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OCR01832 - Super Dodge Ball "Breakbeat Market"


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I was really taken on the bed with this.

That lovely intro followed with the thumping at 0.29 would make Donkey Kong himself run into the woods of fierce!

Great synth textures all the way.

A very refreshing treble filled mix that sounds awesome.

Beautiful use of the flute and arpeggios.

Really good job mate!

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As sexy as my remix was, I can honestly say I think this totally blows the qipao off of it. Love the chatter clips (though I think I heard some Japanese in there :P ). I was kinda confused by the fadeout since it seemed like you had a solid ending without it, but I guess it works okay regardless.

Conglaturation on an awesome remix!

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I knew you were capable of some really cool stuff, but please please please do more super beatz like this. Great soundfield and attention to panning, as well as handing off instrumental interest. I honestly never thought i'd ever get to hear this track, but here it is, and it was worth the wait. :-)

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Good stuff, man! Though I'd thumbwrestle you on whether or not Me and Dhsu's is more Chinese ;)

This is jammin'. Way better than I thought it'd be. At first, I thought it was going to be Chun-Li with that little bell and the market, but when it kicks in with the drums (which are tizzite) and the ethno instruments, it's definitely Dodge Bahr.

This is my jam!

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