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OCR @ Otakon 2008 (Baltimore, MD) - Thanks for coming!

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Thursday night is entirely possible. Here's the issue: If I do go, I probably won't be able to pick anyone up from stations/airports/whatever on Friday. Thursday maybe. I would be able to give rides to/from the Light Rail near my house because that's how I'll be traveling as well.

Anyway, for more info, PM/AIM me.

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You can take me off the maybe list; unfortunately, there's no way I can possibly make it this year. It's the same weekend as a gymnastics clinic that I will be attending with my team.

Does this mean I'm enforcing the DKC 2 deadline then?

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You can take me off the maybe list; unfortunately, there's no way I can possibly make it this year. It's the same weekend as a gymnastics clinic that I will be attending with my team.

ya and i had to come off of the list too

taken care of!

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So my plans seem to be to traverse down Thursday, pick up pre-reg, with my friends, and then crash at the hotel. We'll be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn about three blocks from the BCC. It's on South President Street. It's pretty nice, a bit expensive, but it's definitely worth it to not have to travel from outside of Baltimore each day, especially with the price of gasoline being so high.

Anyways, I'm definitely planning on going to whatever OCR meet ups are happening, but I do also want to take in a lot more of the convention this year. So anyone that would like to hang at the convention with me is more than welcome to. Sure beats walking around by myself at any rate.

If anyone wants to get together on Thursday night, at least, anyone that's already going to be in Baltimore Thursday night, feel free to PM or AIM me. I should have net access at Baltimore from the hotel.

So that's it... Only two weeks from tomorrow! GET EXCITED PEOPLE!

P.S.: Atmuh, I'm sorry you're not coming. It'll be boring without ya.

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I am a definate *hooray*

Really hoping I get my Lucca cosplay done this week for Connecticon. Having major trouble with the boots and helmet, and haven't even started thinking about the weapon. Oy.

I will definately be there all day Saturday, but I might go either Sunday or Friday night. I plan to drive from CT to my brothers house (just outside D.C) Friday morning, so, depending on how pooped I am from the drive, as well as what events are on Friday, I'll see when I'm going.

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Wow, I really should get in the habit of posting more often here.

I'm going to be at Otakon. Now that I know when the panel will be (thanks for not another Friday morning panel...), I can definitely make it.

Hope to see y'all there.

Also (I offered this same advice last year), if you're going to be driving in each day like me, the best parking I've found is a garage about two blocks north of the BCC. If you're coming in from I-395, continue up S Howard for two blocks and turn right on W Baltimore. Garage is immediately on your left.

I'll be driving up from Arlington. It's close so there's likely not many folks needing to carpool from there, but I'm up for giving lifts if anyone on the way needs it. KF

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Maybe you can at least meet up for lunch or dinner one day. Speaking of which... Xerol: is there going to be a BBQ Sunday afternoon? ^-^

I was waiting to finalize things with Jose and Pezman before announcing anything but I was actually planning on cooking out at least twice, either Thursday or Friday evening and then again Sunday afternoon. I know people need to leave town and all, and I'm not sure if there's anything going on at the con on Sunday that people want to go to, but I'd prefer to have it start as early as possible (maybe as early as 11) so the people who need to leave can still stop by for a little. That and a one-hour BBQ just isn't much.

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NEWS FLASH: Things finally in order; I will be attending! :-D

Are rooms set yet? I'm still looking for a place to crash Saturday night and preferably Friday too if I come down then. As usual, I have my sleeping bag and just need some floor space.

I'm considering doing a Serge cosplay (from Chrono Cross) but haven't started buying supplies yet. We shall see...

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Okay here it is because people are interested:

BBQ Details

There will be one Friday night and one Sunday afternoon.

Friday's will start around 8 or whenever people show up. This is mainly for people who have to leave before or early on Sunday, but anyone can come if they want.

Sunday's will flare up at 11am, and run all afternoon. This will probably be the bigger one.

For each I'm going to have to limit attendance to 15 people. My yard is large but not quite that large.

I'm half a mile from the Timonium Light Rail station, it's a decent walk and I can also ferry people to/from the station. I think the trains run until about Midnight on Friday so keep that in mind if you have to get back to a hotel/whatever, as my place is already full. Please try to coordinate in groups so that I don't have to make 600 trips back and forth.

Please bring $5 cash to help pay for the massive amount of food/drink I'll be purchasing for this. It will be the cheapest non-ramen meal of the whole weekend.

If interested in attending either or both, post here and I'll start a list.


Friday BBQ:



Sunday BBQ:








Also start drooling:

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