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OCR00987 - Doom II "Oldskool Demon"


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do i maybe detect a bit of NIN in the first section?? this remix almost sounds like it would be at home in a castlevania game... very savy.... ooo a key change.... this sounds like some band... i cant think of who.... maybe a little marilyn manson? nice and funky... good sounding samples all around

very plesant.... :nicework:

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Great remix, this was always my favourite music track from Doom 2.

The reason you think you hear other songs in this is because ID's music guy borrowed from several heavy metal song to make the soundtrack, both for doom 1 and 2. IE. the music to level 1 of Doom 1 sounds just like the intro of Metallica's Master of Puppets. :)

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What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.

WHADDYA MEAN What do I think!!!!!?? :banghead:

I think im gonna :vomit: if I have another eargasm!!


This Totally Lives up to my Mazedude Expectations that Gothic sandy started me on & Bloodbath (sametrack) Raised the Bar on.

I do agree W/ Djp though it could have used a better ending like an earcrushing full out Bass assault.

But im not complaining either :P

Im going to the Baltimore Otakon this August & am building an OCR fanbase among my fellow anime geeks so far evry1 I've turned onto this site cant thank me enough.

keep it up with the great mixes & someday I'll Learn grow bold enough to submit something of my own :idea::idea::twisted:

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This mix...incredible. Right off the bat at '10, those effects kick in...they rock. The thing I love about this mix are all the counter melodies that come and go, and the effects in the background. They keep the song fresh, because the main melody seems to repeat over and over. 1'12, that little sixteenth pattern going on fucking rules. A lot of thought and effort were put into these, and it keeps you listening for the full 5. Pitch bends = 8O . Simply put...wow.

The drums...love em'. Good variation, good choice of drums.

Overall, a fine, fine remix. Mazedude's impressed me before (he remixed Boy and his Blob, and that makes me his love for life), and he continues to do so here. <3

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Hmm, methinks I'll do a little bit of explaining here, to answer the unasked questions -

The reason it's called Oldskool is because it's done entirely with 8-bit low quality samples from the oldschool tracking days of the late 80s and early 90s. Pioneers like Skaven and Purple Motion rocked the demoscene with songs such as these: they didn't use the highest quality sounds, but they used a LOT of them, and often with so much attention to detail and such speed and accuracy that it was mind-boggling. That's what I tried to do here... I don't think I made ANY of the sounds in this - they were all swiped from the songs of the now non-existent "Demoscene". And thus, they were all used with everchanging patterns and sporadic intermittence, completely with the also-oldschool screaming synth lines... (that are so, SO fun to make, hehe). So, that explains the style - it's really more of an inside joke to me and my tracker brethren than the remixing community, but I gave it a nice industrial edge to still make it satisfying. :)

And regarding the ending - has anyone noticed that if you're listening to this in the background and you hear a fadeout, you can't help but ask "wait a sec - which fadeout is this? The real one or the fake one?" They're identical baby! I fake ya out once, then I do it for real the next time. I dunno, I think it's a unique way to end a tune. I like it.

So there's what Mazedude has to say on his own tune. Hope I've been somewhat informative - if you want to hear any original oldschool tracks, go to www.hornet.org and search for Future Crew, Skaven, Purple Motion, or Necros, and check out their tracks. You'll see. Later dudes!



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I liked your-- uh, oh what was the name of that mazedude track i had on my playlist for about a light year after coming to OC-- I wanted to say the FF7 temple one, but that was Lousyspy :P Well whatever it was I liked it a little better :P

But this is great too :) I do like tracks that make good use of sound effect type stuff. Sorta like the FF6 devil's lab track (first one I ever heard like that).

Good stuff :)

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I cannot explain how much of a contrast this is to Mazedude's other EXCEPTIONALY GREAT work. The beginnig of the mix sounds like the beginning of the theme to a '80s grade-B sci-fi flick where robots are trying to take over the world and they have to be stopped by the average guy hero, the chick in hot-pants, the unusually brilliant 10 year old, and the lovable fat guy. I HATE THOSE KINDS OF MOVIES!

For shame, Mazedude! It's gonna be a long time til I can hear again!

(Oh and btw, you shoulda know better. Oldskool music sucks.)

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Wow! This is a nice remix of one particularly spooky Doom 2 level! In fact, when I first heard the tunes, it reminded me of the Cyberdemons and the imps!

This remix sound pretty mean and it has enough variety to keep me from getting bored! Awesome remix! This is a yet another great Doom remix here in OCR.. from Mazedude no less!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00987 - Doom II "Oldskool Demon"

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