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Has anyone given up on duke nukem forever?


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Funny thing, i came across supposed trailers and i said to my self "what the heck? didn't they announce it like 10 years ago?" i'm not a hardcore fan and never kept up with the series but the games are intensely fun. While doing research i found that fans of the games have been misled, teased and tortured for years on the release of the game. It was so long ago that i forgot about it.

My question is for the fans... do any of you have any expectations of the game or have you given up?

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The thing is...the very few who witnessed the playable demo awhile back think it's worth the wait. But from the general experience, games that have been in development hell usually suffer in the end in some way. I mean...look at Too Human...it's about to be out and already it's been receiving some harsh criticism...and it's what...about a decade in the making as well?

There's a small chance that this game will explode in sales once released, because of how popular it is already. In addition to the Nukem fanbase, you've got the people who have been making fun of the game's development limbo...like me, for example. I mean...I will be getting this game for the hell of it, and I'm not a Duke fan at all, although I LOVE his catchphrases and voice acting.

Hail to the King, baby!

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I doubt it will EVER come out. And as was said, if it does, it will likely be made of fail. Hell, ten years in the making, and the last thing we saw of it was an epic eulogy of fail, with crap graphics to boot.

That said, I'll probably get it if i does come out. That said, I don't think it ever will.

Hell, it has its own bloody vaporware award.

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for the lulz.


I loved all the kickass expansion packs they released, and I had some fun with the original, too. It remains the only other PC game I've ever owned besides Roller Coaster Tycoon.


Anyone else ever play "Duke it out in D.C.?"


All the levels were pretty interesting besides the Smithsonian, which I always got lost in, somehow.

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