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The worst movie of all time...

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Darkness world is ready to take on the super powers. Always pleasure to see movie made like this lot of adventure and hope of super natural powers. It was the perfect adventure for me when I saw it pretty thrilled by it. Spirit is wonderful movie sure it is well above the imagination but believable. Saw on free movie pretty good movie for all

According to this bot Spirit was a pretty good movie.

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Hmmm, I thought the whole Matrix trilogy was really good including the last one.

OK, the community at large revokes your right to publicly judge movies. You can love the first, and maybe even like the second Matrix, but The Matrix Revolutions was an abomination, and nobody with taste can deny that :<

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I personally though the second matrix was the best. Everyone disagrees with me, but I thought the second had the best choreographed fights ever!

I liked the big speech before the humans fought in their battle-suit robot things. That was badass. I enjoyed it. People seem to forget that the first had its flaws. I hate the 3rd though. Just a bunch of wishy washy philosophical stuff and a very disappointing conclusion.

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I don't care what anyone has to argue, Dark Knight left me wanting more than my money back

$1 billion total in the box office disagrees.

I guess I'm wrong then

lol everyone has their opinion you just said you didn't care what people had to argue so I thought I'd take the challenge :-P

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You may be wrong, but didn't Spiderman 3 get almost as much in the box office for some reason? Looks like the current record belongs to... Titanic :roll:

The key to failure is to try to please everybody.... so I guess the key to success is to please everyone but Adam_Slight?? I enjoyed the Dark Knight a lot, despite its imperfections.

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