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I'm going to lock this thread. A lot of it is just speculation from people that didn't really know him. Gray was a great guy and a real friend, and he had his own reasons for exiting the community whi

I recently chanced upon a long-lost WIP we worked on and I think it might be the most beautiful thing I've ever stained. I miss ya, bud

a true jedi can sense other jedi through the living force. and i can sense "him" and he is "well"

the most logical thing to explain where he is now is this:

He works non-stop in a recording studio in Nashville and has no time for anything else anymore.

Before he disappeared he told me that's where he was going to, he said he was moving to Nashville to work in a studio, and not going to have internet for a while...i imagine he actually is busy working non-stop anyway.

He told myself and others Nebraska, not Nashville, but also that he was going to work in a studio.

No matter how busy you are, I don't think there's any physical way you could be doing that 100% of the time; he hasn't just quit visiting OCR, remember, he's quit doing anything on the Internet *period* - wouldn't the studio at least have net access? Cyber cafes? imo, you don't quit the entire net cold turkey without warning people ahead of time, because honestly, I'm worried, and Gray wasn't the type of person to make people worry about him...

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wow... I was not expecting this at all! I share djp's sentiments of concern after reading through this whole thread finding not a single person who has been in contact with gray in ages... unbelievable. The whole alter identity theory was pretty interesting for about 2 pages of the thread but I'm not sure I want to find out that Gray was not a real person hah. Anyway, just missed talking to the guy and I'd rather not talk about him like he's dead so hopefully he'll pop back up with a new song or two and his magnanimous personality on the boards in the near future.

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Gray was one classy dude.

Not to be morbid, but the death possibility isn't so far-fetched.

Example: My best friend committed suicide several years ago, and nobody knew about it on the net, except for here, when I made a thread about it in UnMod. But he wasn't a member here so it wasn't obvious, and UnMod was a private forum, and I never mentioned any of his online names. Last time I checked his blog was still up and his gmail account was still active, or at least gmail didn't return a test message I sent (I was curious). If someone knew him by an internet alias, there would be know way of knowing that he was dead, as he kept both worlds far apart from each other. In fact, I was the ONLY person who even knew that he had an internet presence in the final year of his life.

It's already been said that GL was very private online, and it wouldn't surprise me if he is equally private offline, so if something happened to him, nobody who knows him offline would even realize that people in a forum on a website might want to know about it.

That's the craziness of the internet: it's created a bifurcated reality. We create these topical communities and they evolve into structures that seem so much like a real neighborhood we sometimes take for granted how much of it is an elaborate facade.

You call me Ubernym, but none of my friends even know that I have a username like that. If I died or was somehow unable to get online, nobody in my circle of friends or family would even consider telling you guys about it, or anyone else online for that matter (not to say that I'm like GL, or that anyone would really even care if I disappeared from OCR, I'm obviously not).

GL once told me to keep a secret too, but it was pretty mundane and had nothing to do with his current absence.


1. Death

2. Workaholic

3. New username, internet identity emancipation

4. Just doesn't care anymore about this community

5. Moved to a country with no internet access. Like maybe he's living butt-naked in the Amazon drinking hallucinogenic herbs with a shaman

The simple fact remains that we will probably never know, unless someone gets serious goes all Matlock on our asses. That would probably be inappropriate and disrespectful of one who so jealously guarded his online privacy.

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JigginJonT and I even did searches for his name on those "people search" sites and called the numbers of many people with the name "Gary Alexander" (there is no "Gray Alexander".)

Just out of curiosity, I did some searches on a few phone listing pages, and I found several people with the name Gray Alexander: one in South Carolina, one in Pennsylvania, and one in California. I've also found several listings for Grayson Alexander and Grayling Alexander.

I'm reluctant to post the contact information here, mainly out of respect for the privacy of these people, but if anyone wants to attempt calling or writing either of these people, I can pass the info along.

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I agree with Dave to an extent. It's very difficult to be as plugged in as Gray was and then simply disappear off the internet literally without leaving a trace. Furthermore, he's done it for YEARS now. His last forum login was August 2006. Unless he moved to Pennsylvania and became Amish, I don't understand how he could be so hard to get hold of. Furthermore, we never had any kind of indication that Gray was displeased with anyone here, or even that he wanted to cut ties with remixing and move on with his life. He just LEFT.

What vaguely concerns me at this point is that from a medical standpoint, it's actually very common to see these kinds of situations when people develop very VERY deep depression. It strikes close for me, because I had a dear friend take her own life this Spring, and a month before it happened, she deleted every possible connection she had with the internet.

I never knew Gray well at all, and I don't know if he was the type to be given to depression, and I also don't want to freak anyone out. It just sounds sadly familiar.

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^_~ I'm just kidding around. After all, if I was Gray then that would mean that at one time I would have had three votes on the panel, and that's not very sporting.

Gray was awesome. I miss him, too.

I don't believe you >:o

Also, three votes? What would the third vote have been? Israfel, GL... ?

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prot = virt = gray = djp = shnabubula = wingless = mustin

i solved the conspiracy. notice the subtle similarities of musical tonality and rhythmic sytlings. its like pandora radio listening through a playlist with these artists.

oh and speaking of pandora, i was pleasantly surprised to find out you can create a zircon radio on pandora.

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