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Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge 2008 (Phase 3: Match-Ups, Mixing, March 16th Deadline


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My original MMX track fucked up; I heavily compressed it then made alterations then compressed again, altered again, and then started EQ'ing like crazy. End result: completely fucked instruments. i'm gonna have to restart it....

Chrono Trigger... well lets just say my interpretation of the source is very very liberal

Hmm, well couple more days left....

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I've had Cubase crash and burn when loading old files, although it wasn't corruption. Cubase doesn't really like VSTs that load a lot of samples when they launch. I can save an instance of Kontakt in a project, for example, but if Kontakt tries to load instruments, Cubase dies. Took me a while and a couple lost projects to figure that out.

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I've had Fruity Loops corrupt many session files in the past. Very frustrating.

I set Cubase to auto-save every 10 minutes and keep at minimum 5 backup versions. In addition to that, I save iterative sessions as "CT Remix - Tyrano Lair 01.cpr", "CT Remix - Tyrano Lair 02.cpr" etc. every time I reach a milestone or complete a significant amount of work. If the current file gets torched or you do something stupid and save it, you're able to go back in time to previous versions. There's absolutely no reason for "corrupt" sessions making you lose all of your work if you operate this way.

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