anchor 71. Bismarck, God of the Sea 72. Dirt Track Trials 73. Return of the King 74. A Warm Welcome 75. Insomnia Ablaze 76. Veiled in Black (Insomnia Arrangement) 77. Omega 78. Omega – Limit Break 79. Cerberus 80. Advent of the Apocalypse 81. Es it foron! – A Prayer 82. Encelevenemus – Kingly Compassion 83. The Founder King’s Hope 84. Moonlit Melodies 1. What’s the Plan? 2. Raid on Gralea 3. Daemons – Heart of Evil 4. Daemons – Eternal Darkness 5. FINAL FANTASY XV – World of Wonder 6. Braver 7. Easy Rider 8. Gone 9. EZ Dub & Bass 10. Gliding Along 11. Arroyo Bello 12. Afrosword 13. Party Around the World 14. Ravus’s Last Moments 15. War of the Astrals 16. Shiva’s Wish 17. True Love 18. I Promise 19. Moogle Chocobo Carnival! 20. Carnival of Lights 21. Fireworks Finale 22. Vision of the Dawn 23. Your Friendly Neighborhood Assassin 24. Assassin’s Festival 25. Time Well Spent 26. The Hunt 27. Man on a Mission 28. Everything Is Permitted 29. Festival de Chocobo 30. The Murky Depths 31. Trident 32. A Convergence of Winds 33. Welcome Home 34. Eosian Glory 35. Reel Rumble – MONSTER of the DEEP 36. Reel Rumble – WHOPPER of the DEEP 37. Go for the Gold! 38. In Search of Adventure 39. Reel Rumble – DAEMON of the DEEP 40. Into the Abyss 41. Trident – The Ancient Scourge 42. A Narrow Escape 43. Welcome Home – Journey’s End REMIXERS: More info in the PDFA Story of Kings_ a tribute to Final Fantasy XV.pdf Legend open claimed complete wav'd
  4. It's time for BadAss to return! David L. Puga and I return to direct BadAss: Paragons and Renegades (title may change). But this isn't your "regular" BadAss; this time the heroes get the spotlight! From the grittiest anti-heroes to the most determined heroes, it's time for the protagonists to show us what they've got! The album itself will have genre restrictions like previous BadAss albums, but with a twist: there's one 'Paragons' disc (mainly directed by me) and one 'Renegades' disc (mainly directed by David), each with a different genre. So let's see who wins while still being a BadAss doing it! The Paragon disc is about adventure, determination and courage. Think of the Chrono Trigger theme, "Flameheart"by Two Steps From Hell (, and the 'X-Training' theme from X-Men First Class ( but it is certainly not limited by orchestral. Rock themes like the 80s/90s cartoons and shows (Biker Mice from Mars, Power Rangers or Airwolf) are also good examples and electronic music is certainly appreciated as well! Base line: getting you pumped up and ready for adventure! Make sure to send me an example of the vibe you're going for to check if it fits the album! The Renegade disc is more "regular" BadAss style, especially BadAss II. In other words, not the big epic or symphonic rock from BadAss 3 (which is perhaps better suited for the Paragon disc), but raw and gritty is the name of the game and rock and dark electronic music will be the go-to style here. We want to show the world that protagonists can be at least as BadAss as the bosses, so let their inner darkness out on this side of the album! For references (and awesome music), check out BadAss 2. Be sure to check in with David if you want to make a mix for this disc! More details will follow, but we're aiming for about 20 tracks (balanced between the discs) and we want to complete this in about a year (BadAss 3 took 14 months to be sent to eval, so let's see if we can do it in 12 this time around!). And suffice to say, only (anti-)hero themes are eligible this time around! Are you going to be part of the next BadAss album? Let's see if you've got what it takes! Staff: Pavos - director (mainly Paragon) David L. Puga (The Joker) - director (mainly Renegade) timaeus222 - assistant director Chernabogue - assistant director Tracklist (15): Light red (pink) / Light blue: WIP Red / Blue: Substantial WIP (arrangement ~90% complete) Dark red / Dark Blue: Finished but umastered Bold and Dark: BadAss Paragon (6): David L. Puga feat. Mak Eightman: And Hell Followed Him (Death - Darksiders II) HoBoKa feat. Mak Eightman: Simon Belmont (Super Castlevania IV) - update required 16-11-2019 pu_freak: Ezio (Assassins Creed II) - update required 28-10-2019 Sam Dillard: Crono (Chrono Trigger) - update required 10-10-2019 RebeccaETripp: Cecil (Final Fantasy IV) - update required 04-12-2019 MkVaff: Fi (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) - update required 18-11-2019 Renegade (9): heymagurany: Madeline (Celeste) - update required 21-10-2019 Garpocalypse: Toejam (Toejam N Earl) - update required 01-11-2019 Mak Eightman: Firebrand (Gargoyle's Quest) - update required 02-11-2019 Gunderslam: Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher III) - update required 16-10-2019 Steele: Nero (Devil May Cry 5) - update required 30-09-2019 bLiNd: Duke Nukem (Duke Nukem 3D - update required 19-08-2019 fxsnowy: Auron (Final Fantasy X) - update required 30-09-2019 SkyRiderX: Garrus (Mass effect) - update required 06-11-2019 Clem: Caleb (Blood) - update required 29-10-2019 -FAQ: What tracks can I pick as a source? Tracks that are indicative of a hero/protagonist (we've added a list of suggestions below). Please discuss your source with the project staff! Are all genres allowed? No, please look at the info above which genres are allowed. In short, the Paragon disc allows heroic and adventurous genres while the Renegades disc allows raw and gritty genres. What is the project deadline? It's not yet set in stone, but expect the WIP cut-off date (only finished arrangements WIPs allowed