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OCR01680 - Final Fantasy VIII "Realization"


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"...but I actually think Square could get some new fans by reviving the essential concept of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest - in other words, RPGs for dummies."

FF:MQ bombed far more than FF8 ;)

As for the track, I thought it sounded a bit uninspired at first until it changed gears so to speak. ^^ Now I just think it's awesome!

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Great variation on this, it progresses really well and stay interesting throughout. The sounds used all fit together well, though I do agree with Palpable on the piercing quality of the harpsichord (which is still a really cool sound, it works well, it's just a little hard on me), and the thinness of the oboe. Nothing worth sweating, really. The beats are fantastic, and the gated synths are perfect.

Speaking of gated synths, I was kindof hoping for some during the oboe breakdown to keep the rhythm intact a bit more. I totally understand dropping the beats, but rhythmically it sortof stopped a bit too much. Great chance to catch your breath before starting up again. :-)

I've always been a fan of your style, and this one takes all of the good and mixes it with a very nice arrangement. Great work dude. :-)

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