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Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge 2008 (Phase 3: Match-Ups, Mixing, March 16th Deadline


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Hour and a half to have your files uploaded to http://compo.thasauce.net

Hour and a half? oh right.. "Oops." I was having a quick look at the deadline at ThaSauce Compos which says 1 day, 1 hour.

I'll probably just upload what I've done, which isn't really finished (60 % figuratively). Probably no time to record and mix each track properly either.

And by upload what I've done, I mean I'm already well into recording and mixing it as is..

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WTH?? I keep trying to upload a remix, & i keep getting this message:

ID3 tags could not be updated. Did you upload an MP3?

What did you use to encode your mp3? The file likely has a malformed header.

edit: I went ahead and re-encoded your entry and uploaded it. Apologies if the quality is not up to your satisfaction...

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Ok, so heres what happened:

I started my MMX tune again, by copying the chord progression (1 1 4 5). I then proceeded to grow on this. I then added new material. Then for the duration of the production I forgot I was remxing another song.

On the positive, the new song sounds AWESOME (sample: http://vmeissner.googlepages.com/MMXXA.mp3)

The ochrono trigger one (nicknamed 'oh hello failed synths') has been uploaded as an entry

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I was assigned Mega Man X2 - X-Hunter Stage 1 and X-Hunter Stage 2 (two separate tracks on the OST).

Would it be possible for me to remix X-Hunter Stage 1 only? I'm rapidly running out of time and feel I could knock out a better remix of Stage 1 on its own.

That's OK, the request was Stage 1+2, instead of X Hunter 1 and 2. I thought it would be X Hunter 1 and 3 in the OST.

My request was X Hunter Stage 1.

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We take pleasure in procrastinating.

I was actually working a lot on a fangame. Most of my creative juices were spent on that.

Ah yes fan games. I'm helping my friend develop the music and diologue for his fangame...can't say much about it though. Not like you guys would really care anyways ;-)

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