after that point) around September and the final cut-off date at the end of the year. What are the WIP deadlines? Everybody has their own deadlines. We expect an update every month (established mixers get two months). If you miss one without a good reason, you're off the official project tracklist. You can get back on it if you send a new version of course, but we won't delay the release of the album if we don't hear from you. How can I claim a track? Send us a WIP (through Dropbox or Google Drive for instance, but always in a PM) and if we like it, you're in! Just be sure to send us updates every month, otherwise someone else will be able to take your source. Do you have private project forums? Yes we do, you'll get invited if we approve of your first WIP. What quality are you going for? OCR quality - not only do we need to pass eval, but BadAss 3 had 60% (12 of the 20 tracks) approved for the front page. So let's see if we can do even better! In any case, expect a high bar and a lot of feedback from us. Do you have some examples of (Anti)hero themes? We sure do! Here's a helpful list of examples: Hero: Mario - Super Mario Theme Luigi - Dark Hallways Samus Aran - Super Metroid Theme Princess Zelda/Sheik - Zelda’s Lullaby, Sheik's Theme Turok - Turok 2 River of Souls, Turok 3 Menu Theme Snake - Old Snake Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong Country Theme, DK Rap Master Chief - Halo theme Jade - Ballad of Hyllis Shepard - Suicide Run, An End Once and for All Ryu - Ryus Theme Sonic - Sonic 3 Intro , It Doesn't Matter Earthworm Jim - Earthworm Jim Theme Frog - Frog's Theme Anti-hero: Dante - Lock and Load Jackie Estacado - The Darkness Overture Max Payne - Max Payne Theme Big Boss - Big Boss Returns Conker - Windy & Co. Wander - Revived Power Lara Croft - Tomb Raider Theme Wario - Wario Land Theme Zero - Zero Theme Meta Knight - Meta Knight's Theme Marcus Fenix - Gears Theme Knuckles - Knuckles Theme Venom - Maximum Carnage Theme, Separation Anxiety Theme
  5. Jet Set Radio is a masterpiece of a game, really Everything about it is exceptionally unique - the gameplay, the artstyle, the overall atmosphere, and, of course, the music. But what makes me sad is that there are only a few JSR remixes I could find. This game's soundtrack deserves much more representation in the remixing community. Now, I realize that some of the songs may be a bit difficult to remix given their groove-based and vocal samples driven nature, but I still believe that a remix album is possible, even not a very big one. I'm curious if anyone else is interested, because if I can find some people willing to join this, then I am willing to direct the project OST:
  6. Mizar Attacks! - A Jet Force Gemini Album Project Concept One of the last great Rare games on the Nintendo 64. Long after they had made their mark with the phenomenal Donkey Kong Country series, but before they parted ways with Nintendo back in the late 1990s, Rare dropped us a rare gem of a third person shooter in the form of Jet Force Gemini. It was a fantastic mesh of slapstick humor with a dash of surprising violence and dark themes. Aimed solely at the teen exploratory collect-a-thon shooter demographic, this was a underrated game that went completely under the radar as many game companies jumped ship from the Nintendo 64 to other platforms like the Playstation. While the game may not have aged as well by current gaming standards, the soundtrack is as robust and bombastic as ever. Channeling great scores like Star Wars and other epic space franchises, this is one soundtrack I want to see redone. I want it to be a transporting experience and to that end, like Memories of the Chozo, OCR's first album, the compiled tracks will be mixed so that one flows smoothly into the next via arrangement and/or sound effects to form a cohesive listening experience from beginning to end. Come join the fight and take arms against the bug menace as we arrange a forgotten gem, Jet Force Gemini! Original Soundtrack Composters: Robin Beanland, Graeme Norgate, Alistair Lindsay ---- Project Director: @Darkflamewolf (Director of Arcadia Legends) Art Director: Sound Designer/Masterer: @Rotten Eggplant Web Designer: Remixers: @djpretzel , @Rotten Eggplant , @Deedubs , @Sam Dillard , @bLiNd , @GlacialSpoon , @PirateCrab , @MkVaff, @aluminum, @Gario, @Glejs, @HeavenWraith Performers (Primary instrument underlined): Finished WAV Evaluators (for OCR album quality purposes): ---- - Claiming All remixers wishing to claim a track should PM me and/or post in the thread. My goal is to use Discord from here on out to coordinate and keep in touch with remixers/contributors. So by claiming, you also agree to hop aboard the JFG Discord server I'll be creating specifically for this album. It'll be used as a professional meeting place. - Genre Guidelines No guidelines! Do what you feel is best to represent the track you claimed! Just be aware we will be merging beginning and endings of most tracks to flow smoothly into each other. Collaborations are highly encouraged! Also, the intent is for this to be an official OCR album, so remixes must meet the appropriate standards. - Deadlines Deadlines will be based on the date which a given track is claimed, but can be modified as needed. The starting point will be: -Initial WIP (something that shows you have started): 1 month after claim -Significant WIP (solid remix concept and progress toward completing it): 2 months after claim -Finished Arrangement (only mixing and/or recording