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Comiket 80 is over. Time for Touhou album recs.

Floating Cloud - Carnival (track1, track4), and N-tone/Dust_Box_49 - Ghost ride acceleration (track3). Listened to the former nearly a dozen times and have had two tracks on the latter on repeat for hours. Celtic and electronic, respectively. Two short EPs; the only two offerings from Comiket 80 that I've heard that I'd universally recommend.

By the way, even if you've never heard of Touhou - or have some guttural impulse that makes you want to retch simply at the mention of the game/fandom/etc - you should pick up* both this ep (Carnival) and the previous ep (Flower Village) from Floating Cloud. I mean, they're no Lunasa, but who the fuck else is? And it blows your average Celtic commercial trash out of the water (looking squarely at you, Gaelic Storm, with the terrible side-joke being intentional).

*"site:mediafire.com artist_name album_title" is your friend in googling.

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