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Suggestions for OCR Halloween playlist?

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I hope this hasn't already been asked, and I know it's a little late, but...

I was thinking of making a compilation playlist to bring along in case I got together with some friends tonight. Basically I'm just looking for suggestions for Halloween-appropriate or "scary themed" music. So far I have "Turning Terrors" and "Call of the Mask". I'd like to keep the OCR music going as long as possible, so if I could get suggestions from anyone that would be fantastic. Thanks in advance!

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No Flesh Allowed... or pretty much any CV from goat (def check out his CV3 album Unchosen Paths on his site if you like his stuff).

Yeah, CV all the way. Can't go wrong there, old-school originals or remixes. And make sure to do some Vampire Spank(er)ing as the night winds down, especially if you have a lady friend... in which case I guess it would be Vampiress Spanking.

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This used to be on OCR...but got removed in a lockdown I guess. It's mazedude and it's creepy and it's Super Mario 64. Give it a listen...it's still awesome even if it's not quite up to OCR arrangement standards.

That's not Mazedude that's me!

WTF mate?

Also: http://www.oneupstudios.com/ep_03.php

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I thought I'd try to draw from everyone's ideas here, rather than begin searching the entire OCR database myself.

My friend asked me to help her find a track to use for a hooping (yeah....) thing at some kinda halloween show. I'm sure there are a ton of ideal OCR tracks, and I probably even have a few on my favorites list, but it's a daunting task to just start scrolling through them all. So if anyone has any ideas off the top of their head for some track ideas, send em to me please!


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I'm glad I ran a quick search before starting a new thread. There are some great mixes listed here.

Of course, one of the first things I think of when I think Halloween is one coked up pumpkin hopping all around Mad Monster Mansion, and while Audix and Neko delivered a rocking rendition of that theme, the one other Banjo Kazooie mix is one of the most hauntingly moody tracks I've ever heard. It's not scary or frightening outright, not on its own. Rather than screaming "Halloween" in your face, it whispers it in your ear from just out of sight.

In the Darkness Lies - DragonAvenger, The Joker

It's Halloween guys! What ReMixes make your skin crawl?

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