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  1. Back when I first heard this track in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I fell in love. This is probably one of the most difficult things I've ever tried to recreate without being able to find a MIDI version of it online. This is specifically because it has a lot of arpeggios. I'm still trying to figure this out with the second section of it. I actually plan on getting this done, unlike the other remixes I want to work on, but can't for the life of me create complextro. Anyway. Here's what is in store. X - Tunnel Scene Remix I'll most likely name it Tunnel Vision when it's complete.
  2. Hi This is a piece I'm working on at the moment for a game. Just wondered if I could get a little feedback on the mix and master. I'm aware there a few 'tidying up' jobs to do with the vocals and guitar's timing, as this is work-in-progress. Cheers, Matthew Dear
  3. I'm kind of working on a lot of stuff. This is at a point where I think I like it enough and I'm going to stick with it BUT I'd love some feedback on it! If I had to say anything about it, I'd say that is strays a bit too far from the original song. As with my Lost Woods cover though, I don't want to just play the song. I'd like to put my own flavor into it. Also, if it feels weirdly timed, the song went from something like 3/4 to 4/4 here. Anyway, tell me what you think! I'd love some thoughts on it
  4. Here is a remix of a PSO song that I've been wanting to do for a while. It is pretty rough/bare as I don't know what direction I really want to take it from here. The melody will be more different than the original, but for now I just wanted it there as a placeholder. Originals:- - Remix: I was thinking of doing something like switch back and forth between the feel good section (nearest place part 1) to the menacing/intense section (Nearest place part 2) throughout the song, while using more of the feel good parts throughout. This will be my most serious remix and I plan for it to take up a lot of time for work, so let me know what you think of it!
  5. Just something hip-hop I've come up with from some spare time this weekend, the original is "Eternity Memory of Lightwaves". I haven't had the chance to do any mixing yet, but currently I'm thinking keeping this in a more classical/orchestral instrumentation, no bell synths like the original.
  6. Hi! I'm a first time poster here but I would really like some feedback on where to go and what to do with this. I'm not really sure where I'd like to go after this but I like what's here so far. Generally speaking, I don't want to follow the way the music originally the entire way through. I'd like it to seem more like something I would normally write infused with Zelda. Any feedback would be super appreciated Thanks so much!
  7. So I started this just before Grey Goo, the new RTS, was released but finally got round to finishing it off... here's a pretty solid version I think. It is a remix of the track Crush Under Foot which can be listened to here as well as also containing some general sound and feel from the game as a whole. Original:
  8. link to remix: backstory: I slammed this out in some weird emotional fit one night and I've been tinkering with it slowly ever since. pianos are not my specialty but I can't seem to change it to anything else...and I like this arrangement, even if the performance is kinda gauche and obviously sequenced in MS Excel. technical details: original: which four sections basically: 0:00 - 0:21 a 0:21 - 0:42 b 0:42 - 0:55 c 1:16 - 1:27 d (and then repeat with layers) my remix: 0:00 - 0:23 a 0:23 - 0:55 b 0:55 - 1:10 c 1:10 - 1:42 b (somewhat liberally) 1:42 - 2:00 a specific question for the listener: 1. is that repeated chord annoying? how do fix? 2. how detrimental to the mix is the fakeness of the pianos? what should I do about this? 3. since this is so piano heavy, I worry that the overall texture and dynamics are too still/constant. what do your song-virgin ears think? thanks for listening, and I appreciate whatever feedback you throw at me.
  9. Original: So there has always been a few tunes from video games I have always wanted to remix but never gotten around to doing. This has always been one of them, if not the FIRST one. Well, I have finally gotten around to doing it, and finishing it! I think I did a pretty good job on it, too! After publishing it I replaced it with a version with a more pronounced snare drum, as the previous one was too soft and was getting buried. Remix: Thoughts? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EDIT #2: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edit #2: I accidently removed the first edited version I made. Woops. Made some pretty drastic changes this time. -New intro. No longer identical to source. -I tried to do some new things with percussion. I made the kick a little bit more sub-heavy, and made the side-chain more prominent again. Also layered another snare drum, and did some EQ on it. Overall, I think the drums are what I'm having the most issue with. It's a weakness of mine, I suppose. -More variation in with basslines. -Chord changes and moderate adjustments to the arrangement. Hopefully not as hard to sit through for over 4 minutes . -Actual ending rather than a fadeout. -I replaced the strings I sampled from the source with a couple synths I made to sound similar. I initially wanted to replace them with something different altogether, but because of mixing, I had to keep them close to what I had before. Everything else I tried got buried significantly. (This is also the reason why it's been hard for me to get the snare to sound right.) I focussed entirely on arrangement for this edit, as Argle suggested, so any level issues overall can be changed 'n stuff.
