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The worst movie of all time...


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Problem with finding the worst movie of all time is that the truly horrendous movies tend to go straight-to-video and get lost in all the crap.

The two worst movies I've ever seen have to be:

Say it Isn't So, &


I find it hard to imagine that any of the other movies listed so far could be worse than either of these. Not saying that it isn't possible--just, I don't want to dwell on how something could be worse.

They need to stop making those. The Wayans Brothers are done with that business.

Eh, on second thought, any of the Wayans Brothers' movies could be worse. But I'm not enough of a masochist to test that hypothesis. KF

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Spaceballs: the Movie...

Umm, you're joking right? That's an extremely good parody of all things sci-fi, unless you like those awful movies like DATE MOVIE, EPIC MOVIE, and SUPERHERO MOVIE. They topped out at Scary Movie 3 (The best of them all in my opinion).

Besides, look at this animation!!


In regards to the worst movies I've seen...

Johnson Family Vacation

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

Shrek 2 and 3 (I can at least sit through 2)

Sleepers (Woody Allen's worst film)

Napoleon Dynamite

Nick and Norah's Infinite Play list

Pretty much most of Kevin's Smith's movies, hey, I've just never really liked his stuff.

Spiderman 3

Taladega Nights (confirmed that Will Ferell can't be the main actor in a comedy to me, he's great in films where he ISN'T the main focus like OLD SCHOOL, Starsky and Hutch, you get the idea)

Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life

And regards to whoever said the Mario Bros. Movie is bad, for shame. I mean c'mon, you actually think they could've stayed accurate to the game? Just watch it as a movie, not as a "faithful" video game movie.

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Sorry guys but you are overlooking a movie so bad, that it is a form of torture in the jungles of the Congo. A film so horrible that people who are on trial are making reasonable defense arguments that their crime wasn't as heinous as this film.

I, of course, am talking about Joel Shumaker's Batman and Robin.

Hmm, now I have to figure out if you're kidding or not. For me this movie is the pinnacle of "so bad it's hillarious". Then again, I only watched the first 3 quarters or so...

Napoleon Dynamite

Are you kidding me?!? Both of those movies are great!

I tend to stay away from movies I know are going to be bad, so I haven't watched a lot of REEEALY bad movies. The only movie I've rented that I couldn't finish was "Eight Legged Freaks", but I really can't say it's a bad movie because I didn't finish watching it.

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"better off dead" with a young john cusack.

ya ya ya i know its a cult film and has many jokes that have been recycled into other stuff but it was fucking terrible.

and i love john cusack

john carpenter's ghosts of mars was also awful but if you watched it in the right mood with the right friends you could laugh at it the whole time and it was cool.

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Isn't this basically an anti-favorites thread? ... :tomatoface:

Even though it barely counts as a movie, but whenever I'm asked what I think the worst movie is, "Grizzly Rage" always the first to come to mind. I saw it on one of the digital cable movie channels; I felt my brain rotting more and more with each passing second. It was like I couldn't stop watching, not because the movie itself was engaging, but because I wanted to see just how ridiculously horrible it could possibly get.

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Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money

Spaceballs 3: The Search For Spaceballs 2


Stop trolling the forums, and if you are being serious I really suggest that you take your own life.

i'm serious i loved that movie

didn't read the comic at all that's probably why


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Ok I don't even know where to start but I'll do my best:

The story really didn't make any sense. The bad guy was after somethin for more power and the spirit would stop at nothin to bring him to justice but everything in between that didn't really seem to flow together. Half of the dialogue was too long and drawn out then you'd have these nasty one liners that were just dumb crude. The actors pretty much showed no emotion the whole time they played their characters. They were like robots that were programmed to say the lines and that was it and you could see it in the acting as clear as glass. The Sin City visual concept with a few mix ins wasn't very appealing either it just didn't work for this movie.

I really don't know what Frank Miller was thinkin when he soloed this project. He definitely shoulda got some professional help and this wouldn't have been such a terrible movie along with the fact that it shouldn't have been pg-13. Just read the reviews websites do a lot better job than I just did lol.

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Bad movies? How about falling down. Its about a guy who decides, after being stuck in a traffic jam, to go around town and start shooting people. That's the "storyline".

Then there's "Neon Genesis: Evangalion - The end of evangalion". I don't know if it even had a story, but the movie was horribly depressive, and just plain retarded. I raged for the next 3 hours after watching it.

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I enjoyed The Spirit.

Shit was funny as fuck.

The whole Nazi scene was the best movie scene ever.

And Sameul L. Jackson's new line:

"I hate egg on my damn face!"


Worst movie I have ever spent my money on to go see is Cloverfield.

Hands down worst shit I have ever seen.

i can give that nazi scene props - but can you tell me you liked the ending of the spirit? there was nothing funny about it unless you think of it as being as lame as possible

but cloverfield had me going - even though i felt sick half-way through it :shock:

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