remains): 5 months after claim -Finished Unmastered WAV (complete): 7 months after claim Missing a deadline without communicating with the project director (for a month or more) could result in your claim being dropped! That said, life happens and I believe we all want this project to succeed, so please stay in touch! We can work things out! I'll still be reaching out to everyone every 2 weeks anyway just to check in - probably at the start of each month and midway through on the 15th. Coordinating through the JFG Discord server ---- The Track List Track Claim & WIP Status (19 total) Red - Unclaimed Track - 4 Orange - Claimed Track, no WIP yet - 5 Purple - Initial WIP submitted - 2 Blue - Significant WIP submitted - 4 Green - Finished Unmastered Arrangement submitted - 4 Bold Green - Finished and Mastered Track - 0 Core Track List (Final order will be determined after all finished Unmastered WAVs are submitted) ** - indicates a track that I really want to be on the album, otherwise I could take it or leave it. 1. Title Theme/Main Titles - Claimed by @HeavenWraith 2. Character Theme/Select - Claimed by @Rotten Eggplant ** 3. Goldwood Forest - Claimed by @bLiNd ** 4. SS Anubis - Claimed by @bLiNd ** 5. Tawfret - Claimed by @bLiNd ** 6. Battle Cruiser Sekhmet - Claimed by @Glejs ** 7. Cerulean - Claimed by @Gario ** 8. Ichor ~ Military Base - Claimed by @Deedubs ** 9. Spawnship - Claimed by @GlacialSpoon ** 10. Rith Essa - Claimed by @MkVaff ** 11. Eschebone - Claimed by @Deedubs ** 12. Mizar's Palace - Claimed by @aluminum ** 13. Asteroid - Claimed by @djpretzel ** 14. Water Ruins - Claimed by @Sam Dillard 15. Flume - Unclaimed 16. Abandoned Spacestation/Wreck - Unclaimed 17. Floyd Missions/Race - Unclaimed ** 18. Boss Battle - Claimed by @PirateCrab 19. Awards Ceremony - Unclaimed So although 19 tracks that I would like to see get into the album, only 13 are my personal 'must-haves' to be on the actual album - ones that encompass the 'core' planets and locations you visit in the game. I'd like to fill those in first. The goal is to fit it all on one disc this time. Any extra tracks inbetween like Landing Sequence/Rare Start Logo will be used/remixed by the Sound Designer/Masterer to link tracks together alongside sound effects. ---- Misc. Questions: - How much of my track will be edited to make the cohesive experience? Honestly, not all that much. The track will be mastered separately as its own track and then depending on how it ends and the subsequent track begins, a decision will be made how to mesh the two together to form a seamless transition. Your core track will be unchanged and will still be 100% your inspiration. - What about physical editions? Like before with Arcadia Legends, I do 'plan' on making physical copies as well at the end of it and it should be cheaper too if we're going the 1-disc route. However, it is far too early in the process to be deciding that, just be aware it is on my radar to do and give back to the contributors of this album. Thanks for all your interest and although I'd like to get this done by October 11, 2019 to make the 20th anniversary, I won't be bending over backwards to make it. There is always the 21st anniversary next year! Let's make this next underrated gem soundtrack a success like Arcadia Legends!
  7. I need a midi transcription to work with: is there anyone here that can do that? baroque orchestra instrumentation: Woodwinds 2 Flutes 2 Oboes 2 Bassoons Brass 2 Natural horns 2 Natural trumpets Harpsichord Pipe organ 1 archlute Strings 4 Violin I 4 Violin II 3 Viola 2 Violoncello 1 Double bass orchestra tuning A= 415
  8. i'm looking for people with a background in both classical and video game music(Final Fantasy mostly) to be part of a youtube documentary I wanna make for my Patreon: PM/email me if interested for more details: People I would like to get: @XPRTNovice no @sphexic @Jillian Aversa Jeremy Robson Derek Oren @Chad Seiter @Rexy no @BogusRed got @djpretzel site founder Jake Kaufman Tommy Pedrini And of course(tossing wishes at unicorns here): Nobuo Uematsu these people worked on ff15 Yoko Shimomura Yasunori Mitsuda ep ignis Taku Iwasaki ep. ardyn(who else teared up at the main menu theme?)
  9. Hello guys, i'm organizing a tribute album to Motoi Sakuraba's work on Valkyrie Profile 1 & 2 for the Pixel Mixers community. We're looking for some more participants who can nail those proggy/fusion tracks from VP1, or those ethereal/medieval ones from VP2 The deadline for the tracks is the 30th of September, + some extra days if your mix need some adjustments. As you can see on this sheet we already have a bunch of people on it, but there are so many great tracks still left that a few more people would be great! => For the rules, they are kinda basic, you can find them on the 2nd page of the sheet above, but to sum up: - Your songs must be 2 minutes long minimum - Songs must be sent as .wav, UNMASTERED with the peak at -6Db - You can have as many guests on your song as you want - You can be as creative as you want with your arrangement as long as the original song is still clearly recognizable. etc etc. If you do not know those OSTs i made a little playlist with some of the tracks i like: If you are curious about our 20-ish previous projects you can find them all there: If you have questions or if you want to join this project, do not hesitate to reply in the comments or you can DM me on Discord at Hashel#2987, i'm on OCR's server so i should be easy to find =) Thanks for reading!
