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Super Smash Bros Brawl

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every time this thread comes up i am obliged to mention how much i hate not having an internet that's capable of playing brawl.

Every time I read this thread I think about how it'd be nice to not suffer from painfully awful lag as a result of living thousands of miles away from the people on this board. The other Alaskan smashers are rarely on...

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I "had" to re-purchase Brawl after my Freeloader died and after playing it again I remembered why I don't like it...u_u; *sigh*

I was supposed to get 20 Euro's off as well, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten it, but for some reason I got it anyway.

Ugh, so much collecting to do, so little will to live x_x;

At least I have better internet connection now, maybe I'll try my luck online later.

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I really want to play online some more, but the last time I played online, it left me with an unsavory taste in my mouth.

This game seems to require some sort of magic hyper-latency-reducing connection in order to play passably.

I have NEVER played a lag free game. Ever. In fact, I gave up on online play the second week Brawl was released. It's unplayable for me and also all of my buddies.

A little lag, I can deal with, but it's just a little too much to be playable here. Kinda makes me sad.

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