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Classic Ancient PC Dos VGs

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Crusader: No Remorse/Regret - Action game(s) by Origin. The controls are pretty clunky, but the game overall is a lot of fun and has awesome music. It's very much like Robocop, set in a dystopian future with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor, live-action FMV and extreme violence. It's also set in the same universe as System Shock.

Constructor - This is basically Sim Suburbs with a lot of black comedy. You build your own suburban community and rent the houses to families. The twist is that there's also a rival player on the same map, and you need to sabotage his efforts in a variety of creative ways. For example, if one of you rival's houses has caught fire, you can send a hippie to start a rave near it. When the firefighters arrive, they'll be distracted and start dancing, completely oblivious to the fact that the house is burning down and the flames are spreading to the neighbours.

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I always laughed every time I shot someone and they would yell "Blaaaaake"

Whenever my dad played this, he always refused to use anything other than the default blaster so as to not use ammo

but then he eventually got himself trapped in a room with some monster generator on the other side which made them faster than he could get rid of them

I think he eventually gave up but never tried using any of the higher-class weapons

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I'm surprised nobody's mentioned this site yet:


It's a repository of old freeware games and shareware demos (stuff that was actually legitimately released for free legally, by the author or publisher). It also provides contact information for purchasing anything that's still sold; it's nice to see companies like Apogee providing their old classics for legal sale at reasonable prices. There are also some shareware games that were later released as freeware, either by the distributor, or more often by the individual author if their deal with the distributor wasn't exclusive.

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Return to Zork

Adventure game featuring live actors, an amazing sense of humor, and unforgettable dialogue (WANT SOME RYE? COURSE YA DO)!

I have been trying for like sixteen years now and I still can't beat it

I don't think I've even gotten halfway

but I refuse to use a walkthrough

aaaand also these days I can't get it to run on vista :(

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Man, got to this thread way too late, everything I wanted to say has already been mentioned! :-D

Let's see here, I can actually think of a few that I didn't see mentioned:

Lighthouse (Myst-style first person adventure game, great story and atmosphere, I still want to go back and finish this game someday)

Ultima & Ultima Underworld Series (depending on how far back you go in the series, these games are somewhere between extremely old school or late-dos era)

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (First-person adventure game, surprisingly scary game, which goes out of it's way to illustrate the various ways in which your character can die)

Warlords 2 (Turn-based strategy game, with some bad-ass voiceovers "Greetings Warlord!" "Farewell Warlord, we shall meet again!")

Legend of Kyrandia series (I wasn't that into this, but it was a high quality adventure series, sort of like Quest for Glory)

Aside from that I can only echo what a lot of people have already:

Quest for Glory 1-4

Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure, aka Little Big Adventure (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, still rather good even by today's standards in some regards)

Prince of Persia 1&2

Lemmings, Oh No More Lemmings, etc

Commander Keen Series

Wolfenstein 3D/Spear of Destiny

Doom 1/2/Final Doom (although realistically, you'd be better off getting one of the modernized launchers for this such as jDoom and playing with much nicer effects)

Monster Bash Series

Halloween Harry (not sure if this was a series)

And if you want to go really old school, here are some other ideas:

Captain Comic (old-school platformer with good play-control, check out my speedrun for a sample of gameplay)

Castle (or "Castle Adventure" as I think it was officially called, basically you explore an ascii-castle using basic text commands to look around and find things, with a little fighting thrown in for good measure.)

The Bard's Tale

3-Demon (you could say this was a really, really, really early FPS if you wanted to)



EGARoids (as in Asteroids, not Steroids :lol: )



Amazing Maze

Kong ("David's Kong" might have been it's official name, Donkey Kong-style game)

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Several people have recommended The Dig, but:

The Dig.

Also, Journeyman Project I and II.

Wow. I'm having a heck of a time researching footage of all of these games. I'm pretty down with classic platformers and misc shareware action games like commander keen, cosmo, prince of persia, etc... but what I'm REALLY into researching at the moment is those point/click adventure titles...

and the dig is one that I'm rather shocked didn't blip on my radar at all back when. I remember the box art but nothing else. Youtube has 33x10 minute videos of a full playthrough... and considering I'm lucky to play through half of the video games I should these days I think I'll be glad to watch this one for it's cinematics. What a slick presentation.

Danke once again CAPCDVG thread.

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dude, I know it was mentioned, but "Another World" is a must play, I still play it all the way through every now and then, it was so epic for it's time, the cinematic cutscenes were amazing, there was nothing like it, still isn't. It's a sweet game of full of puzzles and action, there was nothing like recharging that lazer gun in those recharge rooms. The laser gun was awesome, making shields and frying aliens into chard black remains. Tons of fun.

I must say though, I spent the majority of my dos life with Lucas Arts adventure games, how can anyone resist those babies.

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