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Futurama has returned!!!


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fuck yeah! its finally official! this is going to be awesome. I think the movies were the best yet, and Im sure the new episodes will be just as good :D

My favorite was on, I think the third movie, when they do the spoof of the knife show! fuckin amazing!

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Yeaaah Futurama is so great, that this thread was actually posted on Thursday at midnight (Futurama has returned!) and then the OP went back in time with a time machine, which was featured in the episode (Oooh... predictions!) And uhh... The thread came back in time too... haha I have no idea where I was going with that, but yeah, if you want realistic time travel storylines that don't have plot holes like mine did, Comedy Central on Thursday at 9pmest is the place to be. :-)

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I cannot find a single reference to a Canadian TV network airing the new Futurama episodes...


It seems no one has picked up the rights for Canada yet, so expect some delay.

You ever notice how it can take months, or even years, for a show to get picked up here? Stargate Atlantis was almost three seasons behind the US airing when it finally starting showing. Hopefully, someone will grab Futurama quickly.

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I've had a few great weeks in a row. My friend let me borrow his dvds of all 4 seasons, and I've just finished watching every single episode with my young, tween sisters. (It's their favorite show now, btw!)

I really, really, really, really hope that this resurrection goes better than Family Guy's. Wish it luck!

Oh, reference, right: "Dirt doesn't need luck."

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