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Super Smash Bros Brawl

Arek the Absolute

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So, I finally got to play some "With Anyone" online matches, and I literally saw nothing but Wolf, Fox and Toon Link. It was very sad.

Also: sooner or later our house will get a stable internet connection, and I will want to play Arek.

It is sad indeed. those are about my worst three. I use only Lucas and the heavies. And the occasional mario.

is it good ettiquite (sp?) to record a match on my laptop's webcam, because thats what I plan on using. I want to see what you people think of me... other than trolling dork of course

and how do i spell ettiqueitte?

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OK, one of my friends finally responded. You should get some feedback from Mario. Ok, let me see if I can recommend you to one of my close friends. Edit: just sent "Boom" a message. He's supposed to be one of the best folks I know IRL.

Edit 2: Mario says that his Brawl code is 2406-4837-0712. I let him know that he should contact you first and to practice, lol.

Sure. You have to realize I'm probably not going to play 100% with anyone here or anyone that is a friend of anyone here.

I also don't care about this winning or losing thing so much.

Or being competitive for that matter. I play in the competitive style, but I just plain don't care.

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Notice in that "wavedashing" vid, how easily his combo is defeated at 2:35. His techniques aren't nearly as impressive as they seem.

yes its suprising how effectively staying down breaks combos. Either Im doing it wrong or this breaks my deedeedees chaingrab as well which is gaiy

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thats not a normal brawl thing fool

thats a hack

also dhsu ill get on that :3

and that is very melee esque so what would you have to get used to

if you were used to melee you should say "oh wow thats cool thats like melee" instead of what you said

dude seriously...

arek...let it go man. lol ima make a brawl video as soon as I finish GAY homework, prepare yourself for mediocracy later

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