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Super Smash Bros Brawl

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:-( I will make it clear that I am joking when I make a joke, even if it's not funny.

*deep, heavy exhale*

:sad: I'm really not trying to flame here: if something I say sounds nuts, it's because I am joking.

Edit: Salluz, I'm going to talk to you like a friend and give you some honest advice: for your own sake, don't post as if you are a veteran or expert at something.

:sad: I wasn't really "posting for n00bs"; I was... joking. Specifically, I was laughing about how my friend overuses the B moves.

Questions like "what's so great about Dedede" (answered by Derrit) and "Is Crazy Hand in Brawl" (the answer is yes; you'll find out later that he is being controlled by an even more powerful being) are fine, and people will gladly give you what you need. But if you try to give tips to the "n00bs," you just sound arrogant and end up making a fool of yourself, because for the most part your advice is redundant at best and plain wrong at worst. As the cliche goes, if people want your advice, they will ask for it.
:| Show me the redundancy.
Dedede is good against a ton of people. Your experience =/= enough to say he is bad. when he is actually quite good
That's why I asked.
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Seeing how melee was out for like 7 years before brawl came out, I don't think it's gonna happen, but I sure hope Nintendo does something to kinda make up for the big face slap they did to competitive smashers with brawl. Hell, I'd be satisfied with "Here's melee, but with brawl characters added, sorry about that."(or even release a "patch" game (like they have melee version 0, 1, and 2) or downloadable stuff when they figure out a solution to the storage problem - save to SD card maybe?) As far as gameplay though, I think:

Tripping - OUT (obviously)

Air Taunting - IN (you know you want it)

L-Cancel - IN (hell, they knew it was in SSB64 and they kept it in melee)

Wavedash - IN (it's likely they knew about it in melee)

Footstool - IN

Doing something after an airdodge, a la brawl (but not another air dodge) - IN

Choose a direction to air dodge - IN

Melee physics and speed - IN

Online mode - IN (though seriously, while the lag is terrible most times, at least we get to play people not in our living room)

HAL designing the next smash - IN (though I don't know how plausible this would be - didn't they disband or move on to something else?)

The fact that there are people hacking the game to make it more like melee (no tripping, l-cancel, wavedash, etc...) should be a GIANT wakeup call to nintendo that a lot of people don't like it the way it is and are quite upset about it (enough to get people to take action). It kinda feels like the transition from Zelda I to Zelda II - they changed it back to Zelda I style for Zelda III (a link to the past). I hope they go back to melee-style for the next one. Also, the whole idea about taking the shitton of time to create multiple patches to balance the game should also be a wakeup call that things did not go right with the balance part of the game.

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Air taunting a "Show me your moves" followed by a knee would be so sweet.

Even as a casual? This. Just this.

Though I do feel the need to remark to Sengin that the Melee/Brawl shift is quite a bit different than Zelda 1 to Zelda 2. It was pretty much unanimous among everyone that Zelda 2 was a step backward for the Zelda series. Brawl, on the other hand, has a much more divided fanbase. Competitive and tournament players have their gripes with it, while people who tend to play it casually prefer it over Melee. Considering Nintendo's market lies heavily with casual players and making an accessible experience, I don't foresee much getting changed. In fact, the people hacking the game are so far in the minority that realistically Nintendo won't really care, especially considering they bought a copy of the game to begin with.

Sure, Brawl has plenty of balance issues, but so did Melee. In fact, Melee was rife with balance issues itself. Though I understand that the strategies of tourney Melee are still somewhat in flux even after seven years plus, the tiering is still pretty rigid. While you *can* beat Foxes and Falcos with lower tier characters with enough skill, assuming both players are equals, the odds skew very heavily toward the Fox or Falco player.

Yes, this speaks of Nintendo not testing their games enough. I too would've liked to see a more perfectly balanced game, but such a thing is genuinely impossible in a console title. I guess Nintendo figured that maximum balancing would take a very long time and would be extremely arduous and instead decided to make Brawl reasonably balanced as far as casual play is concerned and make the whole thing functional. Given how much the Smash community experiments with the game, for Nintendo to make it perfect, Brawl would be in testing and development for another year, at least.

