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Iji: fantastic freeware game


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A new HQ soundtrack has been released!


I hope you all enjoy it!

I came here just to post about that. :P Unfortunately most of the songs are still mono, shucks, I was hoping to make a CD with them, but they sound noticeably better nonetheless so thank you.

Also the game itself has been updated to 1.2 with some major bugs fixed, including the screen_gamma errors that were crashing some people at the Sector 4 you-know-what, and lag-detection at the final boss which reduces the polygon count. That Mr. Remar is pretty spiffy.

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I'm downloading the HQ soundtrack now. Really excited to listen to it soon :)

[edit after listening]

It is a pity that the songs are not stereo. I think some part of "Seven Four" could have made use of some panning to convey the feel of large space :)

I definitely appreciate the fix for "Tor", especially the ending.

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Seems people are rather surprised i didn't do them in stereo, to be honest, i could probably export most of them in stereo and do more interesting things with them but i'm so built up and busy in college that it's hard to get time at the moment, and another release wouldn't be as anticipated as this one so really no point :( unless alot of people showed their concern for a stereo release that is. Otherwise, i am afraid you got them in high quality but mono.

And thanks, i thought the Tor fix was the best i coulda achieved with the given circumstances :) so that means alot.

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I just finished my first playthrough and.. I love this game. The later levels get pretty intensive, I often played on the edge of my seat and got startled by any sudden action after a quiet break. The story also got a good grip on me. I don't think I got the worst ending, even. Yay! Looking forward to playing it again. I missed a lot of secrets. And apparently I'm a rampaging homicidal maniac.

Great soundtrack too. Not in my favourite style, but lots of good pieces in any case. That one piece does remind me of that Rush song, though. I mean a lot. Tor is a great piece. Listening to Robotaki's WIP right now.


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Just announcing my release of 'PassivePack' - an alternative music pack for Iji:


This is a subtlely sedate'ish music pack designed specifically for

for those wanting a different feel upon replaying through on hard and other levels.

It's sanctioned by Daniel except for hero3d.mp3, which I courteously removed due to the fact that the

original is a cover of a Machinae Supremacy song "Hero", which he likes, and doesn't want anything replacing it-

Feel free to redistribute elsewhere.

All music by Me!

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Hurrah! I've actually just got into this game, so the old soundtrack is still fresh to me :nicework:. By the way, the old soundtrack was awesome.

I'm going to listen to the new track with the game as soon as I can.

Agreed, the old soundtrack also kicks a huge amount of arse.

I like the original 'Boss' music *a lot*.



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Seriously? I've referenced Iji in the holonic dev forum like 20 times now. This is why I get the feeling people just look at the shiny screenshots and tune out the rest of my posts :sad:

Hey, your the reason I even downloaded the game...

[Just got into it] = [when I got involved with the Holonic project] :-P

Haha, I think everyone on the Holonic team should be forced to play through Iji at least once, I had already gone through it before I got involved with Holonic, but It's a great game to say the least.

Agreed. I've already played through it a whole bunch of times (got all the pics, done 'immortal' and 'no kill' runs, etc.). It's just that hard to put down.

By the way, the new soundtrack is alright. It's better for the 'pacifist' path in the game rather than the 'kill everything' path, though (although I really like the boss music for that version - it's at least on par with the original version that was incredible in it's own right).

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Necroposting Iji threads should not only be allowed, but actually required.

Hero Core is fantastic as well.

And if you're a fan of Remar Games, you probably already know about http://ludosity.com/games/garden-gnome-carnage/.

edit: Looks like earlier in the thread I called Iji's soundtrack merely "great" - in fact, it is brilliant. And so is Hero Core's.


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