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How was this person able to put pieces through each other?

Hacks. No seriously, probably a USB Gecko or Ocarina or whatever they're called to hack the game. It can allow a lot of things like unrestricted camera angles as well as completely free placement of stage pieces. Really surprised that Smash Service accepted a hacked stage.

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Alright, so every year at our school we organise a fundraising day and I'm looking to set up a brawl tournament with a prize at the end to see who is the best smash player there, the winner has to go through me at the end though :)

So anyway, I've never hosted or played in a tournament with Brawl and I'm wondering for some of the tournament players here, what are the best rules to implement? Depending on the number of entrants, should the tourney be 1 on 1 or 4 person battle royale? Is it better to use stock or time (stock can lead to people hiding/running away while others fight, while time does not always determine the best player because of people stealing kills)? Is the tournament mode in the game handy, or can it lead to issues? Items or no items? All stages or just final destination/standard stages?

Advice is greatly appreciated

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Alright thanks Arek. In that case I'll cap the entry at 32 players. That will make it 30 matches played. If I do 3 stock and 3 minutes it should leave people enough time to beat each other up and it means it can't go for more than an hour and a half which is perfect. $5 a player will raise $160. Awesome.

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I interpreted that as more of an exhibition than part of the tournament.

The winner would most definitely beat him anyway.

Haha settle down guys, it's just like this, in every single way. Was just a fun match at the end and he was always going to get the prize anyway. And yes the stupid Metaknight beat my Lucas. The final came down to Samus vs MetaKnight, I was hoping a MK wouldn't win the tourney, but I guess how that's how it is most of the time.

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