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Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO

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Wasn't there already a Star Wars MMORPG? I seem to recall hearing that it sucked.

Star Wars Galaxies. Didn't suck in the beginning, but got progressively worse as time went on. Not even sure what state it is in now after the last 'revamp'.

As for MMOKOTOR, well, that's going to be one wait and see. I've read some info on it, seen some screenshots, and thus far, just not too impressed. Don't get me wrong, I'll be right there picking it up on launch if all goes well. Until then, I'll be on the SWG EMU that's around.

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To me, the graphical detail needs stepped up on the characters. It's still early yet, so that's a plus. I'm really hoping though we don't get the animation that is the Clone Wars. That just looks like crap.

Jedi and Sith from the beginning? Not too great of an idea, but then again it is Bioware. I've already heard the term iconic and StarWarsy being tossed around. After SWG, those are the worst things you can say to someone about SW.

From what I also understand, they're setting up some high expectations. The plan is to be able to solo most of the game? Hmmm..... Every single class has different quests? Hmmm....

As more comes out, we'll see how the general public takes it. Myself, I'll jump right in when I can (beta or launch), and just judge from there.

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When I first played Star Wars Galaxies I really liked it. I want to say it was the summer of 04? Something like that. Anyways, played for the summer, made a spear weilding creature tamer with bio-engineer side job. Essentially high damage hitter with my own tanks to take damage. Played for the entire summer, then left it alone for the college year.

Next year, they revamped the combat. Pets became practically useless, and they all but did away with the creature tamer class. Also, pikemen became tanks with average damage, which my character wasn't set up for. So....he was absolutely, completely useless. I didn't even play more than a day. It was really sad.

As for the new one, I'm interested, but I'm trying not to get sucked back into MMO's. We'll see how that goes...

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Yeah Star Wars Galaxies was good when it first started, because you had to WORK to become a Jedi, you might of had to put in at least a hundred hours before you could even start getting powers of the force. But when Sony Online took the reigns, they decided it would only be fun if you could be a jedi from the beginning, and thus, all the time people spent building themselves up to be a jedi were angered at Sony. Because it essentially made what they did a waste of time (hey aren't all video games like that anyhow? Not that I don't enjoy them).

As for this MMO from Bioware, it's intriguing, but honestly, I'd prefer a traditional single player RPG from them. That's just me, plus, from what little of pictures I've seen, the artwork just does nothing for me.

Here's hoping to a remake of Shadows of the Empire, or a new Jedi Outcast/Academy....

Yeah, I"m not putting much hope on that...

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a star wars mmo will only ever work if you cannot play as jedi

How does that make any sense? In the context of the timeline of the game (~3500BBY), it's important to have a lot of Jedi characters. Jedi in the Old Republic were plentiful; hell, Republic armies were usually headed up by the Jedi. Sith were also abundant; it wasn't until around 1000BBY that Darth Bane instituted the Rule of Two (i.e. one master, one apprentice).

A Star Wars MMO set in the Old Republic era can't work without playable Jedi.

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I think it's more that there shouldn't be ONLY Jedi in the game. Someone mentioned that they are planning on making the non-Jedi characters equally fun, which is what they need to do. If it turns out that people only play Jedi, then the game will be a bunch of clones running around, which would be more boring.

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since i pre-rodered my super cool collector's edition and have already joined a sith guild and have gone back to play KoToR repeatedly until holiday season, i think it's time to bump

so bump the thump or what?????

EDIT: in before the flood...

I'm going to be a sith inquisitor assassin and i will eat jedi for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and 11sies, 2nd lunch and whatever else comes to mind)

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What are the system reqs on this thing?

If they aren't as low as WoW's and this game doesn't come to consoles, I think EA is going to have a hard time getting significant returns on their investment.

But then of course there's the whole problem with the game looking like a blocky cartoon, which a lot of people don't really expect from a Star Wars game.

Other than that, the Star Wars fanboy in me is hoping for the best.

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yeah except they'll be awesome quests. totally awesome, customized quests. and i will train my apprentice to be a great sith lord like myself whilst we tag team jedi across the galaxy. all the while, i'll have the rest of my companions tasked to menial endeavours like harvesting resources and crafting awesome weapons that i will then barter to others in order to fund the awesome, customized lightsabers that i will then craft myself, imbuing them with my deathly mastering of the force. somewhere along the way, i'll kill gundars, shag twi'lek hotties, and live by a strict moral code that will make me the most honorable sith inquisitor to traverse the 17 planets.

long live the sith!

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