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An OverClocked Christmas 2009


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Here is the track from my earlier post. Take listen...

Sonic 3D blast (saturn/PC) Diamond Dust act 2

...and tell me, TELL ME, this doesn't make you feel like Christmas. I dare you, lol.

I always thought this would be great to remix, but I am having a tough time thinking of how it could be better! It is a GREAT track!

The only thing I can think of would be vocals. Christmas choir! There could be some carols that fit this melody, or an adaptation of it...

Does this mean you're joining in sir? :)

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Don't worry, I'll do mine next year.

Owwww, maybe we could compromise ... Well I say that only because I don't know what kind of project you'd like to do, but we could do an Ultimate OCRemix 2009, with part 1 : YOUR project and part 2 : Dyne's project ...

Maybe ??

Or something like that ?


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Just double checking- we can do covers, remixes, original stuff- anything right?


Hey !

If there's no conflict between your project and Darkesword, then yes, I am interested to join.

HOWEVER, I am not really good, yet, so if I join and everything : don't expect much ! :<

Sounds good.

Don't worry, I'll do mine next year.

You should still do your's anyway DarkeSword. The more the merrier!

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I'd like to give it a go as well.

While I was at University, all of my Decembers were spent writing a piano number based on certain Genesis videogames that would fit the theme and/or a wintry feel (Year 1 - Sonic & Knuckles / Year 2 - Ristar / Year 3 - Phantasy Star III). I'm keen to tackle it again, maybe even mix it with a proper Christmas tune as well.

Good luck with the project Dyne :D

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I'll mix something. it's christmas right?? ;-)

That's is correct. Also, the point of my previous post was just to make sure I didn't miss anyone, so if you posted here, and your name isn't on the list yet, it's either because I didn't realize you were joining in, or because I'm lazy and just haven't gotten around to it. So make sure I do! :)

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