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Welcome to Mars

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When I woke up this morning, I apparently went from Iraq to Mars. The first picture is from my barracks room towards my supervisor's room. The second is towards the main dining facility, though you can't see it because of the dust. The third is also from my room, but I forgot to turn off the flash; I kept the last picture anyway to show you how dusty it can get here. I only resized these pictures. The color you see was the actual color of the weather. Within seconds my camera and I were coated with powdery dust. What a way to start a morning, eh?




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The light refraction does make sense. There have been plenty of dust storms, but this is the first where we got this intense color for this long. It was 12:50pm (5:50am EST) at the time of this post, and the color was still here. Surreal indeed.

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Wow. Amazing. I've never seen anything like that before! Thanks for the pictures! Let us know how long that color sticks around!!


It stayed until about 5:30pm (10:30am EST). The dust was still thick, but the weather went back to its usual tan color during a dust storm. Most of the powdery dust is gone, so it's just a lot of haze right now.

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Welcome back! Is the beer over there not too good, eh?

German beer? I love it!

Did you or any of your buddies perhaps experience symptoms similiar to this?

Close! There were days where breathing was quite the challenge. Ah, pure dust! Good for the lungs!!

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