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What ever happened to Disco Dan?


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kfc hates everyone and left.

I still see him on MSN from time to time. He seems to be a nice enough guy. :?

who was it that had a forklift run over their arm or something and crush it? was that kfc? i thought it was a guitarist, but i don't remember.
I remember it being someone who was involved in Project Chaos, but I don't think it was Mike.

...Apparently it was sixto.

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aay.jpg > I like bacon.

He popped into the IRC channel for the modarchive a year or two back for a few hours. My memory is pretty bad but I think he said he was pretty much just too busy with real life to be wasting time on the internet. I asked him about a track he was working on a long time ago called "The Epic," and he said he never completed it... but he did say he finished the song he was supposed to have ready for AntonioPizza's wedding, so i guess it's all good?

It'd be all good if I could hear that song, you know, almost 2 years later. But I did promise him a never delivered review of Riptide so I guess it's even?

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Yes, please make more remixes. My lady and I were driving in the car the other day and she said "How about a surprise" and put some of your Blaster Master remixes in the CD player and they sounded great. Those are old and they still sound awesome. They really capture the essence of the game and surpass the original.

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Well, what do you know, DD came in here to show us he is still alive. Way to go, thread.

This thread is lame.

Surely it is, but it did it's job, all right :<.

Alright, I'm all good; You may now get back to your 'life' (or whatever you call your excuse not to write for us anymore :tomatoface:).

Stupid 'responsibilities'...

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