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Left 4 Dead


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It crashes more than other Source games for me - but conversely, it loads up in seconds. Whereas Team Fortress 2 takes a minute or two just to get to the main menu, Left 4 Dead takes about eight seconds to start the opening cinematic.

yeah it only takes few seconds

i am really happy they decided to speed this up

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Atmuh has a dedicated server set up, located at

I suggest everyone also looks up how to search for specific servers.

Is the server set up with a search string (i.e. sv_search_key OCRemix)? Would help people to automatically join the server, aside from just using connect in the console.

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So give your Steam name so I can add you.

zircon - cubic_zirconium

Hemophiliac - Hemophiliac

SleazyC - Sh03.s| La Migra

bustatunez - [LEC]Bustatunez

Salty - Salty

Big Giant Circles - {GCC}Big Giant Circles

EdgeCrusher - EdgeCrusher36

Kanthos - Kanthos

Revelation Orange - Agent Revelation_Orange 002

OverCoat - OverCoat

DJSammyG - SammyG

starla - starla_injury

Dyne - Lt. Col. Dyne

Unstable Hamster - unstablehamster

Vivi22 - Vivi22

Fishy - Fishy1618

OA - oceansandrew

The Derrit - thederrit

Anthonium - 1117chronicles

Super Duper Sombrero - superdupersombrero

The Dennis - IcedInferno

joefu - joefu12

PosiBolt - PosiBolt

Bahamut - kingbahamutx

DarkeSword - DarkeSword

Windstrike -

Presh -

Rambo - Heavy_Damage

Pyrion -

Powerlord - Powerlord

Atmuh - love world fried candy

Effef - Doag Solutions

NNY - DetectiveNo27

Dhsu - deeshoo

Sporknight - deterb

Triad Orion - TriadOrion

Xerol - XerolOplan

Λxem - Λxem

Zephyr - Zephyr_Tread

Brushfire2004 - RecentElectronics

Bleck - bigboss930

Secret Agent Man - Depo_007

danny B - dannyBstyle

Doctor Device - doctordevice

superjoe30 - Solarflare

Didaji - FireSpirit

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