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Super Smash Bros Brawl

Arek the Absolute

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Notice in that "wavedashing" vid, how easily his combo is defeated at 2:35. His techniques aren't nearly as impressive as they seem.

yes its suprising how effectively staying down breaks combos. Either Im doing it wrong or this breaks my deedeedees chaingrab as well which is gaiy

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thats not a normal brawl thing fool

thats a hack

also dhsu ill get on that :3

and that is very melee esque so what would you have to get used to

if you were used to melee you should say "oh wow thats cool thats like melee" instead of what you said

dude seriously...

arek...let it go man. lol ima make a brawl video as soon as I finish GAY homework, prepare yourself for mediocracy later

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YOU ARE NOW OFFICIALLY BEING DUBBED AS COOL. I forgot all about that commercial, but as soon as I saw it, I knew exactly what was going to happen. I mean, c'mon, people get tripped and Pikachu gets thrown around? Yeah, lol!

EDIT: Im going to go ahead and get this one stuck in your head so you can share my pain


This + your sig = HA!

I like this song for some odd reason.

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my snake suck ass and im actually kind of proud of it

and that vid of mine that you all have been anticipating highly is going to have to wait, my friend in ownership of the wii got involved in a crazy crochet accident, he'll be out of the morgue by saturday, tho, so expect it then.

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