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Best Pixar Movies [poll]

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Taken from Moviefone. I'm curious to know what your preferences are, feel free to post what you put.


I'm a huge fan of all their films, this was a particularly hard poll for me, but in the end, here's what I picked for the top 5:

1) Finding Nemo

2) Wall-E

3) Ratatouille

4) Monsters Inc

5) Incredibles

Again, overall, it was a really tough call since I love all the Pixar films, but my own personal reason for choosing Nemo as my all-time fave is because it has a really moving story (that's not too sappy or depressing) and absolutely fantastic characters. Marlin, Dori, Crush, all the fish in the tank, etc; there's not a single one that was not just completely enjoyable. Also, I really enjoy the OST to this one.

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2- The Incredibles

3- Cars

4- Ratatouille

5- A Bug's Life

The first slot was filled easily. WALL-E has to be one of the best movies I've seen in recent years. It was cute, funny, touching, and did all this with no dialogue half the time, and no gross out or kiddie level toilet humor. It's easy to see why it won the Best Animated Feature Film Oscar last year, and why people felt it should have been nominated for the Best Picture category.

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They are probably the most consistently good movie makers ever. I never saw Cars, and I haven't seen Up yet, but out of the rest only Bug's Life was average to me (but was still enjoyable). I'd probably put them as:


2. Ratatouille

3. The Incredibles

4. Toy Story 2

5. Toy Story

I can't believe they have topped themselves so many times. The first half of WALL-E, up until he gets to the ship, is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. The second half is merely very good. :smile:

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2) Finding Nemo

3) The Incredibles

4) Monsters, Inc.

5) Toy Story

Honestly, WALL-E tops the list because it's deep on so many levels. I can't vote for UP yet because I haven't seen it. Finding Nemo and The Incredibles are a close tie for 2/3.

The others I have fond memories of.

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lol that's what I thought. Then I saw the OP.


1. Wall-E

2. Cars

3. Nemo

4. A Bug's Life

5. Toy Story

Only ones there I haven't seen are Ratatoulle or however you spell it, and UP. Although I highly doubt anything will budge Wall-E and Cars off their perch as my two favourites.

I'm REALLY surprised that Wall-E is only fifth in the Moviefone list.

Okay enough of my opinion.

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1) The Incredibles

2) Monsters Inc


4) Toy Story

5) Finding Nemo

These guys are geniuses. The Pixar film I was least impressed with was Cars (Bugs Life has a better story and better characters).

Can't wait til I own all the Blu Rays for these (one down).

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