  10. To quote DarkeSword's original pitch for the album: Here are a couple of YouTube playlists with examples of entrances and theme songs. Also here are some sample diva theme songs for female wrestlers. You may notice that the presentation isn't just a song and a walk-on when the wrestler is introduced at an event. There's usually an introduction of some kind: sometimes a different piece of music, sometimes some kind of cheesy action sequence, sometimes just commentator banter. So we'll be making two different versions of this album: One "clean" version with just the wrestler themes, and one "event" version with all that extra stuff. This means that if you want to compose a short intro remix (30-90 seconds) to go with your main mix, that's an option--and an interesting chance to work with a very short source and a total lack of transition. Director: MindWanderer Co-Director: Chernabogue Check-In Dates: July 31, 2016 Nov. 20, 2016 April 15, 2017 July 15, 2017 Sept. 30, 2017 March 31, 2018 ReMixers First, we need ReMixers! Specifically, we need remixers who can produce songs that would work as wrestler intros. There's a fairly wide range of potential genres, but they're all loud, powerful, energetic, and epic. The playlists linked above are non-exhaustive examples you can use as a starting point. Tracklist Ultimately, I'd like to have an equal number of "faces" (heroes) and "heels" (villains and monsters). Some monsters come in pairs (The Creature and Igor, the Mummies), and if we use any of them, each one should have a corresponding tag team of heroes; this can either be a mashup of two character themes, or a single theme that covers two characters (e.g. John Morris and Eric Lecarde of Castlevania Bloodlines). Villain/monster mashups are also possible, counting as a tag team. Same thing goes for female characters: each female hero should be paired with a female villain. We can work all that when it gets close to the end, though. Here's my wish list of wrestlers, along with suggestions as to theme music. The specific music source for each isn't necessarily set in stone, but it's my opinion as to what the most appropriate choice for them would be. If you'd like to go in a different direction, I'd love to hear it! Must Have: Theme Song of CastleMania: Vampire Killer (Wrestlemania Theme Songs Reference) Simon Belmont: Theme of Simon Belmont Alucard: Dracula's Castle and/or The Tragic Prince - @mikedm92 Dracula: Dance of Illusions - @Chernabogue Death: Evil's Symphonic Poem (optionally: Heart of Fire) Other Suggestions: Closing Song/Second Theme Song: I Am the Wind (Vocals required) Heels, Male/Neuter: The Creature: Den of Worship, Rising, and/or Demon Seed (or The Creature and Igor: Walking on the Edge) - @DarkEco Golem: The Tower of Dolls or Stone King Golem Doppelganger: Riddle or Resonance of Malevolent Souls Galamoth: Galamoth's Realm, Robot Factory, or Curse Zone (Additional option: Crucial Moment) Olrox: Death Ballad and/or Dance of Pales Isaac: Young Nobleman of Madness Joachim Armster: Melancholy Joachim Walter Bernhard: Dark Night Toccata Brauner: Esquisse of Violence Albus: Sorrow's Distortion Heels, Female: Medusa: Cross Your Heart a.k.a. Crucifix Held Close (optionally: Stalker) Carmilla: Bloody Tears, Monster Dance, Dwelling of Doom, Repose of Souls, and/or Carmilla Elizabeth Bartley: Calling from Heaven Celia Fortner: Evil Invitation - @Ophanin Faces, Male: Trevor Belmont: Beginning - Moiré Effect (@SuprMelO and @bluumonk) Grant Danasty: Clockwork - @DarkEco Christopher Belmont: Battle of the Holy Richter Belmont: Divine Bloodlines Eric Lecarde: Iron-Blue Intention Nathan Graves: Awake - @Hypetreme Leon Belmont: Lament of Innocence Hector: The Curse of Darkness Soma Cruz: Castle Corridor Julius Belmont: Don't Wait Until Night a.k.a. Can't Wait Until the Night Jonathan Morris: Invitation of a Crazed Moon John Morris: Reincarnated Soul Faces, Female: Sypha Belnades: Mad Forest: @GCJ Maria Renard: Slash Charlotte Aulin: The Hidden Curse Shanoa: An Empty Tome (alternate version): @ibeginwiththeendinmind Tag Teams: The Mummy Men: Wicked Child (or Akmodan II: In Search of the Secret Spell) Stella and Loretta Lecarde: Dance of Sadness Or any combination of two related heels or faces from the above Legend: Available Claimed Early WIP Substantial WIP Complete draft Final WAV So far we have a lot of rock/metal represented, and I'm not sure how many of those will include vocals (highly recommended), and just one confirmed rap. I'd also really like at least one Mexican-inspired remix (making one wrestler a luchador), one orchestral remix, and at least one explicit tribute to Xavier Woods (which includes funk, rap, and even EDM). Female wrestlers' themes are typified by female vocalists, either rap or heavily autotuned. More rap would also be great. Posted or accepted-to-be-posted remixers can just make a claim and dive right in. Anyone else, I'll need an audition of your most best, most appropriate work for the style we're looking for. Collaboration Resource List Anyone interested in collaborating, let me know what you want to do and I'll put you on the list. Electric guitarists and vocalists are especially needed. Electric Guitar: @HeavenWraith, @Tuberz McGee, @Cyril the Wolf, @Laarx Acoustic Guitar: @Cyril the Wolf, @Laarx Vocals (male): @Cyril the Wolf Vocals (rap): Wanted Voice Actors For the "event" version of the album, we'll need some voice actors. At the very least, we'll need 3: an announcer and two commentators. The wrestlers can, optionally, have monologues during their own songs, or dialogues with their opponents. We'll recruit for these when all music is at least at the substantial WIP stage Mastering Kind of goes without saying, but not without doing. Somewhat more involved in this than in most albums, since this person will be responsible for layering on the voiceovers and any audience effects. Art In addition to front and back cover art, I'd really like to have character art of each of the wrestlers. My personal vision is that none of the wrestlers actually be monsters, just actors dressed up like them, or even just vaguely related to them thematically. Real pro wrestling has wrestlers like "The Rock," "The Snake," and even "Boogeyman," so having monster names seems perfectly appropriate.
