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  1. Hello, My music track for review. The music is from The Guardian Legend NES game. Below the original tune. Original tune:
  2. Hi Everybody! This is an arrangement for String Quartet of the Wii Shop Theme from the Nintendo Wii. I had the idea of arranging this piece for this medium after hearing the amazing Triforce Quartet perform their own version. After feeling that the melody and sound palate would be very suitable for that type of musical medium. The intimate nature of the Shopping music was much more suitable, I felt, for a smaller group than a larger one, and I was not disappointed one bit with the resulting piece! Disclaimer: Original music is by Kazumi Totaka, Images are original artwork and in-
  3. Hi! Done from scratch in Famitracker (2A03). 4 channels.
  4. Source: ^from this to THIS(Tchaikovsky level of majestic is what I was going for):
  5. Dirge de Serge WIP.mp3Sources: ...I HATE feeding the stupid dragons in Viper Manor...ugh...
  6. https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/897792 I used Inphonik RYM2612 and Plogue Chipsounds (for SN76489) plugins. The ladder effect can create some interesting timbres...
  7. Heya everyone! Here's an arrangement for full Orchestra of the Main Theme from Starfox, the original SNES game. The music throughout the gameplay, I felt, was very powerful in its harmonies and the staying power of the melody in this piece in particular. This version plays out in the End Credits, and I felt the piece was deserving of being raised from 16-bit format to a full Orchestral palate as it had so much to offer. Disclaimer - Original music is by Hajime Hirasawa. Images are in-game footage and artwork.
  8. sources: inspired by:https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01591
  9. I first started this in 2010: Version 1 version 2 Inspired by this: Which version do you like better?
  10. this is my remix of super mario 64's dire dire docks and how do you switch the thread between WIP & Mod Review? *scratch that I just figured out how to switch
  11. I workshopped this in Sibelius for like 6 hours: Dedicated to the "ice cream trio"
  12. https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/896471 It's not even a remix, but I thought it would be appropriate to poast in this forum instead of "Post Your Original Music!" I used RYM2612 to make this, which I recently purchased due to the fact that it really sounds like the original hardware. It even has a DAC output feature to crush down the drums!
  13. Soundcloud: A simple remake of one of my favorite Zelda tunes. Nothing crazy done in the remix; hope it brings back some good memories! -Juke
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