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Are there any games you guys play over and over again?


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Megaman X - I know this game so well and have beat it on plenty occasions throughout the years. I still play it to this day. One of the only games I know inside and out.

I also like to revisit Phantasy Star IV and Chrono Trigger because no matter how many times you play them, they always feel fresh.

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I've played through Gunstar Heroes so many times its not even funny. First system I ever owned was a Genesis. 2nd game I ever played (first was Sonic 2) was this little beauty. Still play it on virtual console to this day.

I've played through Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker at least 4 times. Mostly because I like finding Hyrule/fighting Ganon repeatedly.

Mega Man X....yeah.

Of our current generation of titles, I'd say the one I keep revisiting over and over again is Bioshock. I don't care how many people claim its not that great. I soak in Rapture every time I go to the bottom of the sea in that game. I've played through it about 6 times now and I'll probably play it again before the sequel hits stateside.

Also, I see Bionic Commando: Rearmed and the latest one being put on this list also in the near future. Both of them I've completed twice and can't get enough.

On another note, I play through Ys Book I and II (Turbo Duo version) once a year. Have been for the past 9 years. I get goosebumps to this day when I hear that soundtrack.

So, lists for people who don't like reading my personalness

-Gunstar Heroes

-Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

-Mega Man X


-Ys Book I and II

There's plenty more but I'd rather not appear to be a prat heh...

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Ninja Gaiden Black -- this is the best action game of its generation, and very few games can argue that they're superior still.

Ah, Ninja Gaiden Black. I knew I left something off of my list. Beat it 3 times so far. I actually payed full price for the Ninja Gaiden, and then turned around and payed full price for Ninja Gaiden Black when it came out. I still don't consider it a waste of money (and this is coming from a guy who ALWAYS buys his games used.)

In a somewhat related note, I nearly crapped myself when I saw that Team Ninja was working with Nintendo on the next Metroid. I kinda want to be skeptical about it, but Team Ninja hasn't made a bad game yet, and Metroid Prime pretty much proved that the series is capable of being a lot more than only 2D platformers.

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i really like the 64 version of super smash brothers. it never gets old, pwning three yoshis as DK =)

Plus it just came out on the wii :) I love virtual console.

For me, it was mass effect; I'm generally not the kind of guy who plays games over and over, but this game kept me coming back. FPS+RPG=win.

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F-Zero GX, put it on Master difficulty and play through every cup (even the lolAX cup). That is always a blast for me.

Super Metroid, speed runs make the game far much better than full clears.

Resident Evil 2 and 4. For RE2 you have to play w/o saves and the dodging game. For RE4 you have to play with guns you find and no upgrades, on hard as well too.

Kingdom Hearts, probably doesn't fall under the day category like the others but I'm fairly certain its close to it.

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Gears of War I, and II. OMG THOSE GAMES B/C ITS TEH BEST GAME EVAR!!1!!1!, and I really like them.

The gameplay is something fresh and new in the shooter genre, and it's probably the closest thing to a paintball match.

wait, they have chainsaws in paintball nowadays?

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Let's see...

Panzer Dragoon Zwei(sooo addictive, it never gets old for me. Plus, everything about it is awesome. The art style, the gameplay, music, etc.)

Persona 4

Streets of Rage 2

Monkey Island (Probably my current favorite adventure game, along with the Sam and Max series. I've always loved adventure games, mainly for their writing.)

Team Fortress 2

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