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FAC - RESULTS ARE IN!!! Fan Art Competition 23: Heroes as Villains


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I think you should just submit one entry, but I don't see anything wrong with posting the joke entry to the thread. I have also felt tempted to do joke entries in the past! Some people have succumbed to this temptation fully (coughcoughRambocough).

Was that a shot at my previous two masterpieces? I received nothing but positive feedback. There was no joke.

You're a bitch.

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I got my idea from the twisted mind of a friend. :( I will be weeping tears of blood while I draw this.

Twisted ideas, yessss >3 Those are always fun.

I'm glad people are getting into it o.o Well, if anyone needs an idea still just PM me, I'm full of horrifying possibilities. :3

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You're not alone on this.

EDIT: I'll need suggestions if anybody's got some. :(

This is a common theme actually. They do it with every hero- you fight yourself in some way.

Mario- Transparent Mario from Sunshine

Samus- Dark Samus

Link- Dark Link

Sonic- Shadow?

Zelda- Gannon's Puppet (There's a good one.)

It goes on.

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Hmm, do those ones really count? They're more like "villainous dopplegangers as villains". Drawing Wario or Waluigi as villians isn't in line with the theme either.

Well, maybe the Zelda one counts...

Some things I've thought of:

You know how in videogames you're always running around killing animals or soldiers/guards and beating people up, going into strangers' houses and taking the gold coins and chain mail from their grandfather clocks? Run with that.

Switching the hero's role with the villian's... say, Dedede is trying to save Dreamland from the gluttonous Kirby.

What if Link or Samus one day decided to use their incredible powers for evil? What if Captain Falcon started roaming the city PAAWNCHing random people on the street?

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How are people doing with the theme? Still having problems, or have the muses been doing their jobs? There's still have plenty of time to work out a good idea :-)

i am 85-90% done. I hit a wall though. My printer is out of ink, which is stopping me from finishing it this week. Will be done next week though. not the greatest piece of art work but i think it will fun.

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What if Captain Falcon started roaming the city PAAWNCHing random people on the street?

This is possibly the only way to ever have Sephiroth beaten in a "Greatest VG Villain" contest.

It's all about the presumptuous initiatives. Sephiroth's sword set the precedent for ridiculously long blades, and CF dominates the field of self-proclaiming one's own attacks in the most presumptuous way. Shoryuken/Hadouken were a little different- of their own flavor. Wario's got gas covered.

What does your villain have?

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