  10. Yes Hello folks I have done a remix / re-arrangement of a track from Super Mario 64 for no apparent reason. comments, criticisms and mindless bashings are very welcome. i would like some feedback on this please. i will add more instruments in over time. i hope you enjoy it [live instruments btw not electronic at all oh no I promise]
  11. Source: My Take:
  12. Alright, I am starting a new mix that I would like some thoughts on. I would also like some help in its creation as I have a current grudge against my current software. It is just not as great as I want it to be. As I am looking for a new job, I have time now to work on this. Here is the concept. The Temple of Time. It is the majestic and sacred center of Hyrule where the Master Sword calls sanctuary. Through the ages, it has always protected its most holy treasures, the sages, the heroes' incarnations and even the royal family. Even in later times, the crumbled walls still emit a a protective aura which can never be vanquished. Inside those downed stone walls lies the Sacred Grove where the forgotten Song of Time falls from the lips of the lost dead sages. They still sing to remind the gods of their promise to the kingdom that they would continue to give hope for the future of Hyrule. So, this track. If you havent listened to the link, then now is the time. I want a temple choir feel to this track. Now, I would like to add more songs that I feel are connected to the temple such as the Prelude of light, Wind Waker's Earth and Wind sages. Twilight Princesses' the Sacred Grove and Temple of time. Skyward Sword's The Ballad of The Goddess, the Sealed Grounds, Sealed Temple, Goddess Sword, Sky Keep. So, Let me know what we ca do with this. Thats right... WE. You can help! In what direction should this mix go? Should I add some songs or drop any? Lend me you insight and message me if you want to collab. I warn you though. I am treating this like a real production. If we don't have the same vision for the project, you won't be on the project. I will be vigillant and kinda hard. you may have to submit examples of your work. Thanks in advance!
  13. Name of the Remix: Innocent Heaven Games: Seiken Densetsu 2 (Fear of the Heavens) and Seiken Densetsu 3 (Innocent Sea, and bits of Meridian Dance) Comments: I played this game for the first time this year. At the beginning i though it was nothing especial until i went further it. Until this song kicked. I just stood still, without advancing the text, just to hear this wonderful yet haunting melody. I haven't felt like that since i was young, and i stayed with the pause screen on the aqua levels of DKC or trying to play the world map theme from Final Fantasy IX. For bringing this wonderful sensation back, i think this piece deserves a tribute.
  14. Long time, no post. I was cleaning through my hard drive today and found an old WIP of Sonic CD Tidal Tempest US that I had started to make for Temporal Duality but quickly ran out of time and inspiration for. I was planning on just expanding on the original arrangement (which already has an 80s/early 90s old school hip-hop vibe) and getting a vocalist to lay some bars down over it. I think it would have been cool, but oh well. A lot of the stuff in this demo is merely placeholders, but you get the point. Figured I'd share with you guys! Remix: Source:
  15. So far I'm two songs in to this medley, wondering where to go next. The songs I've used are Zelda's Lullaby and Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 7, and I'm hoping to add Good Egg Galaxy from Mario Galaxy next. Really enjoying working on such a free unrestricted arrangement - it's been a while since I've done something as fun as the Rainbow Road part considering I'm usually quite shy when to it comes to writing completely new orchestral parts for songs that normally aren't orchestrated.
  16. This is an original composition i'm working on, inspired by VGM ( especially RPG's). The form is AB AB C. Thanks for listening and feel free to comment. Tindeck: Soundcloud:
  17. Hello guys I've been working on this remix for quite some time now, and it is almost done. It is an upbeat hip hop/electro rendition of Hot Head Hop from Donkey Kong Country 2. original song: Any feedback and criticism is greatly appreciated.
  18. this is the second version of my perfect dark remix, it's a bit long but i sped up the tempo and swapped out some vsts and effects.
  19. Currently working on this at the moment. It's a remix of the music heard when you encounter the Elite Four on Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Comments are appreciated!
  20. At the request of tabhuli, I decided to attempt a mix/fusion of VVVVVV's "Potential for Anything" with a few elements from Metroid's Tallon Overworld 2 and Chozo Ruins themes. It's still deep in the "WIP" territory, but this is how it's coming along so far. Most of the songs elements are from VVVVVV, although a lot of the harmonies from Tallon Overworld are quite similar to those in Potential for Anything. There's still a fair deal of EQ and mastering to do, though(not to mention improvements to the song itself). Update #1: * Messed around with the EQ a bit more. Hopefully it's a little more balanced now. * Touched up some of the harmonies and cleared some of the noise. It's a lot cleaner and clearer now. * Fixed up the drums. They stuck out quite a bit in the previous mix. I think they're blending in better now instead of blaring over the mix.
  21. I'm looking to make a MMZ album and I would appreciate some feedback to help make it the best it can be. - fixed audio spike at beginning
  22. Hey all. Heres a new piece ive been working on for a little less than a week. I hope you all enjoy, and any comments, tips, criticisms/ feedback would be greatly appreciated. I want this piece to go a long way, so if you have any mixing tips please tell away. Im all ears. Thank you for listening guys!
  23. I'm writing a house remix of the Chemical Plant Zone music in Sonic 2 called "Do What You Want." I know that there are a lot of Chemical Plant Zone remixes on OC Remix. What I think my remix does differently is, the original song has a classy sense of fun about it, and I tried to capture as much of that classiness in my song as I could. I'm planning on submitting the track to OC Remix after one more pass of editing. Do you have any criticism for me?
  24. Hello music enthusiasts, I am in need of some feedback for a current project. I aimed for a jazzy/funky remix to the Special Stage in Sonic 1. Looking forward to any future advice! Source: Remix:
  25. I covered these two tracks. These tracks aren't easy to set up especially in two softwares. I used mixcraft as main sources with EWQL colossus and Gold and silver I hope you guys enjoy them plus download are free I'm still got fix some issues for these two tracks HTTPS:// HTTPS:// Final fantasy video: HTTP:// Xenogears video: Http:// Original Xenogears HTTP:// Final fantasy X Http://