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So there were some interesting results from the latest big East Coast Brawl tournament, XII.E.S.T.I.C.L.E.:

- Brawl Singles -

1: Azen --> Lucario

2: Chudat --> Kirby

3: NinjaLink --> Diddy Kong

4: m2k --> Metaknight / Dedede

5: Plank --> Metaknight

5: Omni --> Metaknight

7: Omegablackmage --> Game & Watch

7: Forte --> Metaknight

9: Atomsk

9: Boss

9: Chillin

9: Neo

Not so much the people, but the characters: no Snakes in the top 8 at all, and no MKs in the top 3, although he did get almost every other spot.

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