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OCR01800 - Super Metroid "Jade Catacombs"

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Hey, zircon, I've got a great idea for a sidechaining tutorial...

The version now hosted IS the version you're referring to, which was 192kbps.

I'd like to agree with what's been said in djp's review: "It's the best he's done so far!'

Then again, I haven't listened to all of bLiNd's stuff. Even still, this track really delivers, and really blew me away (Especially with the speed booster sounds. Yes, especially. Thus I agree with Jade on that one ner ner:)!!).

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I love you. :)

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This track is truly beautiful. I love the transitioning of the sections and the filters/effects placed on the sfx were very surreal. Excellent job, as always!

Also, I never saw you at MAGFest, bLiNd. :( Where were you?

Now that ive seen a picture of you i think i caught a glimpse of you in a hallway once :/ I was the guy always wearing the mario gear, sorry we missed each other. Im definately gonna try to make it next year.

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Awesome I love it!!! The ways it uses both parts of the source at different times is great. Love the use of the 'charged' sound effect. Where can I get a higher bitrate version??!! 192kbps - 256kbps prefered

Great work blind!!!!!

Thanks man, glad you dig it! Here ya go


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Love the syncopated, pulsing stutters in the choir track along with the exhaling sounds. At 1:34 the plucked instrument impressed me for some odd reason; kinda reminded me of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly which is a huge plus. I second those folks who call this one of your best mixes. Though I'd hate to go and choose a "favorite", the energy in this piece along with the adeptness of the orchestration blow me away.

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This is seriously a new high for you, man. The stuttering vocal bits in the first couple minutes - what an amazing sound. And the total switch-up in the last minute is great too, like a bonus song. From both a creative and production standpoint this is the best I've heard from you yet. Keep making music!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01800 - Super Metroid "Jade Catacombs"

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