A cop-out way of testing? Maybe. But at least, online lag excluded, the game runs, and runs well.

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Sorry, I just stumbled across this thread... do you guys play online or something? cause i just got a wii with brawl and would love to play =)

im a fan of 1v1 on non-eventful stages without items.. (i love animal crossing stage its so cute! lol)

and i love peach, lucas, and jiggz

and i dont know my friend code yet, but if you guys play online i'll find it out, if not do you guys meet up or something? O-o" sorry again for silly questions

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Though I do feel the need to remark to Sengin that the Melee/Brawl shift is quite a bit different than Zelda 1 to Zelda 2. It was pretty much unanimous among everyone that Zelda 2 was a step backward for the Zelda series.

I meant that I personally felt that brawl felt like a step backwards because I play smash competitively. I do know others that prefer brawl over melee, and fewer still that prefer it's gameplay (the others are part of the group that want to win easily without much practice or skill).

While melee does have it's balance issues, they generally aren't as bad as brawl's are (at least for now, who's to say what the metagame will uncover eventually, if there's enough interest in competitive brawl). Like I said a little while ago, I've seen a pichu at least 3-stock a fox (it was a while ago, I don't remember the exact results).

Oh, and I forgot to mention:

Autograbbing the ledge from Up-B - OUT

Though perhaps something can be done about it. Take, for instance, Marth's up-B. If you, I don't know, hold down the B-button or something, and he passes the ledge before he finishes, instead of going past it he'll grab the ledge with his hand and either A) flip onto the ledge with no invincibility and his standard options to either attack, climb up, or jump depending on what button is pressed as he flips from the ledge (though you can't hang there) or B) invert himself for a short while because of the momentum (he'll be upside down hanging on the ledge with no invincibility) and then you could choose to attack on the stage, jump off the ledge, climb up (more of a "fall down" at this point), or hang back on the ledge.

Jam: don't play jiggs. Play Metaknight. He's like jiggs, only better. Just sayin'.

Edit: Does anyone know what EVO and MLG are doing about melee/brawl? I heard that EVO2008 was brawl, but I don't know if they plan to continue with it for '09.

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The tier list here is much better than SBR. I mean, c'mon, Mewtwo is difficult to use and can't fight certain people well without skill, luck and a miracle, but he is NOT, and I repeat NOT worse than Pichu. I am sorry, but hear me: I used to like lightweight characters, but no, I couldn't enjoy Pichu long; he / she / it is the setup of death, even worse than Jigglypuff, who has the sleep attack as a makeup for her exasperating stats.

Common sense question: damaging oneself with one's own special attacks??? Yeah, I could kill with Pichu, but by the time I KO someone I have to be on guard x1000, saving my thunderbolts for worst-case scenarios at 169% As Pichu, I am already easily knocked out and targeted by hateful clowns who think it's funny to kill mice, and the only offense / defense I have is to chew on their ankles and rush a few charges through their bodies while making myself vulnerable in the process. With that, my best escape method (quick attack) hurts me too, so I am 99.9% likely to take damage, with the exception of a fight with a standing dummy in practice mode. Thanks, Hal, thanks.

Does ANYONE NEW want to play me? I'm going random characters and dicking around.
Well, we've been through this before. I won't say anything until my broke college behind gets a Wii. No need to say it again. :lol:

Edit: meantime, a couple buddies IRL who will fight anyone:


4339 2117 5602

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Any of them have AIM? I'd rather talk to them on AIM or something first.

Not sure, lemme ask. They're on my myspace (not in front of me, though I do know them), so I don't know their AIM addresses, but if they wanna' fight, they can give you details. I'll email them.

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I want to play someone new but every time I ask if anyone wants to play, nobody I've never played with before does (only the people who don't have a Wii are willing to play). COME ON FOLKS I'M NOT THAT MEAN. :(

I'd like some 1v1's. BFC: 3308 4269 0829 Do you have an AiB account? I'm HideousBeing on AiB. We could use their chat.

Edit: I'm in Smash Talk right now.

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