  11. Stevo Hijack: Listed here is information regarding all albums/projects actively recruiting members. It includes albums/projects that have attained OCR-official status, as well as those which have not. Please keep in mind the guidelines for project acceptance by OCR, found here: Project Guidelines And please, folks. Don't hesitate to submit for official OCR approval once you feel like you've gotten your project to a point where you can demonstrate the quality of the album and can basically assure completion of the project. Theory of N Hijack: I'll be keeping this list up to date from here on out. This is a lot of information to keep in order so if you see something inaccurate, I apologize. Feel free to post in this thread or shoot me a pm and we'll get things worked out! Approved /// Active Shonen Remix Jump! Project Directors: Cosmic Sounds, SkyRiderX, Tuberz McGee Status: In evaluation! Lufia II: Of Gods and Men Project Directors: Gario, Theory of N Status: Final deadline 6/21/19 Paths Less Traveled Vol.1: Terranigma Project Directors: Jorito, Trism Status: Some tracks still available Approved /// Inactive Banjo-Kazooie Status: Private (Closed to the Public) Dirge for the Follin Project Director: Liontamer Status: Private (Closed to the Public) Dragon Warrior: Children of Erdick Project Director: TBD Status: On hold until further notice Final Fantasy VIII: Collision Course Project Director: OCR Staff Status: Resuming in 2019 Flat Notes: A Paper Mario ReMix Album Status: Private (Closed to the Public) Fire Emblem Project Director: Coaltergeist Status: Awaiting updated information Plants vs Zombies: Lawn Party Status: Looking for director Streets of Rage Project Director: Garpocalypse Status: Looking for Co-director A Tribute to the SNES Project Director: Wiesty Status: Private (Closed to the Public) Ys series: MelodYs and HarmonYs Project Director: preta Status: Awaiting updated information Pending Approval - Coming Soon -
  12. Greetings to all fans of video game music, composers and game developers! We have started a VGM collaboration called RMN Music Pack 2 over at, our goal being to create an extensive album of video game music for everyone to listen to and to use in their game projects and other media for free. RMN Music Pack 2 will be a continuation to its predecessor, the first RMN Music Pack, and this time we're looking to produce a sequel that not only follows a similar concept, but also raises the bar - as all great sequels should. RMN Music Pack project is run within a community that revolves mainly around creating RPGs, so the music of the album is primarily intended to fit this game genre as well. Some songs may be usable in wider variety of instances, but a lot of the music of our album is still intended to be melodic, loop-able themes, fitting for JRPG type of games. If you're either a composer or a consumer of this type of music, you should definitely check out our event page over here for further details. There are some participation rewards involved, but our main intent is to collaborate to create a solid album of melodic video game music for everyone to enjoy and use for free. Our first album has enjoyed some success, garnering over 20,000 downloads, and it has been utilized in numerous projects of hobbyist, or aspiring game developers. RMN Music Pack 2 album is aimed to be completed within a time-scope of 3 to 4 months, depending on how many entrants and submissions we get. After the event is over the album will be released for free of charge, under creative commons license. We will have some criteria and a validation for submitted entries, but our goal is to keep an open channel for communication and feedback, and collaborate and help each other out to achieve the best possible results. You can find the first RMN Music pack over here, to see reference for minimum standards, though we also want to bring up the quality with this sequel. If you have any questions that you didn't find an answer to on our event page, leave a message and I'll answer them here! If this sounded at all like your cup of tea then I hope to see you around in our event!
  13. Howdy, OCR forums. I'm directing a project for OverClocked Records that is similar to OCR's Super Cartography Bros album, in that it's working with short, recognizable themes and turning them into EDM tracks. I need someone who thinks they have the killer studio chops to take a short theme and turn it into an EDM (house, dubstep, future bass, riddim, etc.) banger. What's more, you need to be able to pull this off in the span of a few weeks. If you think you're up to it, send me a sample of your work, and let's talk! There is no payment up front, but this will be a commercially-released album with royalty payments.
