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VG Opinion Poll #5


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Hello, all. A different take on the polls this time:

Veteran Gamer Opinion Poll #5

After a long day at work/school/underground lair, you return home to find that your gaming system and all your games are missing. Apparently they were donated by your good-willed aunt, or eaten by your boa constrictor, or... whatever, they're GONE.

A kindly philanthropist hears of your plight and offers to buy you a new system. This could be your chance to upgrade or you could get your favorite games back. Which one do you choose? (and why?)

a) PC

B) Playstation

c) Wii

d) Xbox

e) Other (in case you miss your Neo-Geo)

Vote and be heard!

Results soon. PM me if you have questions or ideas.

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A.PC, consoles can be replaced far more easily, and I really need my computer to keep up with everything school related. (not to mention most of my entertainment is derived from my computer these days).

Otherwise E. My Nintendo DS, it's got the most games I want to play/enjoy playing.

Edit: I guess I should add that I don't use my PC to play any games, there aren't any currently installed on it anyway.

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I love my Playstation 3. I really love Flower and I'm looking forward to Killzone 2, and Metal Gear Solid 4 was fantastic....


... I have to go with my PC.

If I didn't have Left 4 Dead with my friends I'd be sad. PLUS I can get more mileage out of a PC than any consoles since I can easily play games (although pretty crappily) for a while after the next generation.

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I like these poll threads you have been doing, but this one is pretty close to the line of a favorites thread.


Only one new system?

Well, the philanthropist is only so kindly, I guess. Either that or he/she has no idea how great games are scattered throughout various platforms.

Interesting to see how many folks are choosing PC for its versatility.

For me, I choose SNES. Either that or the Wii (assuming I could get the my SNES library back that way). But that means no Elder Scrolls or Battlefield Heroes or Vandal Hearts... Hmm. Tough decision.

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E) Sega Saturn

All the other systems, I could easily find somewhere and re-purchase (that and I don't have any systems newer than the PS1, not counting my DS). The Saturn is a bit tougher to find. ...although I did just get a Japanese Saturn from Mad-Gear last weekend. But if it weren't for them, then yes, it would be extremely difficult to find. KF

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'd have to go with the Wii.

I momentarily considered E) Others, with the runners up being N64 & GC, but then realized that Wii can play GC games, and all the best N64 games are available on Virtual Console.

hmm... the above makes me sounds like a N fanboy, which isn't strictly the case (certainly have other systems), I think I just have derived the most fun from N systems in the past...

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E: Genesis

Sure, I've played them a lot over the years, and God knows the Saturn, Master System, and others have given me a lot of enjoyment over the years, and my Atari XE is a damn close second. But I think it's the Genesis that's given me the most gaming enjoyment over the years in terms of games per genre, and sheer numbers.

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Assuming my computer along with it's emulators are still with me, I'd probably say N64. Mostly because I don't get time to play video games much anymore, but when I do most of the ones I have been meaning to play are for that system.

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