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Out of all the video games out there, which one has the most skilled ninja?

Mr Azar

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both of the ones released in the past 10 years. the ones that did nothing Devil May Cry hadn't done before it (aside from admittedly more difficult bosses). Ninja Gaiden for the xbawks (plus black, sigma for the PS3) and Ninja Gaiden II for the 360. Not saying they're bad games or that Ryu Hayabusa wouldn't hold his own in a fight, just that hacking everything in sight to pieces isn't the ideal thing for a ninja to do. Maybe selectively hacking things into pieces, and sneaking around the rest of the time :)

Huh? Ninja Gaiden did a bunch of stuff that you won't see in other games (except the ones that ripped stuff off from it like Prince of Persia).

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you guys forget that red gi man actually can't die. Also, he's completely silent until he kicks you in the face. Sure, he may not be the most glamorous ninja, but I think his hard work, dedication, natural skill, and an undying will is worth more than ryu's, rikkimaru's, and joe musashi's flashy conquests. Show respect for the underdog.

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There are three skill sets and I am putting contenders in each category

Acrobatics- Solid Snake, Ryu Hayabusa, Joe Mushashi, Rikimaru, Kasumi, Grey fox

Stealth - Solid Snake, Rikimaru, Grey Fox

Combat - Solid Snake, Ryu Hayabusa, Joe Mushashi

My Choices for winners

Acrobatics - Joe Mushashi

Double jump and multiple shurikens, run and slash, Wall Jump. Grey fox is another character who could be considered, but all the acrobatics came when he became a cyborg.

Stealh - Solid Snake

Only based on Metal gear solid. Rikimaru has to revert to throwing apples ( or whatever ) to distract guards, snake uses just wall knocks and run and hide tactics. Rikimaru uses additional gadgets for stealh. P.s - Ryu Hayabusa is my second favourite character in the whole list, but he hasn't any stealh to boot. Except for his mask. "Ho! Ho! Ho! Me masked! Me Invisible! Me gonna kill you! Call me a ninja!"

Combat - Solid snake/Ryu Hayabusa

Go against a tank using chaff grandes, land mines and a handful of granades! Walk in the ( icy )park. / "You the devil?! You got girl? Me ninja!! Want girl!! GRRRR!!"

For fans of other ninjas, I am sorry if I don't remember your heroes.

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This made me ponder a bit. The archetypical ninja game focuses almost exclusively on combat, while stealth is just as much of an iconic ninja feat. But the archetypical stealth game is always centered around covert op soldiers and the likes. Therefore, the most genuine ninja-type game to date is probably Assassin's Creed. Failing that, RPGs such as Oblivion where you make a sneaky-sneaky type character is a good contender.

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RPGs such as Oblivion where you make a sneaky-sneaky type character is a good contender.

I forgot all about Oblivion... Dark Brotherhood/Thieve's Guild questlines definitely outninja most ninja stuff these days. Time to reinstall and kill stuff from the shadows!

I still think Strider is the best ninja ever for no reason whatsoever...

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