  14. on Discord: here are some examples of potential projects in the style of: Dancing mad: in the style of: & Halo theme: In the style of: because OCR as a whole might appreciate this...World of Destruction For Piano Trio~ Unus autem motus_ Mutationes Diabolicus.mp3
  15. I need people (if interested)for: sheet music transcription(Sibelius or notion) 2nd orchestration specialist mixing and mastering *I might need live instruments later. keep ya posted. *MIDI FILE ATTACHED E3 trailer: Ballad_of_the_Wind_Fish.mid
  16. For Chrono's Concert Paraphrase: ...I need somebody to help with the transitions
  17. Hello guys! I'm Hashel the founder and album organizer for the Pixel Mixers community! We are now working on what should be our 23rd or 24th album (depending on how fast we work on stuff), a tribute to Final Fantasy IX. (Current list of our albums so far => We do free stuff (so not licensed) and we already have someone for the art (Leo Mind Waker) and mastering (Ro Panuganti). The goal would be to have at least one cover/remix by song from the original OST (songs from the OST+ are allowed but would end on a "bonus disc") but for that we'd need a bit of help Here is the sheet, with tracklist on page 1 and rules on page 2, as you can see we got most of the songs claimed already (you may recognize some names from OCR and other communities) => The general rules are: - Deadline: 31st of March (few more days will be allowed to let ppl polish their mix if needed, but we MUST release it in end of April / start of May) - Songs must be 2 minutes long minimum (exception for the very short songs, like the sleeping jingle) - Any music style is welcome, live recording or programmed VSTs. Just do not use anything from the game itself please - You can go crazy creative with the arrangements as long as the original is still "easily" recognizable. - Songs must be sent unmastered and with the speak set around -6db Once all the songs from the main OST (you still can claim songs from the OST+ if the remaining songs from main OST do not inspire you and that duplicates are not allowed yet) is the will be claimed, we'll allow duplicates for ppl who are not already on the album and ppl who finished their 1st track (3 track maximum as main arranger but you an be a guest on as many tracks you want) If you want to have an idea of what we do, here is the trailer of the FFVI album we did last year: Okay so i hope i haven't forgot too many things, if you have any kind of questions, feel free to ask me, if you want to claim a song just tell me in here or private =) Hope to see some of you making cool tracks Thanks!
  18. --STAFF – Project Creator: Thomas Neil Project Director: The Nikanoru Co-Director: TBA Assistant Director: TBA Visual Artists: Geo-Dragon, Etzaen, Mike Ramanauskas Web Design: Starphoenix Project Email: ------- Current Remixers: The Nikanoru, DS394, TheChargingRhino, classic_gamer_76, Jay Thomas, Slimy, Trev, bLiNd, Starphoenix, CrimsonCobalt, Thirdkoopa, JulienMulard, Etzaen, Siolfor the Jackal, Pichu's Dad, Your_Face, XPRTNovice, YoshiBlade, Deedubs, CmacProductions, GCJ, Smittenden, Afilion Current Performers for Collaboration: The Nikanoru - male vocals, acoustic guitar DS394 - basso profundo (male vocals), piano, bassoon classic_gamer_76 - synthesizer Theory of N - alto / tenor saxophone Trev - violin Pichu's Dad - vocal, acoustic / electric guitar, banjo, clarinet, bass (electric), harmonica, alto / tenor saxophone M_Blacki - electric guitar / bass, synthesizer, drum sequencing JohnStacy - (French) Horn TSori - trumpet Audio Support / Sound Design: Jorito Your_Face ad.mixx Afilion Mastering Support TBA Quick Reference for project status or source track research: Project Overview --WHAT WE NEED— We are looking for the following support (thanks to Odai for swiping this idea from the Ocarina of Time project and thanks to Theophany for the original idea): *A Co-Director to assist me in the qualification and review of the music and audio for this project. I need someone with past experience on working with OCR and with the final production of a project, as I have only limited experience in this area. *POSITION FILLED* *Arrangers/Remixers to conceptualize and complete remixes. This is where the bulk of the work will be. Brand new or experienced veteran, anybody who would like to take part is welcome. Voice Actors to bring life to the characters in our audio narratives. If you think your voice would be perfect for one of the available roles, drop us a PM or email! Performers who are experienced with any type of instrument and have a high-quality recording setup. Sometimes live is better, so anyone willing to lend a hand to a fellow musician short an instrument or skill would be appreciated. Sound Designers/Audio Support interested in mixing and sound design for the project. Ideally, we would like folks who are willing to provide support and/or collaboration with Remixers who are new or inexperienced at mixing. Mastering Support for bringing the final WAVs into coherency and giving the final touches to tracks before final submission. I have no experience mastering and so I'm asking for someone(s) who is(are) willing to dedicate a little time (okay, a lot of time) to help us get the album through one of the final hurdles. *POSITION FILLED* Anyone who is interested in helping in any one of these areas, please let me know. --ALBUM CONCEPT— First, a special 4-Arwing salute goes to Thomas Neil, who originally came up with the idea of building a Star Fox album in time for Star Fox’s 25th anniversary. He would have been the director for this project, but life became more complicated for him, so he was unable to give the project the commitment he thought it deserved. I thought it would be a shame if this one-only timing for the album fell apart, so I volunteered to bring his idea to light. I have always believed that Star Fox is the flight simulator for everyone who doesn’t like flight simulators. I remember playing the first game, years ago, and being fascinated with the SUPER HIGH TECH 3D POLYGON GRAPHICS, the ‘smooth’ play control, and the choice of different routes to take to reach the final goal, depending on the difficulty chosen. I’ve played other flight simulators, but none have given me the same thrill as Star Fox. Seven games and almost 25 years later, Star Fox has become a respected Nintendo franchise. We had a goal to put together a two disc set of 14-17 songs per disc, featuring a showcase of what we would hear flying around as Fox McCloud. Due to my own life complications, this project timeline was extended past the point where we could release it before Star Fox's actual 25th anniversary of release; now, instead of simply a tribute, we are focusing on the concept of the narratives and music: To celebrate the Star Fox series, we are putting together a tour of the Lylat System from Corneria to Venom to give this Solar System a little bit of the Star Fox experience, All tracks from all games are open and there are no genre restrictions. The deal for the album concept is one track per area on a course between Corneria and Venom. One exception to this is tracks from Star Fox Adventures. A maximum two tracks can be claimed from this game, as I don’t want the listener to spend too much time on Sauria; that being said, if we get more, we may accept them as bonus tracks. --AUDIO TRACKS-- To add a little spice to our journey through the Lylat System, we have put together a series of audio tracks throughout the album to guide our listeners a little closer to the Star Fox experience. We are gathering talented voice actors to play the main characters from Star Fox as they fly through the Lylat System, growing closer to the final goal of reaching Venom to battle Andross. If you're interested in voicing a character, let us know! Audio Project Team The Nikanoru classic_gamer_76 TheChargingRhino YoshiBlade Cast List Fox McCloud: (TBA) Falco Lombardi: Slippy Toad: Purple Perpetrator Peppy Hare: Krystal: TheChargingRhino General Pepper: The Nikanoru Wolf O'Donnell: classic_gamer_76 Leon Pawolski: Pigma Dengar: Andrew Oikonny: Andross: The Nikanoru --CURRENT TRACKLIST-- Red = track claimed, no WIP (0% overall) Purple = draft WIP submitted (1%-49% overall) Orange = substantial WIP submitted (full arrangement, 50%-90% overall) Blue = finished WIP submitted (only final review left, 90-99% overall) Green = Final WAV submitted (all done, 100%) DS394 feat. Jay Thomas - Opening Theme - Star Fox 64 - Lylat Legacy Trev - Menu Select/Stage Clear - Star Fox 64 - ??? TheChargingRhino, classic_gamer_76, Pichu's Dad - Records 1 - Star Fox 2 - Cornerian Hall of Fame TheChargingRhino, classic_gamer_76, DS394, The Nikanoru - Corneria - Star Fox - SCRAMBLE CmacProductions - Attack Carrier (Corneria Boss) - Star Fox - ??? **Audio 1: All Ships Check In Asteroid Belt or Meteo - Star Fox 64 - OPEN CLAIM DS394, The Nikanoru - Sector X - Star Fox 64 - ??? JulienMulard - Aquas - Star Fox 64 / Command - Submarine Bio-Warfare Afilion - Titania - Star Fox – Titanic Beach **Audio 2: Pigma's Message Katina - Star Fox 64 – OPEN CLAIM Fortuna - Star Fox – OPEN CLAIM Etzaen - Eladard - Star Fox 2 - ??? **Audio 3: Distress Call Cole Train, DS394 - Sauria - Star Fox Assault - ??? classic_gamer_76, Slimy - Inside Krazoa Palace (Sauria) - Star Fox Adventures - ??? Smittenden - Boss C – Star Fox 64 - ??? **Audio 4: Beware the Black Hole Disc 2 - Venom GCJ - The Awesome Black Hole - Star Fox - Impending Abyss ad.mixx - Sector Y - Star Fox – Dogma Deedubs - Space Armada/Sector Z/Sector Y - Star Fox - Star Skirmish: Attack on the Armada **Audio 5: Against Star Wolf CrimsonCobalt - Star Wolf - Star Fox 64 - Can't Let You Do That! GCJ - Zoness - Star Fox 64 - You Disrespectful Whelps Starphoenix - Macbeth - Star Fox - Cyber Warfare Siolfor the Jackal - Sector Z - Star Fox 64 - ??? YoshiBlade - Boss A - Star Fox 64 - ??? **Audio 6: Approach to Venom Thirdkoopa - Area 6 - Star Fox 64 - In A Distant Region Slimy - Venom Orbital / Venom Base - Star Fox – Surprise Attack! **Audio 7: The Final Confrontation XPRTNovice - Andross (Brain) - Star Fox 64 - ???? **Audio 8: Job Well Done Slimy - various Star Fox themes - Star Fox, 64, Assault, Zero - Ode to Star Fox ***Please note that a complete WIP is now required for new claims*** --DEADLINES— First Deadline: January 1st, 2017 - CLEAR Second Deadline: April 1st, 2017 - CLEAR Third Deadline: July 1st, 2017 - CLEAR Fourth Deadline: October 15th 2017 - CLEAR Fifth Deadline: January 1st 2018 - CLEAR Sixth Deadline: April 1st 2018 - CLEAR Seventh Deadline: July 1st, 2018 (director's life becomes complicated, time passes) NEW IMPROVED FINAL, FINAL, FINAL DEADLINE: April 30, 2019 If you make a claim you can’t fulfill, we would much rather you tell us then wink out of existence on us. If we don’t hear from you within two weeks after deadline, we will have to release your claim. ---------- ALL SHIPS CHECK IN AND PREPARE TO SCRAMBLE!!
  19. Hi guys, we're a French association, called Ongaku Productions, composed of 5 active members and working to create the first recurrent VGM scene in Toulouse. We already communicated with a lot of french composers but we are still looking for a lot others musicians in Western Europe, in order to make events that will make both VGM fans and non-fans want to come back. If you're interested for a show in France or have some experience with live music, please share a link towards your music below, or contact us at : Have a great day !
  20. Oh Hello there! Magnus Tsunami here! I'm looking for someone to compose or remix an intro jingle for my YouTube channel. I'll supply the original jingle that was created for me. basically the style I want it remixed if possible, or if remixing isn't your choice or preference then a composure in a similar fashion to the remixes below if remixing isn't possible, then a complete new composure of the song in that style, or style of preference so in closing, I want someone to take my current jingle, and either remix it in a similar music style to the remixes below, however this doesn't have to be the same style, or a recreation of my jingle in their own unique style. What I'm looking for as inspiration or ideas: basically I want my intro music to be more... upbeat, and if possible sped up by 1.5x (or 150%) making the clip no longer than 16 seconds total if possible. it's been the jingle for my channel for a while, and I'm looking to get more of a retro gaming style theme going that suits my style of gaming, my channel, my fun, catchy, easy going but memorable attitude. Please see the references below: or Here's my channel for reference if you want some inspiration: Willing to pay for your time, and efforts! I attempted to add the tags of remixer & composer but sadly wasn't able to! Looking forward to hearing from you! CCG Intro music.wav
  21. Hi! I had been working on a remix of this song from Robocop Here's an example of an SS13 version and here's one of the original renditions. It's a fairly simple mix, I've basically played harmonica for fifteen years and I know a little bit of harmonica. I've taught myself some keyboard, and that's what I use to make backing tracks- kind of an older, cheaper Yamaha however, and I have to record the keyboard via a mic, it doesn't transfer directly out onto my PC, and it's MIDI samples I'm pretty sure, so between my lack of experience there and the unnecessary middleman of a mic I don't produce the best backing tracks. I asked for feedback here, and was recommended to seek out a collab so someone could make a backing track for it, since as I'm playing the harmonica live, a live recording of the banjo and guitar tracks would improve the production value quite a bit. The song as I've made it so far is here I'm self taught in music so I don't have the best grasp of music theory or anything, however these are the tracks for the banjo and guitar isolated, and these are the notes I played in making them(no clue about sheet music really, sorry). The key of the song is A. The chord progression is A-C#-E, F#-A-C, D-F#-A, and E-G#-B repeating The guitar isolated sounds like so- it's played like: A C#-E A C#-E, A C#-E(sustained), F# A-C F# A-C, F# A-C(sustained), D F#-A D F#-A, D F#-A(sustained), E - G# - B(picked) The banjo isolated sounds like so- it's played like picking the individual notes: A - C# - E - C#, A - C# - E - C#, F# - A - C# - A, F# - A - C# - A, D - F# - A - F#, D - F# - A - F#, F - G# - B - G#, repeating. --- I apologize again for the amateur way I wrote out the music, I know it's something very basic but it's really the extent to which I can play keyboard. Thank you ahead of time for any and all interest! I'm not exactly looking to pay for anything, but I'd be glad to offer playing harmonica for a track of yours if you'd like. At the moment I have three decent diatonic harmonicas in the keys of A, G, and C. G is the lowest, A is a little higher, and C is the highest. Basically, you can buy specialty harmonicas that are lower or higher if you so choose- say that the C diatonic is in the middle of a piano, you could buy a C diatonic that's tuned an octave down or an octave up. As an example though, if you wanted a lower pitch thing in the key of C, I could for the most part play that using my G harmonica.
  22. would somebody be willing to add the vocal/lyric line: like this: into this for me? sibelius is giving me the finger right now ugh...Stand-By-Me-Florence-The-Machine-MSMT.sib or Stand-By-Me-Florence-The-Machine-MSMT.mid
  23. I'm looking for a composer for my Metroidvania game, The Diasporic Crypt. The game is more or less nearing completion, and is just missing a few minor things here and there, but lacking in music/SFXes that I want to keep in the game. You can find the page here: I don't yet have a list of tracks I'd like to have composed, but I will create one eventually. There are some special requirements for certain tracks I do have in mind though. Feel free to ask me about them; they're kind of specific. But I would like something similar to the music in Castlevania (not the Lord of Shadow games though); so somewhat classical-baroqueish, with some pipe organ thrown in, and maybe metal-ish for boss fights. I'm NOT looking for ambient music; I want something with a melody. My game is licensed under GPL3, so whatever you compose must be in a GPL compatible format like CC-BY-SA 4.0 or similar. I am willing to pay, but within reason. If you are interested, please provide the following, either here, PMs or in Discord: Relevant samples of your work. If you have a wide variety of genres, please ensure to include something relevant for my game; I can't tell from your techno/dance work if what you'll make is suitable for my game. How you want to be paid, and how much. Or free, if you are not demanding payment. For all other details, feel free to ask on Discord or here. Thanks.
  24. Hello everyone! A while ago I undertook a challenge to recreate a track from "The Legend of Dragoon." It's the part where Dart and company get on the "Queen Fury." I forget where they sailed to but I DO remember the song that had me playing that specific part for hours and while I can find the mp3 online, I can't for the life of me find any sheet music and/or a midi file to help me out. I do remember reading somewhere this was a bonus track and actually wasn't going to make it into the final cut (which I'm glad it did). I'm not the greatest chord analyzer but what I have so far is pretty on par with the original song (I'm literally doing this by ear)... but, I'm running into problems after the beginning with sorting out what instruments go where. If anyone is interested in collaborating hmu. I'm not that far into it at as a for warning so it'll basically be from beginning to end thing. My time schedule can be hectic but I'm pretty devoted to completing this. I'm using FL Studio 20. Sytrus and Directwav mostly. Any Presets you don't have I can provide a DL. Anyways thanks for reading and HMU if you're interested. At the very least if anyone is interested in doing percussion/ drum, that would be amazing. This is totally for FREE. I've been wanting to remake this track for years so if anyone is interested in the undertaking lemme know. Artist: Original: Remake:
  25. ...for Stand by me(duet) duet of Stand By me(Florence + the Machine's version from FFXV) instrumental: Lyric video/beat reference: could you possibly do your part first cause I can't really match Florence(I'm a Contralto and it Sucks for things like this)